A Little Rub

To make up for the lapsed entries everyone has been waiting for, J is publishing a story he just completed. Apologies for what happened, and this will be one of the few (hopefully) this month during the hiatus. Once again, thank you guys for your continual support.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Hey! Not here!’

Rick pushed his way between her crossed legs and she let him, trying to sit lower under the table in case anyone walked past. She had wore the blue spaghetti top with thin straps and a pair of white skirt that has a high slit between her thighs. That particular outfit was bought by him for dates on such free days from their work.

Rick’s fingers pushed onto her matching white panties and caused a moan, where she quickly silenced by grabbing his bulge in response. Stroking his member, she felt her panties shifting to the side and his fingers coming in direct contact with her pussy.

Rubbing away, her reaction was slowly pushing her embarrassment away.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Wait wait.. ‘
Melinda: ‘Umm.. excuse me. Where is the toilet?’
Waiter: ‘Upstairs.’

She grabbed her purse and Rick led the way, spotting a store room that has a sign ‘Staff Only’ on it. Without a word, he dragged her into the room and flipped her skirt, pinning Melinda against the wall and digging into her panties.

Rick (whispering): ‘You’re so wet babe.’
Melinda (whispering): ‘And you’re so hard.. ‘

As they continued petting, they had missed the footsteps coming up the stairs, till the door suddenly burst opened wide. A quick fumble tucked his dick back between the zipper and her skirt was messily hanging on her mid-thigh, while her spag top was barely covering her nipple-sticker-only boobs.

Waiter: ‘C’mon! This is out of bounds.’

Being the last two customers in the resturant, there was no need to pay extra attention to them. They got it all. Shamelessly, the guy fished two pieces of fifty dollar notes and handed to him, before leaving his girlfriend to get her skirt into place.

Melinda: ‘Just don’t report this to your boss k? This is for you.’

Another fifty dollar note was pushed into the waiter’s palm and they hurried downstairs to their belongings.

Waiter (shouting): ‘Excuse me miss!’

Melinda turned back to see what she had forgotten and only saw him pointing at the ceiling. To her shock, an old rotating camera was in the corner and the red LED light was unmistakable.

Melinda (shouting): ‘Wait!’

Melinda (shouting): ‘Dear! Dear!’

The swinging glass door needed no more description as it signalled his departure, leaving her helpless with the waiter who was pissed off by their late night dinner beyond his working hours.

Melinda: ‘Fuck my life!’

Her wallet was empty save for a few pieces of two dollar notes, and the waiter just stood at the cash register finalising their bill.

Melinda: ‘Umm.. I can give you more money.. ‘
Waiter: ‘It’s alright. I’m not after money. I need to go home.’
Melinda: ‘Will your boss check the CCTV?’
Waiter: ‘It records when there are motion detected. Your boyfriend didn’t stay quite still right?’
Melinda: ‘Ex.. I’m so done with him.’
Waiter: ‘Okay. So can I go now?’

She rushed outside the restaurant and yanked the halfway-down shutter, closing it fully. Getting back to her unkempt table, she began stacking the plates with her shaking hands.

Melinda: ‘I’ll help you pack k?’

The waiter did not say anything and joined her, bringing all the plates into the kitchen where they were left in a sink. Without stopping, she began washing them till all the dishes were in it.

Waiter: ‘Excuse me. This is my job. You can leave already.’

He shoved her aside with his hips and took over the washing, while she stood out of sight. Slowly, sobbing sounds got louder but no one paid attention, there were things to be done thanks to her – or them.

Until the sight of her blue spag came onto the dish rack where he piled the plates, only did he quicken and finish the last of them.

He turned around to see Melinda nude, with just a pair of stickers on her breasts. Needless to say, an erection stirred under his work pants and he led her out of the kitchen with her top.

Melinda (sobbing): ‘Can you do something about the CCTV?’

Standing in front of the sweet-looking, brown haired girl, she remained seated after completing her sentence. His belt came undone and pants peeled opened, with a hard object behind his underwear.

With her teary eyes, she began stroking his dick, that had not seen any release in a week. Knowing what she should do, her hand did not stop pumping to get him to groan continuously.

Waiter: ‘Hey, I think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to get me to shoot.’

Her lips parted and a bit of snort lubricated his entry. As she went straight to deep throat, a long groan satisfied him and his hand went behind her head, guiding her into the momentum that was fast but nothing she could not handle.

A hand reached for her boobs and squeezed, making her go deeper for longer duration. The full wrath of her throat was massaging his rod and he was getting so close to demanding sex.

Gradually, moans came and the blowjob was at its full speed, pressing all the right spots for him to cum.

Abruptly, Melinda stopped and caught her breath, before standing up to remove her panties. Those sticky, wet panties only told him one thing, one thing that she got ahead to asking him for.

Melinda (whispering): ‘If I fuck you, can you help me out of this mess?’
Waiter: ‘Then I don’t want it.’
Melinda: ‘Please, you have to help me.’

She lifted her body onto the table and opened her legs, skirt pulled all the way to her waist. She gently held his dick and brought it closer. Using her feet, she pushed him into her and the size of it immediately garnered a tight huge into her boobs.

Melinda (whispering): ‘You’re really big.. bigger than.. ‘

Using the bit of extra meat on her ass, she rocked her body back and forth, fucking the lucky guy without him moving a muscle. Suddenly, he held her still and looked down into her eyes, pulling himself out at the same time.

Waiter: ‘I’ll help you. You can stop already.’
Melinda: ‘Really?’

A nod from him secured her worried state and he helped her off the table. Before he could pull his pants back, she stopped him and wrapped her slim fingers around his rod.

Melinda: ‘At least let me help you shoot.’
Waiter: ‘Hey.. no.. ‘

He could not finish what he wanted to say in that mouth that quickly devoured him, moving way faster than when he received her blowjob out of guilt. This time, it was gratitude and he could feel it in his balls.

Ramming her face into his groin, his hips went to work and moved in sync, pounding at her beautiful face.

Waiter: ‘I’m going to cummm.. ‘

She slid his cock down her throat and held it in place, letting her body squeeze him for the final blow.


Choking slightly, his huge load of cum poured into her stomach, where she could not hold him in any longer and pulled herself away. He lined her gullet all the way to her lips with cum, till a few gentle sucks drew the last bit of him out.

The sexed-up duo rested for a few minutes before wearing their clothes back, skipping her panties and stickers for her final outfit.

Waiter: ‘Wait for me for a while. I’ll rewind the tape to overwrite your part.’

He disappeared into the storage room again, and swapped it with a new tape, keeping the ‘action-packed’ one into his bag. There was still lots to do with the old one.

Waiter: ‘Done!’

She gave him a kiss to thank him and hopped on a cab, where he offered to drop her off before heading home. During the ride, the unsatisfied girl was clinging onto him and hinting for him to help her out.

What more could I say when he alighted with her, at a humble HDB flat where she lived with her parents. In a way, the ‘blackmail’ kind of sex turned her on and into a lady that could not keep her panties dry. Especially not with the waiter who found a way to own and keep her at his disposal.

Imagine what happens every night after the restaurant closes.. the banging sounds.. the sensual moans.. the unforgettable explosion in that cutesy looking, pink lipstick mouth..

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