A Smile that Lit the World

This special entry is made possible by Eden, whom had described a night with Ena in such details. Brought to you by J in his overly action-packed style, guilty of little-to-no depiction of emotions or whatsoever. Enjoy!

The bubbly, shy blogger could not contain her curiosity any longer, being driven into the town area at noon where she had taken a day off. Breathing deeply, she asked Eden, ‘where are we going?’ He lightly plastered a finger on his lips as he focused on driving, turning into the lobby of a hotel right by the Singapore River.

Ena could not be excited knowing how expensive this place was, not even getting to the part where she felt the most unworthy of being treated like a princess for doing possibly the least amount of work. ‘Are you serious? This place is not cheap you know? And I am so poorly dressed’, she tried to remind him that anywhere else would be alright as he knew how to treat her well.

Eden did not say a word when he alighted, handing the car keys wrapped with a ten dollar note to a waiting valet boy. He left a gap under his arm for Ena to slip hers into and she did so quickly, a little worried about getting seen by anyone.

They walked to the front desk where he told them their name, and an access card was slid to him across the marbled counter. Ena had been looking around the whole time, trying to take in the whole extravaganza. Now breathing even heavier, the music in the elevator steered her mind towards the erotic thoughts of being in total privacy of the hotel room, no matter how basic the class of the room was.

Once they brightened up the room with the card key, Ena suddenly felt her knees went weak, caused by the spaciousness of the room. Her next question, ‘which room is this?’, went unanswered while he peeled her small clutch off her shoulders. Just as she was standing in the corridor dumbfounded, his arms went around her waist and shifted up her voluptuous D cups, kneading them at a gentleness she liked it to be.

In the room, she felt less shy and began releasing the soft, erotic moans, reaching behind her back for his bulge that was pushing against the zips of his pants. He was rock hard and ready for her, like how wet she was for him.

They waded towards the bed and fell face down on the luxurious queen-sized mattress, sinking comfortably in a few inches. As soon as she got on her knees to make way into the centre of the bed, he had slipped the straps of her maxi dress to her shoulders. In little time, she was in her black undies with laces lining the edges.

Eden undid his pants to the floor and jumped into the bed next to her, hands back to her bra cups instantly. Little did he know, that her boobs were more arousing that her pussy, and toying with them simply made her reach for her panties to start work immediately.

After spending a bit of time on her chest, he let his fingertips trail down her chest and tummy, into the panties that was all warm and wet. The moment he attacked her erected clit, she slammed her hand onto his underwear where the pain quickly went away with some petting. Her hand disappeared into his briefs too and was jerking him in an erratic motion as he used his middle finger along her slit, teasing her to craziness by going near to her vagina but never into it.

Sure enough, it didn’t take much effort to send Ena into a frenzy, flipping onto her fours over Eden. She peeled those pesky underwear down and lowered her mouth to his rod, where it was throbbing with life in her palm. ‘Ena?’, that being the only word he could say, did not last once her mouth went over his cock, devouring it in one mouth.

Each lap upwards sent him into a little shock that vibrated across her body, turning Ena on even more with his cuteness. She had learnt that, the reason he loved teasing, was cause he would not hold up being teased. Inflicting the pleasure he was weakest to made sense, at the expense of turning her crazy.

With that all figured out, his dick dived deep into her throat without mercy. And that few seconds she had her head down would get him groaning like a girl, totally out of control by just a pair of lips over his rod. Each stroke turned longer when she lifted her lips to his dickhead and went back down deep. Eden had long lost his mind since she pounced on him. Surprisingly, the motivation came from the unexpected treat to a hotel room this posh, one that she knew she had little chance of getting into.

A strong push from Eden turned her onto her back, and her bra and panties came loose with his experienced hands. He disappeared over the edge of the bed and dived into her pussy, licking it thirstily while his hands rolled the pair of tiny nipples, assisted by her strong palms that guided him around.

Her body quickly went into a desperate mode unable to cum, and his tongue simply made it too overbearing for her sensitive clit. Her mind, along with her body, was about to break out into something she had held back from everyone she knew – even Mister.

‘Come!’, she grabbed his wrists and yanked him over her body, falling onto the pair of fleshy cushions he had been playing with. His cock had came dangerously close to her but there was something else they needed to do. Shower? Or condoms? One belonged to Eden, and the other was Ena’s.

