Poly Connections

Me (whispering): ‘Fiona, it’s done.’

The round faced cutie snoring lazily next to be opened her eyes in the most princess-like manner, and looked confused at my gleeful smile. Despite her asking me to help her with her final year project, she actually dozed off as I got started.

I fired up her application and briefly showed her the inner workings, before she took over the mouse to test a few critical features. The smile that came brightened my day, knowing that the most important phase of our poly life was completed.

Fiona was the ‘bimbo’ in our class, that we, the few borderline performing students took care of while the more studious guys raced to the top. Given her looks and wealth, it was no surprise that she was at the mercy of temptation from the smarter groups whom had helped her out albeit with hidden agendas.

Nonetheless, she joined our clique after a few girls warned her about the dangers, living her life out as the entertainment producer and snacks supplier. The few of us stuck together through some of the worst time and in return, we gave her a modified, but working copy of our work whenever we were done.

Now that the submission dates were closing, the top performing students began their holiday while the others struggled. About how I ended up at her place, it was one of the times she needed help again, for her final year project that was unique to every student. Alas, I had done my job of helping this sweet girl out of her misery that cost her many sleepless nights.

She rolled the table away once the codes were saved, and gave me space to lie on. The past three hours had been the most intense, apart from my own project that took more time. Still, I doubt she understood if I told her that her project was easier than mine.

Fiona: ‘Tired?’
Me: ‘A little.’
Fiona: ‘I have asked my maid to cook dinner for you. So you’re staying no matter what.’

Her parents had left her this house to stay in as it was closer to school, while they stayed in another that acted more like a hotel for their busy schedules. Long story short, it was just her and I having dinner in the big empty house.

Fully clothed in shirt and jeans, I shut my eyes for a moment to get those pain out of my eyes that have been staring at her Mac screen for the past few hours. She had already changed into a light blue nightie before her nap, leaving me to be the only one tired.

For someone like me, I had never dreamed of bedding her. Yes she has the figure, has the looks, does not have the maturity, probably inexperienced in the eyes of wolves too. But it was her status that I felt superiorly inferior to. Her family, her wealth, her need to study, man. I could only wish to be like her.

In the queen sized luxurious bed, the comfort of it had long drawn me deep into the mattress. It was a hotel bed at home – for me. The outspoken gorgeous girl tucked me under her blanket and snuggled closer to me, whispering words of thanks into my ears.

Given how (physically) close we were, we could have fucked right there and then. But she did not move anywhere else, till I was sleeping. A hand had brushed over my groin, waking me up to a drowsy but awake state of mind. The loosening of my belt relieved the tightness around my waist, and the buttons of my jeans popping free got the best of my curiosity.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey. Don’t. Just sleep?’
Fiona: ‘You sleep. I have some confessions to do.’

She wriggled her hand into my underwear with a grin I couldn’t ignore, wrapping her fingers carefully around my growing manhood. As my cock rose, my undies and jeans were lowered to my thighs, where I could kick them away without assistance.

She then brought my procrastinating clenched fist to her chest, opening them up to cup over her wondrous blossoms. How could I resist squeezing them? As I kneaded the fleshy full lumps gently, her sensual moans escaped into my ears. My massaging hand glided along her satin nightie and went under it, feeling all of her smooth skin under my palm.

First, it was her boobs I fondled and teased. Next, it was her pussy. The tiny silk panties did not stay long on her once I lowered them, freeing her groin for something more useful – my fingers.

Her legs parted upon touching her clit, and moving my fingers in circles kept her moaning and gasping. This mutual masturbation part was soon driving us crazy, and she was jerking me in an awkward grip.

Me (whispering): ‘Have you done a handjob before?’
Fiona (whispering): ‘No. You’re my first.’
Me (whispering): ‘What about your ex? Anyone touched you like this before?’

She hugged my arm closer and whispered, ‘no. You’re still the first’. She stopped stroking and pulled the blanket away, before bringing her head to my waist. Her mouth went over my dick immediately and her tongue came forth for the recee. The graceful swirls, the inquisitive licks, the painless nibbling, I was going out of my mind with her tease.

As my body began trembling from sensitivity, her lips glided down my hard shaft and relieved it of her torture. It was so soothing and she got the message quickly. Her lips went up and down a few more times, before I stopped her. Not being used to receiving blowjobs, she returned to my side and it was my turn to go down on her.

Kneeling between her legs, I raised her knees and went down on her clit. A loud moan came as I began with letter A, feeling the beauty of cunnilingus by a soft, slippery wet organ. The neutral taste of slimy cum lubricated my lips and her opened legs provided ample space to breath and lick. There was no stopping once she felt how good it was, and the orgasms that came totally got her addicted to it.

We managed to get to Z with three orgasms from the innocent girl’s body, before she had to push me away for the same reason – oversensitivity. We laid in each other’s arms while our hands continued massaging, and it was a moment we knew could last forever.

Fiona: ‘J, I want to make you cum can?’

Faced with a first timer, it was important to me that she felt confident about handling guys. I got her to sit between my legs, and put a few pillows under my hips. Like a dining table, she was holding onto my rod at an angle she could suck at, or just jerk me off.

Then, her mouth went over my cock again, and used her other hand to caress my balls. Between the blow and handjobs, my eyes were on her. The mesmerising sight of a rich, young girl, sucking off a guy who was clearly not as lucky as her. The domination-like feeling really got to my balls as I began feeling bad for her.

Before long, she stopped fondling my testicles and went between her legs, masturbating herself while I was groaning in ecstacy. Damn, this firing squad would summarise the end of our little escapade.

Me (panting): ‘Fion, I’m about to cum!’

Her head moved faster up and down, bumping her lips in particular over the long shaft under the hood. Just as I was about to cum, she parked her lips at the tip and circled her tongue around the most sensitive area ever.

A few seconds of that and my hips buckled hard, shaking violently as her cheeks collapsed with a tight suck. Her lips unconsciously kept sliding over the little hood as she struggled with the incoming load, forcing a few more shots out of my deflated balls.

As soon as I was done, I signalled for her to give way to me and she grabbed an empty cup nearby. The huge load of thick, viscous, white cum blobbed into it, and the curious lady just played with it.

Me: ‘Go wash your mouth!’
Fiona: ‘Why? It tasted okay!’
Me: ‘Really? Don’t tell me you are going to..’

She placed the edge of the cup at her lips and took a deep breath, before emptying the content into her throat. The lips-biting expression melted my heart and she jumped into my arms after I opened them. I let her complete the task of submitting her project online.

Sitting behind her with my fingers wriggling in her pussy, playful Fiona was at my mercy as orgasms hit her hard. We were back to ravishing each other once her project was online, flooding her huge room with erotic moans of sexuality.

Fiona (whispering): ‘Shall we use a condom and go all the way this time? You’re tempting me to have sex with you.’

The hornified us didn’t wait for another day to use it, fucking our minds out on her defloration day. Dinner proved to be the hardest part of the day having to hold ourselves back from any playful teasing.

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