A Long Time Ago

Uncle Patrick: ‘J kor kor! Long time no see. All grown up huh. Breakfast alone?’

It was comical for an uncle to call me ‘kor kor’, but it had been my identity to him for the longest time. Because her daughter had always addressed me by that, he too, picked that up so she knew who he was taking about. Uncle Patrick was that modern dad who could make jokes that every generation would laugh at. He was a hardworking father in my eyes, sometimes, too hardworking that his wife felt neglected, but still thankful for the money he made.

The small talks started at a coffee shop where I decided to have a lonely breakfast on my rest day. With a plate of three pratas, I couldn’t help but smile at gentleman whom I had not seen since I was still in secondary school. His wife was a good friend of my mum but I seldom see them now, staying at my grandmother’s place as it was closer to work. He had went overseas for an oil rig assignment and once he left, it was for years. It was so heartwarming to see him healthy and almost accustomed to Singapore’s culture again.

As we ate, a young girl with brown hair tied into a ponytail came and sit with us, placing the stack of coins on the table. Suddenly, I felt so ‘lok kok’ (a term used to describe poor dress sense or old) in the presence of the fashionable lady who was wearing a white t-shirt over the high-waist bottom, one that girls knew as a flare skirt.

Ahh shit! What was I thinking? Uncle Patrick introduced me to his daughter, Felyn and she reached her small hand out to shake. I promptly took her soft palm and gave it a few waves, hoping she would not detect the oiliness I accidentally caught on my pinky.

Uncle Patrick: ‘Remember J kor kor? He always bring you out when mummy isn’t around to take care of you.’
Felyn: ‘I don’t remember. It has been too long.’
Me: ‘Yeah. It’s almost six years ago already. I couldn’t recognise her too.’
Uncle Patrick: ‘She’s now in secondary three, and you’ve completed your army. Time past so fast.’

We laughed and ate up our breakfast, before he picked his bag up as I was done. Felyn was only halfway with her hot bowl of porridge but he was ready to leave?

Uncle Patrick: ‘Come home early tonight k? Don’t stay out so late. Enough money?’
Felyn: ‘8pm okay? Umm.. twenty?’

He opened his wallet and slipped the notes into the corner of her bag, and shook my hands again, with intention to catch up with me some other time. Drinking my ice Milo slowly, I was eyeing on Felyn who was taking super small spoonful into her lips, careful not to smudge her glossy lipstick. A few mouths later, she turned for a sneaky glance at her dad and rummaged her bag for a pack of cigarette.

Felyn: ‘You smoke?’
Me: ‘Nope. You can go ahead.’

She lit the stick and drew a small puff using the middle of her lips, like a sucking a straw. Somehow, this unhealthy habit appeared so seductive in her actions and it only drove my thoughts wilder. I couldn’t bring myself to make any moves on her since she was the daughter of a good friend. I finished the last bit of drink and did a pinch over my lips to clean it up.

Felyn: ‘Tissue for you?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Thanks.’

She pushed the packet on the table to me and I used one, folding it neatly before wiping. We continued chatting about our lives and she was actually single, with that pretty face. How could it be?

Felyn: ‘Where do you live now?’
Me: ‘In Ang Mo Kio. With my granny.’
Felyn: ‘That’s nearby. Oh.. Don’t tell my dad about me smoking k?’
Me: ‘I won’t. Where are you going now?’
Felyn: ‘I don’t know. My friends haven’t replied me yet. I just finished my exams, so I didn’t want to stay home.’
Me: ‘I see. Hang around for a while then.’
Felyn: ‘You free to go out today?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Today is my off day.’

She took a one second sip at her straw and that was all for her breakfast, a quarter bowl of porridge, and three quarters of bandung left untouched. We headed for the bus stop where 88 would bring us to Junction 8 and I was feeling uneasy. Not because I was going out with such a hot looking school girl, but eyes were on me, an old guy with a young girl. Our age gap was almost seven years in difference but she was comfortable with me. What more could I ask for?

We hopped on the bus and she went up to the upper deck, sitting at the second last row of seats. She took the window view and I sat silently beside, waiting for our stop to come.

