I could not have faulted her, for not knowing what emotions a ‘slap’, or a ‘smack’, might she bring about in a guy, whose jokes she has been laughing at for as long as they existed together. And there was no lack of ‘wit’ in me, to keep her beaming at the silly comments I made out of her rampant goofiness.

Her squinty-eyed smile, her carelessly-infectious laughter, has never failed to lighten my heart as well, having all worn down by the daily demands of my industry. Like a well-pampered baby, she showed no signs of tiredness, no matter how long the day was, and I would like to think that I am contributing to her endless source of strength.

It wasn’t long after, that we found ourselves out and about, in the dead of the night, to look for tiny little corner shops for comfort food that warmed our hearts. Over the few evenings we satiated our peckish mood, I couldn’t help myself from making little mental notes about what she likes.

I know, it must be so weird, to overthink things this far, but I was frankly enjoying myself, as I took great care of this little one. Crafty, I would say she was, but she also possessed this ‘charm’ derived from a mix of beauty, cluelessness, and curiosity – that could get her into sticky situations if unaddressed.

Seeing her munch with her mouth agape, sit with her legs apart, she seemed like the kind of girl who packed a punch – for those unfamiliar with her. And yet, there I was, gleaming at her, as she spewed another string of words to lamented how I was always ‘critical’ of her.

As time passed, as we became closer, I began to throw seemingly-random questions at her, pertaining to her body, habits, and even her closed-door activities. A part of me was thrilled to know, that aside from answering most personal queries I had for her, she has also learned how to ask the more-disturbing questions.

Before I knew it, she had sent the first ever selfie I have secretly been wishing for, dressed in the distasteful army (admin) tee that I had given her instead of binning it. As if one (photo) wouldn’t do the job, her second picture only made my heart race a little quicker, even if it was just a normal-as-hell, changing-room selfie.

As unrelated as this may sound, I am proud to declare that my top-two favourite pictures on my phone were no longer any of those mindless photos I snapped for the Gram. For a deep-thinking kind of man, I knew exactly how far we should be apart, instead of trying something funny only for it to ruin what we had.

In any case, I was more than happy to keep things as they were, basking in her loud and obnoxious chuckle that always brightens my day. For a few more weeks after that, I kept our relationship at that dangerously-close distance until that night when we went for a late-night treat of dim sum at a 24-hour outlet.

It was, on that special evening, under the cool and breezy weather that we decided to stop at a pavilion, some distance away from the then-closed train station, to let our food-coma pass. Having had our fill, and spoken our minds, we just simply sat there next to each other, with my mind too drained to make any(more) sarcastic remarks.

Sitting by my side with her eyes peacefully shut, I couldn’t resist staring at her sharp, well-defined face that looked even more perfect under the moonlight. I was lost in my own world when I noticed her open palm that was resting on her kneecap, in a very, very tempting upward-facing position.

And so, what would a tipsy idiot do at that instance? I held my breath as I playfully dragged my fingertips over her wrist, across her palm, and slipped them through her boney joints. The following soft, firm grip she gave, then sent my mind in all directions as the thought of ‘it’s all over you little shithead’ shot through my mind. Nothing, could prepare me for the moment she passed ‘me’ to her other hand, and tucking a free arm under mine to rest her head on my shoulder.

Without a word, I let her ‘keep’ my hand until she started playing with them, replicating some motions that coincided with very sleazy undertones. In no time, I was hardened into an upright state, pants barely able to contain the wrath unless I made some small, discrete movements. Just as I did that, she looked up at me with a disapproving smile, and a shake of her head before putting it back down (on my shoulder).

Less than five seconds later, she tossed my arm over her head and onto her back, where I instinctively brushed along her spine to instill some kind of tingle. I just kept stroking her back until she abruptly sat uptight, pulled the back of her shirt out, and shoved that very hand of mine, underneath. Naughtily, I slid my hand up her bareback and located her bra, which after several ‘pinches’, came undone.

Once that was freed, she wriggled herself closer, for me to wrap my hand around to her front. On my first contact, a gasp escaped my mouth as I ‘met’ her cutesy little soup dumpling. After some fondling, her ensuing restlessness then spurred me to take my arm out, for my next move.

‘what are you doing?’, she asked sleepily, while I butt-shifted myself directly in front of her legs. Like a hungry diner, I loosened her jeans button before pulling the hems of her jeans down, where she ‘unwillingly-assisted’ me by raising her shapely hips above the wooden bench. ‘here?’, I left another of her question unanswered as I peeled the final few inches of denim away her groin, for the glorious sight of a smooth, moist pussy.

As soon as I pried her inner-thighs open, I dove right in, planting my tongue in the middle and tilted my face towards her clit. Her immediate reaction, was definitely as amusing as it was hot when she realised how important it was to keep a ‘look-out’, while being burdened by the excited flutter of my tongue.

For a guy without much practice, I pulled the only trick I knew, and attempted to ‘spell’ the alphabets with my tongue, except that I had to keep restarting because of how ‘alluring’ her moans were. With her on watch, I focused on that one task until she could no longer keep her head up, thus risking our reckless tryst-in-the-park.

‘condom?’, she shyly asked, as if any decent man would be caught without one. I immediately whipped one out and used the chance to teach her how to put it on, almost dashing my fantasy when she accidentally launched it into the air. With it in place, it was her turn to play – in the same cowgirl position her ex-boyfriend loved.

There was nothing left to wonder as she worked her hips skilfully in my lap, bouncing, grinding, and hopping as ecstatically as she could to get the most out of my ultra-sensitive body. As if riding for her life, the sprightly girl swiftly put my limbs out of commission, doing the same to my mind except it was my consciousness that I could no longer get a grasp on.

Once she pushed my body too far beyond comfort, I had to stop her in order to retain some sanity. We then moved to a darker, better-hidden corner of the pavilion for a unbiased stance – the standing doggy.

After we were safely stashed in the new spot, I guided my cock into her from the back and returned her the ‘favour’, holding nothing back as I smashed, thrust, and filled her up with a cock a decade older than her. In the heat of the moment, I started wincing from her prominent pelvic bone, that initially fueled my perpetual sex-drive. It soon became my Achilles heel as the pressure around my dick skyrocketed, squeezing me so hard that it hurt. Nonetheless, I took it as a signal of an orgasm that I wasn’t sure could happened.

Within a split second, my mind went blank as my body turned lifeless, for a huge explosion that erupted into the rubber. Our weakened knees then gave way and we simultaneously fall back onto the seat, with her back crashing into my chest. It was at that point, the super-awake me recalled the one thing she missed during her last relationship, and that was the one and only thing I could do for her then.

It was once again quiet and tranquil as I tucked one of my hands between her thigh gap, letting my middle fingertip between her outer lips, and dragging it outward of her groin to discover her all-sensitive clit, under a tiny hood. Adding another finger into her ‘club’, I continued to rub her clit carefully as I explored between the other, outer-folds of her vagina, causing her to release more cock-raising moans. As for my final task to ‘deliver’, I simply mixed everything up, serving up a bigger portion of ‘rub’, than ‘swipe’ (along her vaginal folds).

And there we have it, a new achievement – an orgasm-in-the-park.

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