A Lucky Chick

Girl: ‘有打火机吗?’
Translation: ‘You have a light?’

Aiden with his goody boy hair cut hastily picked up the Zippo lighter beside his laptop and handed it to the school girl, who had a cigarette in her hand. She sat down beside him and lit the stick, taking a deep breath of nicotine before blowing it sideways. Wearing a set of ITE white tee and skirt, he had noticed how short her black skirt was, as it revealed a lot of skin.

Girl: ‘叫什么名?’
Translation: ‘What’s your name?’

Aiden: ‘Aiden. You?’

Girl: ‘Stacy.’

He would expect ‘Valencia’ or some fancy name she would come up with but Stacy wasn’t too overboard. She continued sucking on her stick puff after puff and peeped at his statistic filled screen.

Stacy: ‘你在做什么?’
Translation: ‘What are you busy with?’

Aiden: ‘Doing some work.’

Stacy: ‘做什么的?’
Translation: ‘What is your job?’

Aiden: ‘I’m an acturia.’

Stacy: ‘Huh? What is that?’

He had no simpler way to explain his job scope and simply told her he worked in a bank, under the insurance department. In her mind, positions in the banking industry meant high salary, one that she had little hopes of getting into. When she realised what a person she was talking to, a little courtesy came into her words.

It was just 4pm when they began chatting, and it was that kind of awkward conversation between a highly educated young man with a maturing teenager. Not only were their level of thoughts in huge difference, she had no idea what he was doing, bombarding him with seemingly interesting but obviously incomplete knowledge about any more adult-like topics.

Stacy: ‘You eaten?’

Aiden shook his head with a smile and she adjusted her bag strap on her shoulders. Clearly from a mandarin speaking family, he was more determined to make her into someone successful than to just appear and disappear from her life. Somehow, the difference in their academic background spurred something in him. One with pity and hope to make her into a better person.

Stacy: ‘My mum cooked. You want to eat with us?’

As someone related to financial planning, he was used to going into strangers’ houses, so why not? He packed his belongings and followed her up to her flat, where she constantly reminded him not to tell on her about the smoking part. Of all people, the job he had consisted of keeping secrets.

Stepping into a three-room flat, it was simple. Old looking furniture lined the walls, a CRT TV was hissing to CH8, and an old lady walked out of the kitchen with two plates of food.

Stacy: ‘Mummy! 我带朋友来吃饭。’
Translate: ‘Mummy! I’m back with a friend.’

Her mum’s face lit up when she saw the well-groomed gentleman, adding another pair of chopsticks to the table where they had a hearty meal. For Aiden, it had been some time since he had homecooked food. It was truly an eye opener to him to have a meal with a lower income family than most of his clients.

Mum: ‘我先出去。朋友走了打给我。要乖hor。’
Translate: ‘I’m heading out first. Let me know when he is gone k? Be good.’

After stacking the dishes into the sink, she went into her room and told him he could come in too. As a guest, he went into the kitchen instead and did the dishes for a long while, before joining her.

By the time he sat on her wood-crafted bed, she had changed into a tight. body hugging singlet with the same skirt and was tidying up her desk. Smiling to himself at the sight of her frantic last-minute packing, it was the simplicity of her life that moved him.

Stacy: ‘你很热?你要的话可以脱掉衣服。我哥在家也是没穿衣。’
Translate: ‘Is it hot? You can take your shirt off. My brother is always half naked.’

How could he? In someone else’s place? She could tell his shyness and climbed over his lap, where he suddenly backed away in surprise.

Stacy: ‘You shy ah?’

Her fingers had went to undo his buttons and he just let her be. Once she saw his lean abdomen, though without any abs, her hands started feeling them up. His hands went to her thighs and slowly hiked up under her skirt, where deep breaths were heard coming from her mouth.

Stacy: ‘我觉得你很厉害。我没朋友在银行做工的。’
Translate: ‘You are quite capable in my eyes. I don’t have any friends working in the bank.’

A sense of lost and desire had been felt through her, guiding Aiden to do what’s right. He could totally see through her desire for someone like him to take care of her, and tell her what she should be doing. It was the insecurity that got her to climb on top of him and perhaps drive her into doing something to own him.

Aiden: ‘Hey. Come lie down here.’

He held her shaky forearms and helped her onto the bed, where tears began swelling up in her eyes.

Stacy (sobbing): ‘说真的,我没什么机会交新的朋友。想要做得更好,但是我又不想我家人辛苦。’
Translate: ‘I don’t have any chance of meeting people outside my circle of friends. I don’t want to be trapped by what education my family’s situation can afford to give me.’

He leaned his body onto her to give her a hug, hearing her cries upclose. Emotions filled his heart instead of lust, and she was just this hopeful to be left on her own.

Stacy: ‘我可以要你吗?No.. Umm.. 你可以要我吗?’
Translation: ‘Can I want you? No.. Umm.. Can you want me?’

The single and eligible bachelor couldn’t resist this foxy slim body, behind it, someone who looked forward to stepping out of her old life. As he stared in deep thoughts, she held his face and led him to her lips, where tears had wetted them.

The brief peck turned into a graceful tongue fight and his hand was under her singlet in no time. Her eye-catching black bra posed no obstacle as he maneuvered to her nipple, rolling it between his fingers as she moaned.

Stacy (whispering): ‘Take it off.’

