A Silent Boom

(She asked) ‘So?’

(I answered) ‘So?’

I couldn’t help but break a smiling-sigh as she revealed a smirk, at the one-off chance that we found ourselves in the staff-only, single-cubicle washroom, of our modest workplace.

My attraction towards her, though respectful and distant, had an element of ‘lust’ that I never expected to see any light, let alone her ‘approval’.

Given how ‘far’ we had always kept our close relationship, I was extremely careful about this – opportunity. ‘Does she really want this?’, ‘What if she regrets later?’, those were some of my doubts that I knew could wreck our future interactions.

From where I stood, behind her, I could see her entire face, and there was nothing but gratitude, and perhaps a hint of consent.

Warily, I placed my hands on her boney hips that no men could ever resist, and saw no signs of discomfort in her eyes. From there, I gently peeled her leggings off her waist and unraveled her bum, thighs, down to her knees where she continued to wriggle them off.

I then pushed the zipper-part of my jeans on her ass, before undoing my pants to let her know ‘where’ was I, and that she was welcomed to stop me at any point.

Once my undies were off, she stuck a hand between her legs and brought my cock under her pussy, showing off her freshly-shaven, icy cold slit that only one other person had accessed.

Unwanting to rush anything, I simply moved my hips back and forth, dragging my shaft along her pussy as I wrapped my arms around her waist to reach her clit.

Once I found her sweet spot, I rubbed it very lightly until she was moaning and getting increasingly wet, for the lucky me.

(I asked) ‘So?’

I took another look into the mirror and noticed her blissful, serene expression, obviously enjoying my little ‘dance’.

After a few minutes, I was sufficiently ‘juiced’ to attempt my first entry. Retracting my hips further than usual, I angled my waist slightly upward before poking my cock into her vagina.

Without much effort, and an unexpected yelp, I was overcome with warmth, wetness, and an endearing grip of lust. For the few seconds we didn’t move, she was just throbbing around me like I was, inside of her.


‘Mmm.. ‘

My body then took control and began moving back and forth, pushing my thick member in and out of her hairless glory. There was no dirty talk, or profanities, just deep, heavy sighs and hisses at each time I hit the deepest spot.

As her body relaxed to my rhythmic thrusts, she began to lie lower across the sink, arms barely holding her high enough to see my shamless, grinning face.

In time, I went all out at her brittle frame and unlocked her hoarse-sounding moans, along with heavily-accented ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’.

The prowess of her tightness, was not one to be meddled with as her pelvic bones were very prominent, on her delicate insides. I had to admit, there were some discomfort, but they were few and far between the forceful pounding I was lashing out.

About ten long minutes later, she began trembling as her vaginal wall shut around me, sealing me within the tiny space I could still ‘pull’ myself out of.

(I cried) ‘MILLY!’

Unsure if it was even my ‘moment’, I yanked my cock out of her for safety and stumbled backwards, just in time to watch a stream of thick, transparent fluid dribble out of her pussy and across her thighs.

Weak as she was, I helped her to the toilet where she caught her breath, and also my dick in a firm grip. From down below, she looked up at me and ‘reignited’ my engine, jerking me off to an unintrusive eruption over her skinny hand.

Only at the clean-up part, did we resume our mutually-destructive scorns and jokes about how ‘we’ performed earlier. And not a word more was said once we left the premise.

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