Taking Turns

A message from May popped up in the middle of my orientation course at the CBD area one day, asking if I was free to meet her up later that day. As a financial planner, my job was to travel, and meet people, so why not? We arranged to meet around her place at Bukit Panjang after my course ended at 5.30pm for dinner, and perhaps dessert after that nearby. She was an attractive lady, special in her own way, and very feminine. Mid-back length dark black hair, usually in a one piece buttoned blouse dress, and always had make up on. She knew how to carry herself well, yet not crossing the line of being seen as desperate. What bothered me was why was she still single, if she had such qualities every guy wanted?

The day came and passed, and it was almost 7pm when I got to her area. We settled for a quick dinner at McDonald’s before walking around the shopping mall, finally stopping back at McDonald’s for ice cream. As weird as it was, even though she was a friend of Angel, whom I seldom talk to when we hang out together, had so much in common. Since she had only one boyfriend before, the topic went into guys and their usual habits, then to slightly more touchy topics about sex and stuff. It would be awkward if such discussion came up with friends you hardly knew, but it was different with her. We just kept going and going, until it became to explicit to go on in the dinner crowd at the fast food restaurant.

May: ‘Shall we head over to my block and talk at the void deck? It’s not far from here.’

And so we went. Unsure it was a good or bad thing, but the lights did not come on even though it was way after 9. At the dimmed tables, I brought up her ex-boyfriend and she told me how they separated because she knew he wasn’t half as good – as me. May had seen how Angel and I hung out and did wonderful things together, and I had unknowingly became her ideal boyfriend, one she knew it would be easy to find. It wasn’t until about ten before her mood changed and went quiet, with one word replies to my questions and points.

Me: ‘Is something wrong?’
May: ‘I.. want to tell you something. And Angel knew about this already.’

What bad thing could happen? I didn’t cheat on Angel with May, not even close to flirting. I had to find out what bothered her so much that she had to get her good friend’s approval to talk to me about it.

May: ‘I think I am in love with you. I know we haven’t done anything together, but I won’t mind being your second girlfriend. Angel understood what I told her and she told me she would be fine as long as you are.’

Without a thought, I told her to hold on while I called Angel, my girlfriend. The speaker was on, and for the next five minutes or so, we discussed about it and May was sobbing throughout, afraid to lose her as a friend with such a request. At last, Angel agreed on one condition that May would fulfill all the things she failed in and I had to give them the same level of attention. The line went dead and May was smiling behind her tears, happy to know that she could confess without guilt. She gathered her bag on the table and held my hands, leading me into the lift to her place.

May: ‘Angel told me what are the things she could not satisfy you in, and I will keep to the promise and do it for her.’

Well, not to hurt my girlfriend, but all along, she was not a fan of oral sex, which I really loved, but never forced her to give. We entered her house with her parents in the living room and a brief introduction summed up our short meeting before I was pulled into her room, filled with soft toys and a heavenly scent. I placed my bag on her study table and she unbuttoned my shirt like how a wife would, at least in the early stage of marriage. With my top and pants off, her dress came off like a fairy doing a striptease and I never how soft her body was beneath the fair skin.

The shower came on and we soaped each other up, letting her focused on my dick which was always neglected when two person were in a bathroom. I washed her clean and she did the same for me, before leading me to her bed as soon as I was dried. Sitting there lost and excited at the same time, I knew it was advancing too fast and she did not even know how I treated Angel (which was nothing bad at all) before doing all these for me.

My towel came off my waist and she knelt on the cold hard floor between my legs, caressing my eager meat stick with her hands, exploring it like a baby finding wood. May then raised her body slightly higher and engulfed my dick into her mouth, opening as wide as she could. Then very slowly, her mouth went up and down, dripping saliva down the shaft and onto my balls. It felt heavenly as her tongue ran along the bottom of my rod, pressed lightly against the single vein that ran across. It was so warm, wet and satisfying, beyond what words could describe.

The same motion felt refreshing every time she went down on me and I just could not end this with my instinct wanting more. Maybe it was time I tried something. A smile broke across my face and she saw it. I held her head with both my hands, and guided her to sit as close as possible to the bed. I shifted my butt forward to the extreme edge of the bed and her mouth was levelled perfectly with the height of my hips. It was time for some mouth-fuck. Carefully, I began rocking my hips forth and back, allowing just the first few inches to pierce into her. Gradually, I let more of myself in and she accommodated well, dropping her jaws once she needed a breather, but never asking me to stop.

In front of me, May with her sweet innocent face, letting my thick private stick go in and out of her tiny mouth repeatedly, without a sign of struggle or rejection, boobs jerking slightly from my force, and pussy sitting between both her legs that were crossed. It was a sight to behold and I just started going deep on her, so sure I felt her throat but she did not choke nor gag. I was ramming way into her throat and all she did was to smile while trying to balance. The contraction of her throat made the whole sensation mind-blowing and I knew I had to stop soon. It wasn’t right to waste that load in her stomach.

I pulled out of her after I’ve had my indulgent and she took a few seconds to breath. May stood in front of me still panting, and gestured me to lie on the soft queen sized bed. It felt so cold and warm at the same time, but there was more to come.

May: ‘Angel told me she had never managed to find out how you like for her to be on top.’
Me: ‘Yeah. Do you know?’
May: ‘I’ve practised.’

She closed my ankles together and climbed over my waist, before bending forward to give me a sensual french kiss that never went into a tongue fight. It felt very much like cats petting each other. Such gentle traits. She slid herself backwards until the tip of my penis touched her, and reaching behind, she aimed it at her pussy and shifted back. I was surprised how long it took for me to fully penetrate her, but the facial expression on her face showed it was truly her first time, with an unmistakable agonizing look. Once I was fully parked, she pushed herself up against my chest, and was sitting and staring at me.

I bet she had never felt this good just masturbating, cause she was already moaning with every small adjustments she made on top of me. Partly because there wasn’t any protection between us, that’s why. Magically, her hips began grinding forward and backwards, malleable like dough being rolled on a board. I could totally feel how my dick was stroking the insides of her vagina, yet without any visible dick I could spot. It was all happening inside and as much as I hate to admit, it was making me cum much quicker. As I lost control of my mind, I could only murmur a ‘shooting!‘ for her to prepare and the next thing I knew was how my dick was milked dry of cum as I just jabbed my hips upwards into her while the fountain of life exploded inside her, filling her out like never before.

The jerking went on for about twenty seconds before I finally died down and laid breathless although she was the one who did all the work. Very slowly, she grind her hips a few more times until my body was thrashing around in hyper sensitivity before she stopped. Like how she slid backwards over my dick, she shifted her body forward until I was out of her. May kept going down my legs until her face passed my soft little one, and took it back into her mouth, sucking very lightly to clean it up and woke it up slightly.

Well, there is no ‘slightly’ in a hard on, so once she got it standing again, her head rested on my stomach and went to give it some oral love, until I shot for a second time, in her mouth. We never left the room after we entered, sleeping till the next day when she had to leave for school, and me, for work. Angel wasn’t left ignored either, May and I filmed the whole thing so she could watch, and would be soon.

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