Phone Call

Levin was almost asleep when his phone suddenly rang with his daughter’s name on screen. He quickly picked it up and asked her what happened since it wasn’t everyday where his daughter called him up in the late hours. His wife, Sarah, woke up as well and listened to their conversations. Their daughter had broke up with her boyfriend and was slightly drunk at her best friend’s place, having no one to talk to. With a calm and fatherly tone, he consoled her and she then began pouring her heart out to him, telling him in details what he did to her.

Sarah knew their daughter was in good hands of her friend, and her loving husband, working tirelessly while managing their small family. As a reward, she ran her hand under the blanket along his body until it reached his sleeping manhood. He looked at her in disagreement given the importance of the phone call, yet distracted by what she was doing. There was no way he could drop the call for his loving wife. She placed a finger on his lips and disappeared beneath the blanket, creating a little hill at his groin.

Her mouth then took the tip of his dick and licked it a few times before forming a kiss shape, gliding down his dick in a one way trip. A gasp from him alarmed her daughter on the end of the line, but he continued talking calmly to her. After the conversation resumed, Sarah began gagging herself by bobbing her head up and down, sending her devoted husband into seventh heaven. He turned on the loud speaker and the sweet voice of their daughter was heard, talking about the selfish sex her ex-boyfriend did with her.

Levin then told her about masturbation and even persuading her to give it a try, touching her in specific areas, until she was heard moaning through the phone. His free hand went under the blankets and helped her to go deeper as the conversation with his little girl got more erotic.

Levin: ‘Your mum.. is sort of giving me a blowjob as we speak.’
Daughter: ‘How do you feel daddy?’

He gave the two ladies a moan to express his pleasure and Sarah was very delighted to hear it. She diligently continued with giving him head and he resumed describing how good it was, explaining how her mum did it with such skills. His daughter’s moans soon got louder and it was escalating to phone sex, part legit, part incest.

Levin: ‘Your mum has climbed on top of me now, and slowly lowering her pussy over my hard on.’
Daughter: ‘Oh daddy, how I wish I was the one on top of you. Will I be tighter than mummy?’
Levin: ‘Maybe?’

Perhaps it was the wrong answer, cause he felt his wife squeezing him really hard before beginning the soft bounce on his lap, tormenting him with guilt. The line went quiet for a moment before slurping sounds emitted from the speakers, blasting the sensual fingering of their precious little girl. He reached for Sarah’s clit and massaged it with his thumb while the groans channeled into the microphone for her to hear. The moans from both ladies were so seductive he wished both of them were by his side that instant.

Daughter: ‘Daddy, I am coming home now. I’m not very far away. Mummy.. slow down for me?’

She listened to her girl and paused with him inside, dismounting after a short while to get back to the blowjob on the juice covered dick. In ten minutes, the sound of keys opening the door was heard and their girl was home. She walked into their room and as soon as the door was closed, her elegant one piece mini dress fell onto the floor, leaving her in the set of red lingerie she bought for herself the last birthday. The lacy bra and panties did not stayed long on her either.

She went to the bed where her mum was still under the blanket sucking her husband’s dick. She laid behind Sarah and her hands reached for two mature breasts that fed her when she was young, massaging them in a kneading motion until her nipples were erected. A pinch on them sent her squirming and the two ladies, kissed for the first time in years. Well, I guess parents no longer kiss their children after they grow past a certain age.

Levin’s dick was unattended for a while as they kissed passionately, with Sarah reaching downwards for her girl’s pussy and the other hand towards her own. Coordinating all her fingers, she was masturbating her girl in exactly the same way she touched herself, drooling juices from their girl onto Sarah’s slit.

Sarah: ‘Give daddy a taste.’

That phrase could mean so many things, but she picked the right one. Jolie rolled over to his dick and pulled the sheets away, staring it for a few seconds before devouring it. Her mouth remained motionless at the upper portion while her tongue went in circles around the swollen head. Sarah took over the testicles and massaged on them while their girl sank her head lower to complete begin her blowjob.

