A Little Too Much Enjoyment

Reena: ‘Hey! Have you been waiting for long?’

In her school P.E. shirt and a small FBT shorts, she hugged her boyfriend who just booked out. Immediately she could feel the bulge on his jeans pressing between her legs and she grabbed it naughtily, teasing Jeremy as he picked up his bulky assault bag over his shoulders.

She had a body just like any 17 year old. Slim with fats at the right spots, toned by the P.E. lessons from the cirriculum. Legs thin enough for short skirts and body well-endowed for low cuts. Not exactly a symbol of sex, but a figure that will grow on anyone once you have seen how she dressed – or undressed.

Stepping into the lift to their usual hideout floor, he hid behind her while he removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants, leaving his shirt to cover his readiness. The moment they went into the corner of the stair landing, their hands went under and began roaming each others’ bodies, unhooking bra and stretching his underwear.

Reena (whispering): ‘It’s so big already.’

She sat on the lower step and leaned backwards, while he kneeled higher so his dick would be aligned to her mouth. Sucking it dutifully, she worked her tongue all over it to coat it with her saliva before pushing the stick between her lips. There wasn’t much for her to do as he did the work, ramming at her mouth as her cheeks collapsed to the strong suction.

Her shorts and panties had been stripped as her shirt was long enough, so she could masturbate while he helped himself to get it really really hard.

Once he was done, they went to the railings and she held onto it, stretching her back straight in a standing doggie. A quickie you might call it, but it was the only place they could get any sex at all. Jeremy went behind her and plunged right in, jolting her senses awake with a moan.

The silent pounding continued to their bodies jerking violently, at the same time, he had been keeping watch at the opening where the handrails were. Secretly, he had asked one of his buddies for help, to film their outdoor action. And in return..

Jeremy brought both Reena’s hands to the back and tied them up with an extra long cable tie, which she did not question in the midst of reaching an orgasm. Right then, the prominent shadow came from above and she was hugged tight from behind, by her boyfriend.

Jeremy: ‘Reena, let’s try something new today k?’

Reena: ‘I don’t want!’

He took a few steps forward till her belly was against the rails, and his friend handed his phone to Jeremy before unzipping his jeans. Reena could not scream as she was almost naked. All she did was to put up a strong struggle, that Jeremy and his friend managed by bending her arms till it hurt.

Jeremy gave way to his friend once his dick was exposed, squatting down to open his girl’s legs up for him. Unable to overpower them, she bit her lips as a huge dick pierced into her pussy, shooting pain through her body that got worse whenever she fought back.

Reena (whispering loudly): ‘Let me go now!’

It was too late when the rest of his shaft sank into her hole. It had stretched her pussy to its limit, to a point she could feel every bumps and grooves on his rod. In no time, it was sliding in and out of her, in a vacuum her pussy had created without any space for even her own juices.

Mind blanked from the intense sensation, she no longer made any sounds and had bent her chest forward, to any eyes that might look up the handrails from above or below. Her shirt was pulled up for the video and the rape ensued.

Given his size, Reena’s body gave in to the orgasms just a minute into the high-speed thrusts, weakening her legs. Anyway, her feet was almost off the ground as the unknown man lifted her up to get the perfect angle.

For him, she was unbelievably tight too. And there was no intention for him to last long. It was fuck-and-go in that situation. About five minutes into the pussy ripping sex, he began to speed up and pulled out before he came.

Both guys helped her onto the steps and Jeremy went behind her to open her mouth, while his friend stuck his dick in and tugged her head. Within seconds, her cheeks puffed up with cum and more dribbled out of her lips around his shaft. The few strokes of deep throat forced some of his cum into her tummy, and the rest left around her lips.

Once he was done, he got dressed and went behind the couple with his phone still in video recording mode. Jeremy opened her legs and leaned onto her, sinking his dick into the now-loosened pussy. Thrusting at the lifeless body, he was the only person groaning up till the moment he was about to shoot.

Aiming his dick at her face, he jerked himself off and sprayed over her forehead, tilted her head down as he came and let cum covered her eyes. Like a rapist, he let go of her once he was done and got dressed, picking her shorts and panties up for the getaway with his friend.

Friend (fainting voice): ‘Call Janice now. Let’s go find her.’

Those were the words Reena heard as they ran down the stairs, leaving her face soiled and half-naked. Broken and emotional, she did not move at all for at least five minutes. After which, someone passed by and saw her backview, white shirt with streaks of brown stains from the dirty steps and railings.

Andrew: ‘Hey.. are you alright?’

He ransacked his bag for the packet of tissue he bought from a disabled uncle, wiping her face clean before carrying her up in his arms. He brought her into his place just one floor above and gave her the shower she needed, where she gave him a strong bear hug.

Reena (whispering): ‘Don’t let go of me. Ever.’

At his place sleeping for three hours straight, it was almost 9pm when she was awakened by the smell of food. That same man, who cleaned her up, had brought a plate of noodles into the bedroom, happily feeding her once she was up.

Reena: ‘Thanks for taking care of me.’

Andrew: ‘No worries about it. I’ve seen you around. You stay on the 7th floor right?’

She nodded and finished the food, wearing her washed-and-dried t-shirt with her school skirt before making a call home.

Reena: ‘Can I drop by when I need someone to talk to?’

Andrew: ‘Sure you can. Give me a call first.’

At the door, she gave him the longest hug he ever had and left smiling.

Andrew (shouting): ‘I’ll take care of you if you want! I’ll never let you go!’

She smiled at him right before turning down the stairs. For the days to come, he experienced what the rape had done to her, unlocking a side that brought her sexuality to the next level. The reason her ex-boyfriend was with her was for sex, getting her addicted to it. Then came the rape, where she was abused so kinkily she actually enjoyed the process.

Andrew, now owns a pandora box someone else has opened, and he is more than happy to care for the newly unleashed nymphomanic.

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