Felyn: ‘Where does this bus go?’
Me: ‘To Bedok Bus Interchange.’
Felyn: ‘Are you sure?’
Me: ‘Yupp. My camp is there. Takes about one and a half hour.’
Felyn: ‘Okay. Let’s just take this all the way and then come back. Alright with you?’

Her head turned and her ponytail fell to her shoulder. My lips stretched helplessly into a smile and nodded at her. Before we even reach the third stop, her head went onto my arm and leaned comfortably against me, as though she had known me for a long time.

Me: ‘Tired?’
Felyn: ‘Nope. Just that your fatty arms looked so soft.’
Me: ‘Eh! Your head is hard k?’

I looked out of the window and the shampoo scent went up my nose, reminding me how nice girls smelled no matter if they just had a work out – or not showered. Like boyfriend and girlfriend, boarding passengers gave us a look when they came up but sat towards the front, as though they were imagining that we chose this spot so we could get touchy. Well, let’s not talk about others, while 95% would move into the rear, I was one of the few who would respect the privacy of other couples too.

Felyn: ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Still attached.’
Felyn: ‘Oh! She won’t mind right?’
Me: ‘Mind what? You are just putting your head on me.’

She adjusted her knees to push against the backrest of the seats in front of us and the skirt fell lower to her hips. About 85% of her legs were showing now and things would get ‘harder’ from what she just did. We spoke only ten sentences throughout the journey and the morning breakfast was causing me to get tired as well.

Me: ‘Felyn, wake up. We are reaching.’

Her sleeping face was angelic, and it was the only word worthy. I planted a light kiss on that forehead to reminisce the times with my girlfriend, just for fun I guess. The bus turned into the interchange and we alighted, heading for the side gate immediately so she could get a smoke. The few army boys that booked out stared at her and one even winked at me, not like I haven’t been through what they had.

Felyn: ‘I need to use the toilet. Can you wait outside?’

I stood at the door of the ladies and she went about her business. As some of us knew, the main doors at that toilets were seldom shut and the wide opening below could be seen. The stream of pee hit the bowl and I acted blur while listening to her. Now I can tell her ‘I know what you did last summer’.

She exited while adjusting her skirt higher and we sat at the stone chairs, just in time to board the 88 back home.

Felyn: ‘Where are we going now?
Me: ‘Toa Payoh.’
Felyn: ‘Okay. That should take as long right?’
Me: ‘Longer.’

We hopped on and went to the upper deck, even the driver had recognised us. This time, she picked the last row and we left our bags in the middle seat.

Felyn: ‘Do you like me?’
Me: ‘I do. As a good friend of your dad.’
Felyn: ‘Shall we spent today as boyfriend and girlfriend? Your girl don’t have to know.’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. But you can’t tell your dad.’
Felyn: ‘I won’t.’

She kissed my cheeks and the silly me placed my hand on her inner thigh. She covered my hand with hers and turned to land my kiss on her lips instead of her cheeks. Accident? I don’t know. Our lips parted but our gaze remained locked, as though something in us wanted more. Unexpectedly, her hands went around my neck and pulled me in, starting a tongue fight that left our tongue brushing against each other.

While our mouths were busy, my hand was sliding down her legs and under her skirt. I didn’t know how open she was until then. What was it that attracted her? Loneliness? Gratitude? Or just lust? I did not advance any further under her skirt and stopped an inch away from her panties.

Felyn: ‘Why did you stop?’
Me: ‘Why did you let me do this?’

She swallowed her saliva and placed her face a distance from me. Something important was coming out of her, or so I guessed.

Felyn: ‘You might not know me that well, but I remember you and what you did for me. Remember when I was still in primary school? You took care of me for a few days when our parents went to Malaysia to shop. I felt like a princess when you cooked for me and let me buy whatever I want when we went out, staying beside me all the time. Until just now when we met, I was kind of stalking you on FaceBook. My dream was to be yours when I grow up.’

