Pharking Groupie

I kept a few feet from Kathy walking in front of me, on one of the long stretches of roads along Pierce Reservoir. Around her neck was a dog collar, with a nylon rope attached and dragging along the asphalt road so no one would see the ‘connection’. As instructed, she wore a wrap dress and brought nothing else, not even her cellphone.

We walked into the carpark before the gates leading to the reservoir, and saw a few cars parked, some with lights on. Heading straight for a white van, I knocked on the door and Tim, one of SBF users, opened and looked out at Kathy.

Tim: ‘Her?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Tim shut the door and spoke into the walkie talkie, inaudible from the outside. A moment later, the driver’s seat window wound down and he stuck a thumbs up sign.

Me: ‘Let’s go.’

A tug at the collar nudged her towards the gates and we continued walking. Behind us, Tim and another guy (from another vehicle), took out some orange cones and a sign ‘Closed – No Entry’, hanging it on the swing gates.

They followed us in and Kathy was dropped off at the only pavilion on the fishing grounds. Lit by the street lamps, we could make out a few shadows by the waters, but we had no idea if they were there for night-fishing, or the little activity a few of us had planned.

Once Kathy was seated with Tim and his friend, a cat call was heard and a red light stick waved in the air. Kathy and I was surprised at the number of participants, and even more so when one of them took out metal chains from a rugsack.

There was no gentleness when it comes to pleasure. Kathy was stripped of her dress, leaving her naked. Chains locked her neck, wrists and ankles together, forcing her to lie on her back like an overturned tortise. As part of the act, two of the men grappled me onto a bench and loosely threw a few chains over my wrists, which I pretended to be painful and restrictive.

Me (whispering): ‘Kathy! I only asked for two guys.. I didn’t know.. ‘
Guy: ‘Shut up! Or she will be cut across her face.’

A butterfly knife flashed before her eyes and it was all whispering among the guys. Laying the ground with her dress, they bent her over into doggie and one of them immediately went for her pussy, thrusting so hard Kathy could only scream to alleviate the pain. They surrounded her quickly and her hands and mouth were put to use, causing her body to be stumbling around for balance.

As soon as her vision was blocked, Cindii, a nick I only knew her by, came over to my side. She was Timmy’s daughter, whom he said was caught browsing that adult forum and even having an account on it. Between Tim and I, we had met up a few times to discuss the plan following up to that night.

Never, never, did I expect to see his daughter, a brown skinned Malay Chinese mix to join the fun. My shorts were lowered as she unzipped the bralet she wore, shoving my hands onto her breasts while she went down on me.

Behind the pleasurable blowjob, was Kathy who was gagging and choking. Every time her mouth was free between swapping dicks, moans unlike her reluctance would come out.

Me: ‘Tim!’

He turned to me and saw my side nod, making a clear line of sight from Kathy to me. Trying to hold my grin in, I groaned in an agonising tone.

Me: ‘Kathy! Just give them what they want and it will be over soon.’

A loud slap on her butt cheeks interrupted our conversation, and another guy blocked her vision from me. The mouth sucking me was doing a heavenly job. I could feel her saliva and tongue working in perfection, drawing long strokes up and deep stokes down.

Even Kathy who was ‘gang-raped’, had became docile in listening to their commands, often lined with vulgarities. ‘Go deeper!’ and a pair of hand shoved her mouth down a dick she gagged on. The powerful pumping motion behind her rammed so hard her legs gave way to a split.

Luckily for her dress, her elbows and knees remained unharmed throughout the violent action. The men went in a round robin to get a taste of her pussy, at the same time giving her a fair share of the five cocks. Then, a guy wriggled underneath her boobs and took her pussy. While another man kneeled at her rear, easing himself into her ass she least expected them to go for.

Me: ‘Cindii, lift your skirt up and ride me.’

Her denim miniskirt went to her waist and she squatted over my dick, sinking her body down over my shaft. Once in, I picked her up and went behind the benches, bouncing her up and down in a hug. The 19 year old moaned like never before and the men turned more horny.

The two dicks destroying Kathy’s anus and cunt had knocked her into near-unconsciousness, eyes barely open to see where her only saviour was. Her mouth never had a moment without a dick, just like her pussy.

Just as I let Cindii onto the ground for some doggie lovin’, one of the guys came over to my side and rinsed his cock over the foilage.

Me: ‘Ready to cum?’
Guy: ‘Yeah. We will all shoot into her pussy.’

My cock slid right into Cindii and a yelp fired off the rapid jerks. Her tiny waist was every teenager’s wet dream to hold onto, and Kathy’s figure was ideal for men like her dad’s age. She was turned over on her back once the five men agreed and her legs were pushed all the way to her chest.

One by one, the men pounded her pussy to possibly a burn, while unloading their cum into her to put out the ‘fire’. I was too, about to cum in that devilish body, overwhelming my balance with that tightness. Leaning onto Cindii’s back, I whispered to her that I was cumming.

Cindii (whispering): ‘Inside me please. I.. on the pill.’

I maintained my rhythm as the guys took their turns, until the last person in the queue. I chose his tempo to follow and went faster towards the end, emptying my load into the moaning girl who was rubbing her own clit to cum together.

Having to hold her body for support, I pulled out of her tiny hole and let my cum splatter onto the floor. Panting for air, we returned to the bench and massaged each other’s genitals. Kathy was soon left alone on her dress, lifeless and breathless.

The exhausted lady stuck her arm out at me, and Timmy went to dress her up. Satisfied and happy, Cindii left her number in my phone and I returned to Kathy. The moment she got up on her feet, cum began leaking down her legs and she soaked them up with her dress.

Kathy (tiredly): ‘How are we going home?’
Timmy: ‘J! I have something for her.’

He ran over to us and requested Kathy to open her legs, before pushing a capsule into her pussy.

Me: ‘What’s that?’
Timmy: ‘You’ll know on the way home. Cindii!’

The studious looking girl slapped my butt when passed me and the few cars left together. Without transport, Kathy and I took the same path out, but something else was happening.

About twenty minutes out, her legs began to tremble and watery, whitish liquid flowed down her legs in great volume. Being a few feet behind, I could totally make out what was happening. Her legs opened a little and a hand was between them, rubbing furiously while trying to walk.

Me: ‘Shit. Call your husband on my phone.’

She dialled a number and spoke with a shiver. Her husband would be coming to pick us up and we would just have to wait. As we sat on a curb, she continued masturbating herself, climaxing continuously without saying a word.

The long awaited car finally came and we hopped in. I was dropped off at my place and she remained in the car for the rest of the journey home. Not long later, a Skype call from her account came in and her husband was pounding her from behind.

Kathy (panting): ‘I.. am so horny.. help me.. ‘

Her moans took over and the clit rub-cum-intense sex continued till 2am. By that time, I needed to catch some sleep and turned off the computer. The next day, her husband called on my phone and told me what happened.

Husband (on phone): ‘Kathy was so horny last night she made me cum three times straight. Whatever you guys gave her, I want more of it. She’s at work now, and willing to put a wireless vibrator on. Can you contact the guy who gave her the pill?’

Timmy was more than happy to provide him with more of that, as well as me. Cindii had been at my place for a week now, (imagine how much sex we had) and having orgasms no matter if she touched herself. Well, that is just a preview of a stronger dose of that magic pill.

As for Kathy, I can only say that the only relieve from that pill, is having as many dicks as possible so she can cum until it wears off. That would mean more gangbangs!

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