Wendy had been with Andrew for some time and it was time to try something new out of their regular sex. He had went online and searched for a long time for a pair of special contact lenses for her before finally receiving it after a long wait. That night, she had spent her day with him and the night of sex was barely enough for her.

Andrew: ‘Wendy, can you put on this pair of contacts I’ve bought for you? It is different from the ones you have.’

She looked at him on his bed with her pair of brown eyes and low cut night dress, in her morning messy hair although it was already noon. He smiled as she took it from his hand and went to the bathroom to put it on, only to shout his name after a while.

Wendy: ‘I can’t see in these.’

Andrew: ‘That’s the point.’

The contacts were fully black in the middle and blocked her vision, so he had to lead her back to the bedroom while getting naked himself. She felt around helplessly blind for the first time in her life and it was fun feeling his dick at full length with the cold air blowing on the soft bed. Just imagining what she would be doing was getting her turned on and wet. But it was far from just that. Her bra and panties were still lying on the floor from the previous night and it was just her nightdress covering her modesty.

He laid on the pile of pillows and let her did her work, fumbling around, with her sexy body and tight ass searching, ready to suck him off to climax. Although she could not see, her mouth somehow worked better in the darkness and absence of judgement. Giving her rare deep throat a try, she managed to take his size down to her throat and gagged herself with the long forceful thrusts she made. Throughout the whole time, he was filming her with a Handycam oblivious to her thanks to the contacts. His uncontrollable groans from her awesome blowjob had kept her going until her jaws was sore, and almost made him shot his load.

Her pace slowed and focused her sucking on the top of his dick, right at the pee hole tickling with the tip of her tongue. Soon enough, he was too agitated from the teasing and stopped her before flipping her over to lie on his pillow. He got up from the bed and disappeared for a while before returning with a buzzing sound. A grin appeared on her face as she recognised the sound of her favourite toy, along with another man which she did not notice.

Andrew had invited his twin brother, Anthony, into his room and let him positioned his legs at her hind legs which was opened as well. He then moved forward slowly over her body and pierced his dick into her, taking care not to hurt her. Andrew had been talking to her normally like they were having sex, asking her if she was in pain or enjoying it, further tempting her by telling how he would be going at it.

Although her eyes were open, she could not see it was actually the brother in front of her. Anthony then began ramming into her once he was in and kept going like a machine. On and on he went, with Andrew groaning as a precaution and his brother trying hard to keep quiet. She felt the different in size but did not ask him, since it had to be her boyfriend that was inside her right?

After a few minutes of continuous crazy humping, Anthony finally lost it and creamed inside her, like a cake getting the finally touches of decoration on it, pulling out and squirting a few shots at her pussy lips. A random squeeze at her pair of soft boobs concluded his session and the pinching of his brother’s girlfriend nipples just had to be done. Her moans continued with the fondling and she was again, horny for a second round.

Anthony was finally done feeling up her body and the door that was slightly left ajar let him escaped without a sound. In a fake panting voice, Andrew asked if she enjoyed it and was ready for the second round? She nodded eagerly and pulled him for a quick kiss before turning over to her fours. Although it made no difference in her blindness, she turned back and looked at him with a slutty look and Andrew did not waste any more time from pleasuring himself.

He pulled her hips back and penetrated into her in one move, shoving his dick so deep in her body fell on the bed in shock. Andrew then started pounding into her with his impatient dick, giving her no chance to rest. Slowly, Wendy propped her body back up with her hands and was immensely enjoying how her pussy was satisfied strokes after strokes. Perhaps the second round made his dick felt different, but she did not ask.

In her own dark world, her senses were heightened and she could feel more of him inside, along with her unusually tight pussy which was also desperately trying to grab a hold of him. Slippery, wet and warm, Andrew could not hold himself back after a mere ten minutes of non-stop hard fucking. A loud groan from him and the fastest ride she ever experienced happened, her vagina clenched in ecstasy while in an orgasm, milking his meat tube clean of cum which seeped into her in short pulses of jet spray. It was so intense that Andrew almost fainted, but her pussy was still contracting with a wave-like motion, draining every drop off him.

Andrew fell back on the bed with his dick still twitching and Wendy onto her sides after they were done, panting hard and perspiring all over each others’ body. Still blinded, she seemed to preferred it this way.

Wendy: ‘Can I keep these on for today?’

Andrew: ‘Why not?’

He led her into the bathroom which his brother hopped in after a short notice, letting her wash up with ‘him’, resulting in another round of bathroom sex that ended with a mouthful of cum in her mouth. She loved how he took care of her in this situation, and still get rewarded with such mind-blowing sex. The rest of the day was history with his brother and himself in the room, taking turns to use Wendy without her knowledge.

Now, which website did he bought the contacts from? Wouldn’t you wish this would happen to you too? Be it the brother or her boyfriend.

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