Lesbian Schoolgirls

Girls walking hand in hand is actually quite common, but for Dianelle and Kiki, its more than friendship that flowed through their interlocked fingers. School ended for the two girls and their usual routine started with a visit to one of their houses, doing work together until evening, and then leaving for home. Kiki’s house would always be empty after school with both parents working, and they were used to creating havoc with tidbits and gossips while doing their homework.

Kiki: ‘Hey Dan, want to see something I found in my parents’ room?’
Danielle: ‘Sure! Show me.’

Kiki walked into her room with a wooden box, lock left unclamped on the hinge. The two girls popped the lid opened and started unpacking the toys in it, carefully examining every one of them as they emptied the case.

Danielle: ‘Wow! I didn’t know your parents are so wild!’
Kiki: ‘Me too!’

Danielle turned on the rabbit vibrator and surprised them as it turned around mercilessly, cranking a mechanical sound as it vibrated.

Danielle: ‘Let me try it on you.’
Kiki: ‘Huh! But it looks so scary. I’m happy to just make out with you.’
Danielle: ‘It’s not enough for me. Don’t you want to try having sex?’
Kiki: ‘But we’re both girls.’
Danielle: ‘That’s why this will help.’

Danielle pinned Kiki down after placing the toy beside her on the bed, kissing passionately in the chilled room at sixteen degrees. Both of them were in the track and field team, granting them beautiful toned bodies at their tender age of fifteen. As their tongues reached into each others’ mouth, Danielle had opened her legs to spread Kiki apart. Her hand then went for the toy and clicked it on, running it down Kiki’s nipples, abs and finally on her shorts. Moving the head of the rabbit vibrator up her thighs, the openings of her shorts was pushed opened to let the toy reach her panties.

With a slight nudge, her panties were also out of the way and the tip touched her clit. As much as Kiki tried to contain the shiver through her body, the toy was making its way into her, and the mechanical tone was quietened as it slid up her pussy. In the inconvenient position, the clit teaser managed to find its spot and Danielle pushed the toy deeper, pressing onto Kiki’s clit. In just under a minute, Kiki’s fingers clawed into her back as the orgasm shot through her small body, making a small jet of juice soak into her panties.

Kiki: ‘Wait wait.. let me remove my shorts. You’re making it wet.’

They took a break and removed their FBT shorts, leaving their bare pussy in view of each other. After torturing Kiki for some time, Danielle stopped in desire of her girlfriend’s attention, and girl, Kiki did not disappoint at all. She picked out a strap-on and wore it with some difficulty. After it was secured, a wireless remote was activated and the little hook-like rubber tip vibrated on Kiki’s clit, driving her wild and eager to plunge the toy into Danielle.

Resting her hands lightly on Kiki’s waist, Danielle’s tensed body did not help when the dildo forced its way in, stretching her pussy to its limit as the girth was rather ‘adult’ sized. The whole sensation of a dick being inside her was indescribable, and Danielle was enjoying every inch of it too. Although Kiki is a female, she knew how to work her hips as hula hoops were part of their training. Thrusting forward from a slow pace, Danielle was moaning her voice hoarse as the soft rubber filled her hole satisfyingly.

Kiki was also feeling lightheaded from the vibration on her clit, but it was channeled into energy to pump Danielle faster. What Danielle felt was totally different from their intimate touching. The penis was stroking along each of her sensitive parts and the orgasms were harder and much more life-draining than from her own fingering. It felt so good that she did not want to stop cumming, but for Kiki, she was getting too weak from the clitoral stimulation that gave her no orgasm.

Danielle: ‘Let’s switch. So you can know how good it feels.’
Kiki: ‘Is it really that good?’

They switched positions and the immediate contact of the vibrating tip gave Danielle an orgasm.

Danielle (whispering): ‘Fuck. It’s so sensitive now.’

She got the tip into Kiki and sank the whole rod in one move, making Kiki wrap her legs around her while she pumped her in the most manly manner. Eyes rolling white, Kiki was taking the pounding even better than Danielle. The difficulty in getting the dick inside was a sign that her pussy was tight. But again, that was exactly what Danielle wanted her girlfriend to feel – high.

As the strap-on drove Danielle into a series of orgasms, she was ramming Kiki even harder, fuelled by lust and love. With the both of them screaming and moaning loudly in the room, it was hard to imagine that no one suspected murder. After all, it was pure sensual sounds I guess.

Their bodies were soon giving in to exhaustion but they knew they had to end it nicely.

Kiki: ‘Dan.. shall we try cumming together?’
Danielle: ‘How?’
Kiki: ‘Just go faster as you are going to climax.’
Danielle: ‘Okay. I’ll try.’

The vibrator was turned off and they adjusted their positions, Kiki’s stuck knees together on the side and Danielle parking the dildo while leaning on top of her.

Danielle: ‘Let’s go.’

The vibrator started buzzing and Danielle thrust
her hips hard, counting down to the orgasm as it built up in her pussy. She was a girl who could cum easily and Kiki was the more ‘normal’ one, requiring more time to prep. Once the frenzied attack began, the girls let themselves go and thrashed crazily around, until Danielle yelled out ‘I’m cumming!’ and increased her pace going at Kiki.

Kiki rubbed on her neglected clit as she tried to climax together. After a few seconds of frantic massage, Danielle froze and Kiki watched her as she shivered with her eyes closed. The incoming wave hit Kiki within two seconds and a gush of juices leaked on her bed, forming a darkened patch. Danielle fell on Kiki and they hugged each other while whispering sweet nothings, sticking their wet bodies closely while the dildo kept vibrating, still inside Kiki.

Danielle: ‘You like it?’
Kiki: ‘Super love it. I’ll do it for you next time.’
Danielle: ‘But I like to watch you climax. I cum easier than you, just this dildo alone made me cum more than six times, while you only came half. I want to be inside you.’

After washing and packing the toys back, they cuddled for the rest of the evening and Kiki’s parents invited Danielle to stay for dinner, which she agreed. From then on, they began going pantyless to school and owned their own toys, which was small enough to carry around, coming in useful when they ended CCA. It seemed that the toilet on the third floor always seemed noisy with girly moans after they chose it as their changing ‘room’.

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