Thin Line of Reality

It is a fact that the ring finger has a vein that leads directly to the heart, in fact, all the veins in your body, ARE linked to your heart. But there is a lesser known secret to those veins, pumping blood around your body to keep you alive. And one practitioner it Uncle Harry, the name I know him by. Although I call him ‘uncle’, his knowledge of the human body was more of ‘doctor’.

I remember there was once he invited me to his house/ clinic. It wasn’t those shady drug dispensaries, but rather a consultation place. His place was furnished in the most traditional settings, alter, hanging bird cages, and a hard wooden sofa. Well, the living room wasn’t the ‘event hall’. Another room was where he met his clients, or patients. He was the only person I know, who used centuries old methods, on modern problem, mainly, sexual problems.

He asked me into the room where a bed-like single seater couch was, located right in the middle. It was simple room with three seats, a conductor stand, 8 speakers around the edges of the ceiling, and a huge Mac display. A lady in her late 20s then came out of the attached bathroom in a sleeveless blouse, boyshorts and laid on the seat, giving me a smile that stirred even more questions. But I was told beforehand never to let my voice be heard. We sat on cushion seats beside her, with a pack of condom under my butt.

He then took her wrist closest to him and placed it on his lap, while taking her pulse. He did not use his fingers on her wrist, but the other hand had gripped onto her elbow, where the veins were running through as well. On the conductor stand next to me, were papers with large fonts, bullet points that stated the procedure.

1. Isolate micro-pulse

I know there are a lot of questions to the terms and effects, I will cover them as I go on.

A good five minute was spent in total silence, with the speakers on but nothing was played. A Mac desktop was mounted on the wall, clearly playing with the seek bar moving. It was something I didn’t understand. A scent was also filling up the room, almost driving me crazy in such serenity.

2. Psych

The screen saver disappeared when the track changed, and he pushed his hand on her elbows upwards, stopping at her biceps. His breathing was slow, and she was affected by the uneasiness in the room as well. Somehow, the hum from the air conditioning was enough to drown out the breathing sounds.

3. Redirection

His hand left her biceps and had his index finger bent, sticking a knuckle out before giving a hard push at her inner thigh. Uncle Harry then placed her hand on the side and sat without any contact to her. Suddenly, she began fidgeting and there were more movements at her legs, closing and relaxing in intervals.

At that point in time, the speakers finally played audible sounds and soft jazz music soothed the tension. While I was feeling more relaxed, the lady began to breath faster. He used one finger, to touch her index finger tip, and then her groin. As if a puppeteer, she began to rub herself in front of us and Uncle Harry reminded me to be quiet by placing a finger on his lip. Moans then filled the room up and he gave a nudge on my back, signalling me to put the condom on. I did as he told as quietly as I could, and sat there waiting like another of his patients.

He took my pulse and after she had a climax, a tap on her hand and stomach, allowed him to stop her and resumed the pulse checking. After another agonising five minutes, he started tapping on her wrist and once he felt like it (or some other signs he felt), he did the same tap, but using my index finger to do the second tap.

She held my hand and placed it on her stomach, then going back to her shorts where she split the cutting at her pussy open. Hell I did not even realise there was an opening. Uncle Harry got up and exited through the sliding doors quietly, leaving me alone with her. I did not know what deal they had made, but she was pulling me to help her out. I began squeezing her boobs through her blouse. She lifted her shirt along with the bra, and I went on to suck the milk out of it, though there was none.

Her eyes remained close all the time, but her hands knew where my dick was, and stroke it so it would get harder. I was simply seated and sucking, while she gave me a handjob. Some time later, she stopped jerking me and held my dick with a light tug. Each step I took relieved the stretch on the condom and I was indeed being asked to fuck her. Her knees were raised and I knelt on the unbalanced calf rest. I was just that close to sliding down to the ground. She split her pussy opened with her index and ring finger, using her middle to massage her clit.

I invited myself into her tight hole and was elated to feel how slippery it was. In my head, I only remembered to make as little noise as possible, so not to wake her up. Her legs went around me and I rammed her hard, making her moan loudly and climaxing. Uncle Harry was watching us from time to time through the unfrosted areas of the glass sliding door, but he never interrupted.

We fucked in the same position throughout the twenty minutes session, until I had to cum and waved to the glass door in hopes he would tell me what to do. As expected, he entered quietly and whispered to take the condom off. I pulled out of the exhausted body and unrolled the rubber. He handed me a little plastic bottle and I understood it immediately. I unloaded into it and squeezed out every last drop, while she continued rubbing her clit to relieve the soreness.

Once I was done, he capped it and took his seat, clicking on a remote to silence the music. He then went back to taking her pulse, for the worst ten minutes of my life. There was no music, no movements, just him with his eyes closed.

Uncle Harry: ‘You’re awake.’

He said that exactly when she opened her eyes. Possibly reading her vital signs.

Lady: ‘Yes.’

Uncle Harry: ‘Apply this on your genitals, and drink the rest.’

My mind was screaming ‘WTF’ so loudly. I thought I understood some of what they did, but it had totally lost me there. She stuck a finger into the bottle and coated her pussy with it, and swallowed the rest down. She then slipped an envelope to Uncle Harry and took her leave after shaking hands with the both of us.

Of course, I had asked him what just happened, and he explained to me in details. He was actually fixing a psychological illness that caused her sexual urges to die down. And it is through these veins running to her genitals that he stimulated, to get her appetite back. Her mind had been exposed to high frequency sounds that was playing behind the ‘silent music’ and the taps, confirmed that she was in Class E hypnosis. A type where she could wake herself up if she wanted.

Intercourse was used to jumpstart the ‘cure’, and the bit of cum she swallowed, was for her body to identify, and acknowledge the chemicals in it. He had even created a little thirst for her, on top of the normal turn on. Because of the psychological instructions he had instilled, she would not get pregnant from my load. What an eye opener.

Nonetheless, I am still skeptical about such treatment as it is not medically proven. But the numbers of people waiting to see him, just makes me wonder what magic does he have. Oh, and a similar procedure exists for men as well, but don’t expect a girl to be there waiting like I did. Cause it IS still a personal treatment, not some backroom interview.

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Whoa, is this real? It’s the first time reading about something like that! Really mindblowing…

Haha. Wow. I didn’t expect anyone to put so much effort into reading it. I myself found it quite confusing when I read it the second time. Well, there are acupuncture techniques available. And what I wrote isn’t exactly a step by step guide. Think of it as Da Vinci, who sometimes messes his own designs up in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Haha no worries. I’ve been a silent reader for quite a long time. I might have read through every single story of yours. Have commented on a few stories bfore. Yup, i was more interested to see if such acupuncture would be available. But its’s ok keep on writing ya?

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