Me: ‘I am sorry for bringing your hopes so high. I didn’t expect this.’
Felyn: ‘It’s okay. You didn’t know too. I can tell you’ve changed when the three of us spoke. You have no idea how excited I was when you stared at me. I.. I want to be with you and feel like a princess again.’

Me: ‘I’ve changed? But I didn’t treat you like a princess today.’
She pushed my hand onto her skirt and I stopped in fear. There was no panties over her pussy and it was even a little wet.

Felyn: ‘You don’t have to cook for me or care for me like in the past. I have grown up now. You can make me feel like a princess with your fingers.’

Her middle finger went over mine and went to rub on her clit. Her breaths got deeper and I understood what she meant. You guys have no idea what a dilemma I was in. My girlfriend is a wonderful girl who understood me, and this 15 year old, seemed so much more tempting to own. I sat myself upright but kept my fingers rubbing, there was just so much going through my head. It wasn’t everyday a girl would throw herself at me, plus I only looked at her like a sister.

Me: ‘I can’t break up for you. Cause I might just break up with you for another girl.’
Felyn: ‘I know. Let’s just spend today together. I don’t want to hurt her too. I am happy just to have you for one day.’

Her hand went over to my shorts and went along my thigh. She dug her way into my underwear and held the shameless erection in her soft palm. The fact that she was underaged made me much hornier despite knowing rotan might come my way if she ever exposed me. Her legs opened wider for me to finger and I went in after a few shallow thrusts, causing her to breath loudly in place of moans.

Felyn: ‘Do you do this with her too?’
Me: ‘No. She doesn’t like to be fingered.’
Felyn: ‘Then what do you guys do?’
Me: ‘Just normal sex. Nothing else.’
Felyn: ‘No blowjob?’

I shook my head and she had a sparkle in her eyes for a new idea. My waistband was lowered to my thighs and she laid herself over my lap in the small corner, taking my dick into her mouth without warning. Those small lips of hers pushed every possible button and my mind went blank immediately. The inexperienced girl had no problem executing the standard up down motion and even used the chance to practice her tongue. The cutesy swirls on my tip totally drove me out of control and I almost groaned to the sudden descend of her mouth.

She went on for at least five minutes before I picked her up, stopping the one-sided pleasure gift. She was after all, a princess in my eyes. Going between my legs, she stood and packed her skirt to the sides, lowering herself over my dick as I was still figuring out what she was doing.

Right before I could deflower her, I jerked back onto the backrest and let my dick slip between her butt cheeks.

Me: ‘We can’t have sex. I won’t do this to you.’
Felyn: ‘Then I will do this for myself.’

I couldn’t nudge her body away as she was pushing against the headrest in front, and her other hand had went under her pussy to bring my dick out. There was nothing I could do in that little struggle and my tip was in her before I knew it. She bounced awkwardly for a few times to get my stick deeper and we took about ten seconds before she fully sat over it.

Felyn: ‘We have to be quick, before anyone comes.’

I tilted my head at the camera and assumed we were out of sight. Holding her waist still, I flopped like a fish and sank my dick in and out of her, while listening to the soft moans that escaped. Soon, she was left bouncing atop me once we realised it was too cramped for a standing doggie. As the minutes passed, Felyn got tired and we were dangerously doing nothing while inside of her.

Looking at the window next to us that had a banner over it, it was a good cover for another position.

Me: ‘Over here. Kneel and bend over.’

Get into doggie‘ would be too crude for a sweet girl like her, and she did not mind that angle too. We kept one knee on the seat and the other standing on the floor, it wasn’t too bad a stance for a public ‘ride’. I started to pound her rear shortly after and things got crazier. I was pumping her so hard for a tiny body and she was barely managing it. I went on for at least five minutes before the bus stopped for a boarding passenger (we could see him from the one way window), and returned to our seats still panting and horny.

Felyn: ‘Why did he have to come up. There are so many seats below.’
Me: ‘You won’t know.’

Side-by-side, there was only that few ways to finish our job. She kept one feet on the seat and let me continue masturbating her, while she jerked that slimy rod of mine. With the thrill of being heard, her next orgasm came quick and she was slouching lower as I kept thrusting my fingers into her contraction.

