30 Days Hiatus

Hi guys, it has been a surprise to me when I saw a delay in the usual 3-day-a-post incident. I have pinpointed the error to be software-based, having shifted the whole schedule one week ahead. One way to rectify this would be to adjust the dates individually, which is time consuming, or just to have a month’s break. Ya know, to do some housekeeping on my servers and ensure such things don’t happen again.

The site’s integrity and reliability is stable now, and while I try to get my cafe running and stuff, I’ll start something here to keep you guys occupied this month. Updates will come irregularly till December┬ábegins, and some mild (possibly) non-sexual entries will be posted.

Here are my plans (which will be updated accordingly);

1. AMA! Ask Me Anything. Reddit has an entire sub-category dedicated to answering questions from readers like an interview, so why shouldn’t J start one right? Though it may not be live, I will be accepting questions to be answered in a single post. So shoot away, here’s a link to my contact page. Your email will still be needed so I can reply direct to you if certain questions are too sensitive or better to be known by fewer people.

2. Submissions! Well, submit pictures of yourselves (for ladies only) or pictures of your SO (significant other) for those attached or married. Some write ups with some background info will be nice. If you have posted your pictures elsewhere, please do let me know so I can ignore the plagiarism results when I x-reference to online databases.

3. (Any suggestions?)

In any case, I’ll be taking a break from sex-filled fantasies and truly engage in some readers-writer talk cock session. I would love to hear from you guys no matter if it is anything related to the above activities. Whew, time for a breather.

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