What Money Can Do

Pete (IRC): ‘Three hundred dollars?’

That offer was almost irresistible for Alice to turn down. The attached girl had recalled her boyfriend hinting at a threesome for the longest time and doing it with monetary rewards seemed even better. Never had she thought she would actually consider the stranger’s request but it was killing two birds with one stone, satisfying her boyfriend’s fetish and earning some quick money.

Alice (IRC): ‘Okay. I’ll let you know again. Here’s my number 9835****.’

She went to discuss the details with her boyfriend, Zhong, and he agreed immediately. He was getting excited with her openness and he could finally see how badly other guys wanted her. They made their way to the hotel room where the 30 year old man was waiting and was pleasantly surprised to see a well-groomed man in the white shirt and work pants.

Pete: ‘You must be Zhong, I’m Pete. Thanks for taking up the offer.’
Zhong: ‘No worries. It has been my fetish for a threesome too.’
Pete: ‘A threesome? She didn’t tell me.. Can I top up another two hundred to have a one-to-one with her? But you can stay in the room.’

With the promise of more money, why not? He nodded before Alice could say anything and flicked his fingers, asking her to go with him. Zhong took his seat at the wide space on a chair right below the foot of the bed, and took his phone out to play.

Alice on the other hand, stood in front of Pete who was stripping her. The sporty outfit consisting of a jacket and a pair of matching grey shorts was all she wore, leaving only her lingerie below it. Pete did not waste anymore time and unzipped her top, removing all but her panties on. The underage looking girl had just turned 19, but the kiddy figure was what attracted him to get her no matter the price.

He had her sit on the bed and proceed to undo his pants, letting her catch a glimpse of what was about to fuck her. That piece of meat between his legs was almost twice in size from her boyfriend, and Zhong got more excited when he saw how huge it was.

Pete: ‘Can you suck me?’

She held his dick in her hand and nodded shyly, parting that youthful looking lips to cup over the tip. He was smelling so clean unlike Zhong who always made her suck his salty smelling dick and she got to work immediately. As he unbuttoned his shirt, her mouth stroked along his shaft, fitting that cock that was about her mouth’s limit. Everything was happening at a comfortable space and she was getting turned on by the thoughts of having him inside.

As soon as he got naked, he carried her easily in his strong arms and placed her gently down on the bed. Getting between her legs, he lifted them by her calves and asked her to guide it in. Alice did a good job of hiding her eagerness and only displayed a bit of fear as she brought his tip to her pussy, where her panties laid to a side.

Pete: ‘You’re quite tight huh? Let me know if it hurts.’

He slowly thrust the tip until her entrance stretched to a less constricted size and he let the rest of his dick split her vagina. Although it had hurt a little, the contact between his rough rod along her smooth, soft pussy was stimulating and she was letting the pleasure fill her at its own pace. Pete understood the delicacy of the girl and rested inside her for some time, just to let her get accustomed to his dick.

Pete: ‘Ready?’
Alice: ‘Yeah. Start slow k?’

As soon as the first stroke began, her moans came out loud unlike how she did with her boyfriend. It was so mind blowing from the start and no matter how wide she opened her legs, it was useless against the thick meat. The man groaned uncontrollably to the small cunt and the overwhelming suction inside was forcing him to go faster.

Pete: ‘I am going faster k?’

She gave another cute face and a nod, resulting in an increase in speed her body had been waiting for. The lean masculine body pounding her was such a sight to look at, and the small body he was pounding made it so wrong to enjoy such a small girl. Zhong watched quietly in shame as he saw how his girl was enjoying the stranger’s dick more than his.

Pete had laid over Alice’s body and kissed on her neck as his hips moved, giving him a small chance to enhance the deal.

Pete (whispering): ‘Will you consider being my fling? I can offer you money and you can have it all to yourself. Don’t reply me, think about it first.’

After a few minutes of raging missionary, he gradually brought his pace to a stop and requested her to turn over. The exhausted girl took some time to get on her knees and her tiny butt stuck out at him, feet closed together so he could rip her pussy again.

He carefully stuck the tip in and gave her a forceful pump, shocking her legs apart as wide as his knees were. There was no more room for her to open any further, and she was going to get a taste of sweet, sex in this doggie style. The thick shaft once again ripped her vagina opened and he rammed his strong waist at her, clutching her waist that felt so ever soft and jelly-like. She had the perfect muscle-to-fat ratio that made her so tempting to feel.

The next five minutes was the wildest time she had feeling every part of her pussy getting raped by Pete, poking at her sensitive spots senseless and causing orgasms to fire randomly. His strong hands had kept her butt at his height and her rising and collapsing body did not slow him down a bit. Droplets of sweat landed on her back as he rammed her at incredible speed, so fast that he was thrown off his momentum at times.

Pete: ‘How many times did you cum?’
Alice (panting): ‘Seven?’
Pete: ‘Good. It’s my turn now.’
Alice (panting): ‘Wait. Where are you cumming?’
Pete: ‘Don’t worry. Not inside you.’

He gave her a few more deep thrusts and left her pussy. Lying against the headboard, he opened his legs and let her decide how she wanted to finish him off.

Alice (panting): ‘What do you prefer?’
Pete: ‘Hmm.. How did you end it with him?’

She turned to look at her smiling boyfriend and returned her attention to Pete. Still on her hands, she went down on him and took his dick into her mouth easier this time. Bouncing her head up and down, the man closed his eyes and gave the most heavenly look. He felt like a king in this little girl’s hand and her mouth was executing it even better. Her tongue was parked lightly under his shaft and her lips pressed around his girth so ever gently.

Pete: ‘How I wish you can do this forever. I’m cumming.’

A Mmm sound came from her busy mouth and he let his body loose. The milky sweet load splashed around her mouth and it went on for close to half a minute. After the last squirt came, she did a hard suck and pulled her mouth away, showing the mouthful of cum before swallowing it.

Alice: ‘This is how I ended each time with him.’

In his mind, he was jealous of Zhong who got to enjoy her anytime he wanted, but perhaps not for long now. He took out the agreed amount and handed it to Alice, whose hands were clean. The last request to help her dress up was fulfilled and another two blue notes went into her bra.

Pete: ‘Can I keep your panties?’
Zhong: ‘Of course you can. Give it to him Alice.’

She stripped the panties off sexily and placed it on the bed, as Pete shook the hand of Zhong and thanked him for giving him this chance. The couple left shortly after and a message came into Pete’s phone.

Alice (Whatsapp): ‘I won’t leave him. But I can be your fling.’
Pete (Whatsapp): ‘Deal.’

A knock came through his door and another girl looking as small as Alice entered with a cute smile, dropping her dress as soon as the door was closed. This is what money can do, and whether or not every girl has a price depends on how much is offered. Don’t you guys think so?

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