He got up and stripped the last two piece of his clothes off, while she took her bra out. He grinned cheekily as he removed her thongs, fingers slipping under her skirt as soon as she bared. Her fingers wrapped around his dick that was already erected, stroking it as he exposed her breast after tugging her singlet down.

Mouth feeding on her nipple, it was a scene he had never imagined to happen. Not that he was single due to looks, but to have someone less successful than him, wanting to be dominated, freed a side of him he never expected.

Stacy (whispering): ‘躺下来。’
Translation: ‘Lie down.’

Aiden: ‘You have done this before?’

Stacy: ‘有… 我的 ex.’
Translation: ‘Yes. My ex-boyfriend.’

She went on top of him in 69 and took his dick into her mouth, jerking her neck forward to let him slide in and out. The slimy looking pussy before him could not even be reached as his body went haywire, losing control to her skilled blowjob. Desperately, he managed to lick her while she was at it and managed to give her an orgasm that stopped her in ecstacy.

Stacy: ‘他从来没有帮我做过。你比较好。’
Translation: ‘He didn’t do that for me. You’re nicer.’

How could anyone not taste this shaved, smooth pussy that was on her? She seemed to be the perfect girl to show off to, and own if treated well. Perhaps it was something Aiden could never understand. But he knew how to love and treat her. It was goodness and nothing less.

As she turned herself around to ride him, he stopped her. She had done more than enough for him and should not be the only one doing the work. He carried her easily and placed her on the bed, before spooning her from behind. He raised one of her legs and stopped his dick at her pussy, where she held it and guided him in.

The tightness, the wetness, the heartbeat-like throbbing. He couldn’t NOT move. Her moans turned into gasps as he pounded her from behind, one hand over her chest so he could tweak her nipples that drove her even wilder.

Soon, she was attempting to change position and they shifted into doggie-style. Holding that tiny waist before him, she was kneeling upright against his body. Humping silently, they were noisy in sync, a sight he had been long dreaming for.

Feeling her pussy tighten and relax, he was about to erupt. She was that beautiful in his eyes, and that body of hers.. he had no problem taking care of it. Going for almost twenty minutes since they got into bed, she had her share of mind-blowing orgasms. It wasn’t the size, it wasn’t his speed. His strokes were swift and filled with empathy, thrusts made with love that pumped right into her. She could feel his desire as well.

Aiden (groaning): ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

He made the final few jerks and pulled out before he lost it. She turned around on her knees and laid on the bed, legs stretched underneath his balls. Taking his dick back between her lips, she rammed her face at him till he pressed her head against his balls. Powerful waves of cum fired into her mouth and it all gathered at her tongue, where she continued sucking him till he collapsed on the bed. Yes, collapsed like legs giving way all of a sudden.

A quick flash of her tongue covered in cum followed by a swallow melted Aiden’s heart, where he was too late to ask her to spit it out. Smiles broke across her face and he placed her head gently on the pillow, letting her fondle his dick as he admired her flowing figure from her neck down.

Aiden: ‘I’ll drop by with some clothes later. I am only staying a few blocks away. Come to a function with me tonight k?’

Upon hearing that, Stacy pushed him against the bed and sat between his legs. Bending her back almost horizontally to the bed, his dick disappeared into her mouth again, this time, letting her complete the job of milking the second load.

Once they were done, he left her place and returned in less than twenty minutes. It had been the most tiring time he had since a long while ago, and he was more excited than her to bring her along for an event where the rich would gather. Not that he was going to ‘use’ her, but to get his clients scheduling appointments just to catch another glimpse of her.

That evening, Stacy, in a short red dress, stole the limelight. She needed no stockings or jewellery to enhance her beauty. She had turned Aiden into the most attractive man on the ballroom.

Besides the constant attention she got, there was only one part of the show that she could make any sense out of.

Emcee (on microphone): ‘This month’s top sales record was broken by someone we all know and love. Someone quiet, helpful and hardworking. He is none other than.. Aiden! Scoring THREE million in commission, I’ll let you guys imagine the sales figure. Ladies and gentleman, a round of appaluse!’

Right then, Stacy felt her legs weaken, and her pussy getting super wet. No one had expected him to be that capable, never in Stacy’s life would she get that close to even a hundred thousand. She had a guy of every girls’ dream, and she made up her mind to do everything to be his forever.

*Aiden.. is.. so.. going.. to.. get.. it.*
Stacy’s mind screamed this out in her face.

Everything made sense. Everyone was nice to him, he was courteous, kind and seemingly unhappening. ‘A humble millionaire’ was something she never heard of. At least not among her social circle. When he stepped off the stage to his awaiting team, she needed him to know what was about to come – or cum.

Stacy (Whatsapp): ‘Can pay for birth pills for me?’

Her broken English did not stop Aiden’s dick from rising once he understood what she meant. As soon as they reached a hotel he booked for the night, all hell broke loose when he ripped her dress off. She had wore nipple stickers in place of a bra, and panties wise.. they were 404. Nothing turned Aiden on more than knowing she had gone pantyless, apart from being so wet her inner thighs had streaks on them.

Following their encounter, she still stayed in her own house, but with some equipments changed to working ones. They still went over to each other’s place in rotation, and Stacy only told her friends about ‘a guy’, nothing in specific.

Would they take long to find out who have she been keeping behind their backs?

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