To an extent, it was a familiar sensation, like her mother, but her lips had applied a little pressure around the girth to form a seal, that kept the saliva in. It was not as skilful, but extremely wet. Levin’s hands went to her head and forced her to go deeper, yet not choking. She had handled her dad’s manhood well and she graduated from the oral sex class.

Levin let the two have most of the bed, with his girl on top of his wife, kissing and touching each other lovingly. He went to the end of the bed with lots of space, and a great view to the two pussies grinding each other. The strap on he used on his wife for double penetration suddenly had a use at that moment and he strapped it on with some clumsiness. Once secured, he pushed the rubber end into his wife, and used his fleshy dick on his own girl. His girl moaned in a single breath as he went all the way inside of her, and Sarah groaned as the dildo stretched her pussy deep.

A few seconds later, he was jerking into them and the kissing turned into a tongue fight, taking turns squeezing, sucking and nibbling on each other’s nipples while the only man in the room did his work. The volume of madness in the room kept increasing as the three family members literally fucked their brains out. His girl was unbelievably tight compared to his wife, even when she squeezed. It was so weakening that it was numbing him, which is good in some ways.

The threesome lasted for a good ten minutes before he felt his climax nearing. Maybe a change of position?

Levin: ‘How many times did you two cum?’
Sarah: ‘Three for me.’
Daughter: ‘Four for me.’

He took a break and looked at the two of them, noticing that Sarah was exhausted with little response from the frenching they had. His girl on the other hand, was still as high and excited. He let his wife lie on the bed, pulling his little girl to the edge of the bed, right in front of Sarah. He stepped off the bed and spread his daughter’s legs apart, before shoving his dick in and pounding her, jerking her body back and forth, boobs freely swaying in the air.

Daughter: ‘Daddy! Daddy!’
Levin: ‘Yes?’
Daughter: ‘Let me try being on top of you.’
Levin: ‘Are you sure?’

She nodded and he backed away from her. She tapped at her mum’s feet and gestured for her to sit at the edge of the bed, while she asked her dad to sit on the floor, legs stretching under the bed. She then placed both her calves on the floor and sat back slowly, letting him aim his dick at her pussy. As her dad’s dick poked into her once again, she leaned forward and sucked on her mum’s clit.

Immediately, her hands went to her head and pushed her face right at her groin, moaning loudly as she flicked her tongue at the clit in a speedy fashion. Levin waited for her to get started before holding on to her waist, and shifting it front and back. The grinding was heavenly with her tight pussy, and the juices she was producing was abundant for a slippery ride. With her pace increasing, her tongue got busier too, until Sarah gave in and squirted at her daughter’s face, falling into a convulsion on the bed, thrashing her body like a fish on dry land.

Daughter: ‘Daddy?’
Levin: ‘She’s going to be fine. Shall we finish this?’

They got up without separating their bodies, and the race to the finishing line was done in standing doggie. With forceful, deep thrust, Levin did not stop for even a nanosecond until he felt his balls shrink, like a bomb going off.

Levin: ‘Shit! Girl, you’re on the pill right?’

She did not reply and pushed him back until he bumped into the wall. Her butt then rocked forth and back until her dad groaned in both fear and pleasure, pushing out the creamy load into her cutie pie. Her body kept moving until he was too sensitive that he forced her onto the bed, still on her knees. The remainder of his cum was delivered with a seemingly flash of energy that he used, pounding her for a short while to force his cum deep into her womb.

His girl fell forward with him onto the bed and they panted heavily for their breaths. He crawled to his position on the bed, before she did the same, except on top of him, parking his meat into her pussy for the night. Although he remained somewhat hard, the three of them still fell asleep until the next morning. His girl began riding the moment she woke up, leaving no cum for Sarah to feast on for breakfast.

Levin had been buying the pills for his daughter for fear of unwanted pregnancy, so he had nothing to worry about, except for the nightly sex his two precious ladies wanted. Time to use his secret stash of Viagra!

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