Robinson Crusoe

Hiding in my tent by the beach, the sound of rain had hid the frantic footsteps till my tent’s entrance was unzipped in a hurry.

Girl (shouting): ‘Sorry! Can we hide here for a while?’

Before I could respond, the two young Chinese girls entered to my half-dressed state, with my top naked. They had those dry-fit shirts and FBTs on, totally opaque to see what they were wearing underneath.

I was eating my dinner from a pan elevated by some rocks, surrounded by my opened, huge sleeping bag.

I had never expected teens their age to come to this lesser-known location, often untold to preserve the peaceful nature reserve. Well, I was there to relax and fish for a few days.

As they were drying their hair with the towels they had in their duffel bags, I quickly put on a shirt and tided my ‘room’.

Girl: ‘I’m Natasha. She’s Rebbecca.’

Rebecca: ‘You can call us Tasha and Becca.’

I replied with my name and shook hands in an unceremonious way, still slightly taken aback by this sudden intrusion. As the rain got heavier, temperature dropped to a level we Singaporeans were never prepared for. Not long after, they had my wooly pullover and sleeping bag around their bodies, shivering under the unhelpful cosies.

Becca (whispering): ‘Are you hungry?’

Tasha (whispering): ‘Duhh.. ‘

They were obviously eyeing my food and I had more than enough to fill my stomach. I grabbed two mess tins that I never planned to get dirty and filled it with rice I brought from mainland. They watched hungrily as the brown, butter sauce was poured over it, along with a thick slice of fish filet.

Without further ado, the two girls ate up and had more drinks, only to slow down once they were filled. Looking happily drunk, I took the mess tins from them and set them aside.

Me: ‘When are you girls going back?’

Becca: ‘Supposed to be an hour ago. But the boat didn’t come. Probably the weather?’

Great. On a secluded island off Indonesia, two girls, one tent. The next day would be the most likely time their boats would come. But not for me. I had no plans on returning till my mood was better.

Tasha: ‘What about you? When are you.. ‘

Me: ‘Shhh!’

I threw a worn shirt over the few light sticks used to lit the tent and we sat motionless. Shouts were heard and flares lit the translucent sheets of the tent to a fiery glow. Then, the shoutings came closer and the girls scurried to my sides, awaiting for explanation.

Both my hands were held in theirs until forty minutes later, when we didn’t hear any noises for the past ten minutes.

Tasha (whispering): ‘What happened?’

Me: ‘They could be hunters, or kids like you girls. This island is known for it’s peacefulness and.. ‘

Guy: ‘Oi! *incomprehensible shoutings*

The zip came undone and torches were flashed in our faces.

Guy: ‘J? Is that you?!’

Me: ‘Yeah. Me me.’

Guy: ‘Man. You really hide yourself well. Don’t come out for the rest of the night. Something is happening out here. Do you need anything? Water?’

Me: ‘As you can see, we have plentiful coming from above.’

Guy: ‘Remember what I say! Stay quiet like just now.’

He closed the entrance and shadows circled us a few times before leaving us in the dark again.

Me (whispering): ‘They are the local rangers. Don’t worry. I know that guy.’

The two shaking girls did not move anywhere and each took a mouthful of vodka from the bottle. There was no mistakes to be made about a bottle being handed around in the air.

We adjusted our positions and laid on the thick sleeping bag, jackets and towels pulled over our bodies by the frightened little girls. Having spent most of the day relaxing, the night was a different story for me. Adrenaline was rushing through my head to ensure my own safety, even if these two strangers weren’t around.

I was wide awake when snores started coming, deemed inaudible by the loud splattering of the rain. Just then, I felt a hand moving over my crotch, and turned to see Becca looking at me. Her eyes sparked with admiration, and her hand teased with passion.

In the darkness lit by the moonlight hitting my green tent, her hair ruffled along the groundsheet as our lips met, frolicking in the most unimaginable location, and situation. My hand dug into her tiny beach shorts and felt her stubby pussy, left untrimmed for as long she was here on the island.

After stripping our bottoms away, we carefully removed whatever ‘blanket’ we had over us and I laid on top of her, cutting short on the foreplay once we knew we were ready.

Me (whispering): ‘Condom?’

Becca (whispering): ‘What happens here stays here. Let’s skip that.’

She lifted her shirt to get it out of the way and guided my cock into her pussy. She was warm, wet and accommodating to my graceful entry, deep breaths taking over the moans if not for the dangerous grounds we were on.

Quite ironically, we began fucking in the most intense manner possible, hips slamming onto her groin, cock drilling into her body. It felt heavenly to be doing a warm body amidst the cold weather, calming our adrenaline/ lusting/ grateful rush with this simple act.