Eden fished a pack of condom out of his bag and handed it to Ena, while he took his shirt off. She cheekily rolled it over his cock that wasn’t exactly big nor thick, but nonetheless, it was cute in her eyes. It was that very stick she would lost control to, and at the same time, control him with. Which of the above would he prefer? Ena just couldn’t command any less erotic thoughts in that situation.

They moved to the centre of the bed and her legs went up immediately. His elbows bent her knees to the sides as he leaned his hips at her labia, ready to tear through those checkpoints for immigration. A little help from Ena later, he sank his meat stick into her, that garnered a strange thought from her – to take good care of it.

Ena gave a little squeeze and he began pumping, ramming his cock at her G-spot he accidentally located. Despite not having a ‘large’, he was making her moan in a manner and volume she could never at her own bedroom. That energetic series of thrusts blanked her mind easily, and the hands that landed on her boobs did not ring a bell until he squashed them hard.

Instead of feeling an ache, the pain guided the pleasure from below right up her head, lighting her sanity bulb till it blew her mind. From then, it was pure sex happening in that bedroom. Cold droplets of sweat dripping on her, juices leaking out of control over his shaft that allowed a speed bump. They had become the little bunnies that discovered a new position for mating.

While the intensity took its toll on the pair of sexed-up adults, Eden was barely holding in his load from her increasingly tight vortex. Not long later, he pulled out and fell onto the bed. Ena, still trippy from the incoming waves of pleasure from their earlier act, climbed over his hips and got him in without effort.

She placed his hands on her bouncing boobs and began rocking, eyes closed to shut out the embarrassment from being so wild. Her mind was all over the little Eden sliding across her weak spot, gathering all her sensitivity for yet another orgasm that trembled her body.

They kept at it till about two orgasms later, Eden gave Ena a little pat on her thighs to bring her back. Panting loudly, he told her what he needed to get off his dick, ‘Ena.. I can’t cum like this. It’s too overpowering’. Dismounting with a concerned look, she was ready to let him live out one of his fantasies, ‘how would Eden want to finish off?’

She bit her lips when she heard ‘blowjob?’, and the condom was off. She led him to the edge of the bed and kneeled politely between his legs, tucking her hair behind her ears for a feast.

A lick of her lips brought her mouth over him and she was on her small Slurpee, running her relaxed, soft tongue under his shaft as she bobbed her head faster. The varying suction had him holding onto her boobs so he could remain upright, distracting him from properly massaging her. Well, Ena wasn’t concerned about her own pleasure, since she had too much of it by then.

Instead, she shortened the distance on his shaft and went all out on the portion below his little head. Lots of saliva helped her to continue smoothly, and his hips thrust a little to take some effort off her.

After a full three minutes, his hand went behind her head and held her still, before a strong jet of cum sprayed over her tongue. Since she wasn’t able to move, she used her tongue to tickle his sensitive cock head until every drop was out. A final suck brought him down to the bed and Ena felt confident with his cum in her mouth.

Still untired, she laid next to him close enough to let him hear the ‘big gulp’, shocking Eden into giving her some attention. They took an hour to rest their exhausted body before they got dressed. Of course, Ena had not forgotten the pink Benwa balls he had given her some time back.

As for dinner, the food at the restaurant replenished their energy, while Ena was awkwardly trying to contain her raging hormones. Once they finished their dessert, they made their way back into the room, where they stripped quickly without any underwear on.

Eden helped with getting the toy out and it was wet with a thick coating of clear juices over it. The shower they took together was filled with moans as Ena had a second helping of dessert from his pipe, freshly washed and flavoured with strawberry lubricant.

As for her, Eden went into doggie style with renewed stamina after his initial load, ramming screams into the glass windows of their room. The rest of the night needed no description as they had fun around the superior room, testing the reliability of each furniture.

Ena, if you are reading this, Eden has a message for you.

Although I don’t know when was the last time you were treated like a princess, I certainly hope you felt like one with me. Well, I should say, ‘felt like a princess turning into an empress’. :p The dinner, the company, the fun.. Not knowing when we can meet again, I am sure the impressions you leave on me (and my dick), will last for a long time.

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t forget the scene when you make those cute voice with my fingers wriggling inside you. Till we meet again, let Pinky take care of you. Wear it when you think of me.

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