My Landlady’s Daughter

Nat: ‘Can you cook something for me to eat? I’m damn hungry. So sorry for troubling you.’

How could I reject her? Staying for almost a month at their place, the rent was the lowest. Apart from just hiding in my room, I got used to tidying up their house when they were out, and occasionally cooking with the family. I was after all given a tiny spot to store my chopping board and knives that no one knew how to use. I was grateful for them.

She stood beside me as I cut the chicken chops, marinated in teriyaki sauce in my designated section of the fridge. The aroma got her stomach growling even louder, and she placed her hand on my lower back, nudging my thoughts slightly awry.

Nat: ‘What’s inside?’
Me: ‘Soy sauce, mirin, ginger, sugar?’
Nat: ‘Is it suppose to be for yourself?’
Me: ‘For times when YOU are hungry!’

A cheerful laugh broke out and she took over the task of cooking the chicken, while I listlessly shook the pasta in a strainer. She was a normal 18 year old in a local poly, dressing decently when out and casually clothed at home in mostly t-shirts or singlets with tiny shorts at home.

Nat (screaming): ‘Oww!’

Hot oil had splattered on her and she used me as the shield. Now, it’s time to teach her something logical.

Me: ‘When hot oil splatters, we dodge. So the meat will chao ta (get burnt) on the pan. Be brave!’

I went behind her and held her hand, forcing her to bear with the pain and flip the meat onto the final side. Scraping the skin of the chicken, the crackle showed her it was all worth it. She held the hand I placed on her waist and squeezed it tightly, as the pain grew in her cooking hand.

Barely legal, she had a figure like her mum, slim and well-maintained. Years of dancing had given her that body to die for and I was out of her league to make my imagination come true.

Nat: ‘Hey J, you know? Most girls always want someone to cook for them. But I prefer this. Cooking with that someone. It makes the food more tasty.’

I laughed through my nose as she plated the chicken to rest, while I scooped the pasta over to soak up the remaining juices. Keeping my hand in hers, we swapped positions and she stood behind me while I cooked. The other hand came around me and I was in the midst of tasting a strand for doneness.

Nat: ‘I want to try too!’

She pinched the dangling strand from my mouth and turned me sideways to slurp it up, till our lips got dangerously close. Her chewing turned sensual as she slowed down, flipping the gas switch off behind me. Everything up to that instance pointed in a direction I knew we were heading to.

Nat (whispering): ‘It’s yummy.. like you.’

Breaking away from her seduction, I finished stacking the chicken on top of the noodles and she took it from me. Hand in hand, we made our way in her room and it was left ignored on her study desk. In embrace, we stripped each other down and I lifted her onto the desk, where she forked a mouthful of food while I sat on a foot stool between her legs.

Licking her abalone in short flicks, her body moved on its own. I just kept going till a strong shiver was felt and she had to stop eating. Picking me up by my cheeks, she placed me on her revolving chair and hopped onto the stool, going between my legs and tapped on the table’s edge where she left the plate.

In an instant, my dick disappeared into her mouth and I took a few bites of chicken, too distracted to really taste anything. As she was working her lips up and down my rod, a pair of silk ropes found their way into her hands and she tied me to the arm rest of the chair, loose enough for me to wriggle out of if I really wanted to escape.

Windows unblinded, she was not bothered by it. She shifted the plate away and bent over the table, lowering her pussy down my cock as she clenched her fist by the edge. With both legs together, she was tight beyond description.

In no time, she had turned into the little bunny, bouncing on my lap and moaning as though the windows are drawn. Fully naked, I was left to admire her back view while feeling her pussy squeeze my rod dead, occasionally grinding her butt left and right to wake me up.

Before I knew it, I had to free myself and kept her seated on my lap as we moved to the bed. Staying connected for the whole position change, I kneeled behind her opened legs and hammered her mercilessly. It was pure sex that we had, perspiring onto each others’ body as we pounded.

After a long while of doggie sex, she turned onto her back and I pushed both her legs close to her chest. That fair skinned pussy stared right at me and I filled her up with my dick once again, thrusting the life out of her as she begged for me to be gentle. It wasn’t her legs that were aching, but the sensitivity of her pussy that had her clit exposed.

It was being tortured by my prickly groin non-stop. I tied her hands together during a short pause and she gave up control to whatever position I put her in.

Me: ‘Are you okay? I’ll not tie you up anymore k?’

Part of me got worried. But what she said.. I was overthinking.

Nat: ‘No don’t. I tied you up so you will tie me. I have been fantasising about this for a long time now.’

I regained my composure to pump her for another few minutes before she was too much for me to hold in. We were doing it raw and I didn’t want to risk anything. Readjusting her body to lie sideway, I held her head against two pillows and sank my dick in.

Next up was mouth fuck. I buried my dick at her cheek and went on for at least five minutes. She was all willing and smiling whenever I slowed down to look at her. Time is up.

Me: ‘I’ll cum in your mouth k?’
Nat: ‘Don’t need to tell me. Just shoot anywhere you want. As long as you let me help you finish it.’

Suddenly, a eureka moment came. I stopped and sat in front of her eyes, jerking myself to her helplessness.

Nat (frantic): ‘Hey! What are you doing?!’
Me: ‘Just torturing you a little?’

She got on her knees and pushed me down with her head, swallowing my dick whole and I bounced her head on my lap. A strong suction with lots of tongue action, got me squirming in a minute. Every time I tried to lift her away, she could bite. So I had no choice.

Drawing every bit of cum in me, she only let go when I went quiet in exhaustion. Seeing her in that pitiful state, I replaced her on the bed and fed her what’s left on the plate. When I was about to untie her, she dodged.

Nat (whispering): ‘Don’t take it off. I like it this way.’

We fell asleep on her bed naked and the next thing I knew that woke me up, were her hands checking if I was asleep. Well, how could I be still asleep when it was up?

My landlady’s daughter had been in bounds (at home) since we started, and she became the most obedient girl any master could have. Not that I am into anything extreme, but to have someone to please when I get home, was what I liked. In return, she would sneak into my room when her mum was asleep, or drag me out to the corridor when her mum was awake to have those quickies we never got enough of.

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