Felyn: ‘Stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore. Let me finish you?’

She squatted in that little floor space and I turned to face the window, keeping my legs opened for her. The man turned and saw that she had disappeared, but did not have any reasons to move towards us. By then, Felyn was working on my dick again, sucking much faster and deeper. We remained in that position for close to ten minutes before I gave her a warning.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.’
Felyn: ‘Okay.’

Her mouth went over it again and forced herself to deep throat me. That five strokes were all I could take before my volcano erupted the white lava into her mouth, where her tongue took over the job to tease my pee hole. I kept shooting as she continued sucking, till my mind gave up and body exhausted to pump anymore cum.

With her mouth filled with cum, we returned to our original position and sat calming, acting stupid about what just happened. She slapped my face between her hands and turned me to her, forcing me to watch her opened mouth swallow. The load slid down like a refuse chute and the only bit of cum stuck on her tongue was gone after she closed her mouth.

Felyn: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘A lot. Your first time?’
Felyn: ‘Yupp. Everything I did today was my first. Except when you put your fingers inside.’

Now, what have I got myself into? She wouldn’t use this to threaten me to leave my girl and be with her right? Cause she could keep me with her for the rest of my life if she wanted. We adjusted our clothes back and she wore her panties back, using my hand to massage her pussy for the rest of the journey.

Surprisingly, I was rushed to alight at the same stop we boarded the previous bus and she let me walk her home. Hitting on the fifth floor in the lift, I only remembered she lived on the third floor after getting out. Bringing me to the stairs, she made me sit down and proceed to remove her panties once again.

Felyn: ‘Since we are only together for a day, can we do it again?’
Me: ‘I.. ‘

She went down on her knees and tugged my shorts down. Being a gentleman, I did not reject the girl and her mouth went to suck me hard again. After it returned to the fuckable size, she climbed over my body and sat down on it, face to face. Engaging my mouth in a salivary war, she humped onto me vigorously and none of us could moan in that situation. I was getting hornier from her daring initiation and her pussy was much tighter than before.

I only let her rode for a few minutes before I carried her like a baby, giving her time to stand on her feet before pulling out.

Me: ‘Open your legs for me?’

Was it a little too offending? She bent her body over the railings of the stairwell and let me plunge my dick back in. It was still wet from the public bus ride and I got started in no time. Pumping away, she was climaxing faster and more frequently, commenting on my size that was growing inside her. As we fucked each other senseless, her knees weakened and we were in doggie. This time, I held her slender waist and jerked myself hard at her.

Since I was at a point of no return, might as well go all the way right? We spent the next five minutes in a frenzy doggie style until she collapsed to the side, letting me catch her before she hit the edges of the step.

Felyn: ‘I.. no more.. ‘

The look on her face was a mix of pleasure and agony. She had obviously pushed herself to the limits and her body could not take anymore of it. After all, it was her first time. She sat on the concrete ground right below the flight and I stood with my legs opened over her. She held my dick and aimed it downwards, covering the tip with her mouth.

Since she had no more energy, I took great care as I thrust my hips, using her mouth to end the game. Unhurriedly, she paid more attention to what was happening in her mouth and used whatever she had learnt to caress my rod. We went on gracefully for some time before my delay-timer was up.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.’
Felyn: ‘Mmm.. ‘

I stopped moving and let her move her mouth, till the second load was emptied into her without the forceful gush. She could only suck harder to help me clear my balls and I let her catch her breath after I was done. How my previous load went down repeated itself again, and she licked her lips this time to show how yummy it was.

Felyn: ‘I’m so tired now.’
Me: ‘Me too. You made me really crazy.’

I helped her wear her panties back on and my clothes were straightened. She used the stairs to get back home and I made my way home as well, walking in the rain that started falling midway. We had each other’s number and it did not take long for her to contact me.

Felyn (WhatsApp): ‘Have sex with your girlfriend and find me for the foreplay. I won’t mind at all.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Shhh.. secret.’

An image came for her reply and it was a picture taken in her bathroom, standing in front of a mirror with her clothes off. No faces, but it was a good piece of memory to keep.

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