Although we could barely see, the involuntary contractions of her pussy on my dick told us more than enough. Her voice grew sexier as she whispered to me, about the ‘thing’ that was enlarging inside her. The wet, slurping sounds did not bother us a bit, as I pounded her as fast as I could.

We spent about ten minutes in the outdoor-indoor missionary position before she signalled a break for us. Her knees went onto the padded sleeping bag and her ass stuck out in the most slutty angle ever. I wasted no time and drove my cock back into her, slapping her ass loudly with my vigour.

The only thing that changed was her tightness, that pushed me to an overbearing state of mind as we fucked. Her friend Tasha, wasn’t even in our presence despite how close we were next to her.

Till then, I did not think about Becca getting her orgasms. I was nearing the edge myself and it was that passionate sex we were having that distracted me from the superficial proof of skills – orgasms.

Becca (whispering): ‘J?’

Me (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

Becca (whispering): ‘I’ll suck you off. You can unload in my mouth.’

I slowed down to a stop in that squeezing tight, addictive cunt of hers. And she patted on the empty spot next to Tasha for me to lie down on. Her mouth came over my dick shortly after and took her time, clearing with some training on her arms that never showed as much a tremble.

Her neck bobbed back and forth, using those agile tongue to pleasure me till I was ready to blow. Then, a hand from the side belonging to Tasha turned me towards her and we kissed.

As I squirted my manmade protein shake into Becca’s mouth, Tasha’s eyes were locked onto mine, gleaming with joy while my body let off a slight tremor. Becca’s mouth pulled away after the collection and she fell by my side, swallowing all of it without effort.

She turned her body towards me and hugged me while going to sleep, and another hand took over my retracting cock. Tasha kept fondling me for the next few hours, while my hand worked tirelessly in her black FBT shorts. We were both horny and overwhelmed by the time sunlight shone onto the waterproof canvas.

Tasha took Becca’s hand and flung it away, waking her up in a disgruntled look while I got worried. I wouldn’t want to be the reason for conflict between these two assumed-BFFs right?

Tasha rolled over my body and yanked my shorts down, while picked kneeled between my legs to strip her own shorts off. She climbed over my tummy and sat over my dick, with it all happening before her friend’s and my eyes.

The moment she started riding me, Becca jumped up and removed her shorts. Squatting over my face, my tongue began work at sunrise, licking the pussy I just fucked earlier while another was bombarding my mind with the juicy sounds.

The two girls had started a fight on each others’ boobs, squeezing and pinching while I was lying helplessly underneath. The pussy before me could only be tasted on and off while she fidgeted, but still managed to experience the increased flow of her pussy juice as Becca came.

*Mmm.. Mmm!*

I could only make those noises as I was about to cum. Not only did Tasha ignore that, she moved even faster, pulling Becca into her arms as they made out. The arms around the girls couldn’t be more sexy to watch. My body shook violently as my cum launched into the outer space, or inner space of her, pumping for as long as she kept grinding on me.

After I was spent and exhausted, or I should say, overwhelmed by the sensitive cock-head, I crawled out from under them and quickly moved to a side. The girls fell onto the ground and stuck their hands into their partners’ pants, fingering each other with a competing expression on their faces.

They only took a few minutes to cum together and the sisterly hug after that was heartwarming to watch. The two messy-haired, crumpled clothed, breathless girls regained their composure and changed into fresh sets of attire in front of me.

A bikini top and bottom for the skinny Becca who added a crotchet crop top and translucent shawl around her waist. A maxi-beach dress without any underwear for Tasha who had beautifully browned complexion. They gave me their Singapore-based contact numbers before leaving for the jetty, where multiple boats awaited the crowd of stranded visitors for departure.

Guy (shouting): ‘J!’

The armed man with two equally equipped teammates walked up to us and put his arms around me.

Guy: ‘So did you guys have fun in the tent?’

The two girls weren’t shy and teased them with details, while I was a little skeptical about his intentions.

Me: ‘So Raj.. what happened last night?’

Raj (whispering): ‘Resistance meet pirates. Pirates no likey resistance. Guess who did the dirty work forrest? And.. terrist a party on the other side of the island. Maybe you should visit. Lotsa girls – naked.’

Rebecca and Natasha left the island after saying goodbyes and I was back at my tent. No I did not visit the party on the other side. Those are for the locals (rangers perhaps?) to jump into.

After two more nights, I returned to civilisation and met up with the girls shortly after. For one, we will be back to that island, albeit on a more secure spot, with some equipments for sex apart from survival.

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