A Tad too Long

(Bruce asked) ‘Are you girls ready?’

Elsie couldn’t say anything else but hung onto her end of the blanket, as both men climbed into the bed where she, and another girl, Joey, sat. Having accepted a thousand dollar as remuneration for her ‘services’, it was made clear that she would be participating in a challenge, between the two men to see who would outperform the other.

Everything that she would and might do was repeated twice in the group chat where Joey was inside as well, ensuring that all parties were open to it. Even with the assurance that nothing unexpected would happen, she couldn’t help but feel a little tensed, with a bit of excitement to see how their silly challenge would turn out.

Simply put it, it was a sex competition, where she and Joey would merely be partners as to dancers.

It was at the lobby of the hotel where the two girls met, as recommended by the guys, that Elsie and Joey could finally put a face to the aliases they saw in the group chat. The fact that they both showed up in t-shirts and skirts, well within the aforementioned dress code of ‘anything comfortable’, instantly helped them become good friends with an eerily, similar initially-reserved-but-later-overly-talkative, character.

One would imagine Elsie as a typical girl-next-door. A head of luscious black hair, t-shirt, shorts, occasionally skirts, with minimal make up to get through most days. She basically belonged to the type who weren’t interested in clubbing or alcohol, or largely anything teens her age would do.

Joey too, was not very different from her, though she came from a junior college background and has mixed-blood facial features without any interracial parents. Once bonded, they talked about what they went through to get there, like long-lost sisters who would hyperventilate while agreeing or disagreeing.

The girls collective took a deep interest to the men when their job description insisted on the necessity of ‘chemistry through communication’. Upon engagement, the girls were impressed by their politeness, honesty, and integrity, as if setting new, unrealistic benchmarks for such ‘causal’, ‘money-for-sex’ kind of activities.

As open as both men in their late 20s were, the vibe the girls got was consistent – they were self-motivated, respectful, yet childishly carefree. One thing that both Elsie and Joey were sold on was their unbiased, disciplined mindset of solely relying on ‘chemistry’ to secure participation. Never did they asked for any photos nor forms of identification from the girls, until they knocked.

One can only imagine the looks of disbelief the guys were in when the girls showed up, sending both of them into a frenzy for reasons the two girls didn’t understand.

The girls, they both looked sixteen – and below. Standing no taller than 1.5m and obviously weighing less than 40kg, the girls would expect their bodies to drive fantasies wild, especially for those two guys who knew they were of legal age.

As soon as the door was shut, they asked for their identity cards, which seemed to instantaneously settle their minds. Allen, the first to calm his breathing down, immediately apologised for their offensive, initial reactions, since they had expected the girls to be older, and in his words, ‘less petite, fuller’, than them (Elsie and Joey).

It was indeed a roller-coaster ride of emotions to bear, when a light-hearted dialogue was finally established, talking about everything but what happened earlier. A few shots of vodka helped the guys loosened up even more, divulging their first impressions of them, which was ‘undercover police’.

Elsie then suggested a game of strip-scissors-paper-stone she improvised, to tear down the final wall (and clothes). Advancing seamlessly from how the winner would strip the loser’s clothes (until everyone was naked), to allowing the girls to ‘innocently’ explore the guys’ reproductive organs, the game was ultimately set in place once the girls picked their ‘favourite’ guy to warm her up with some petting.

Although Elsie and Joey have had their fair share of boys and heartbreaks, it wasn’t until that day have they ever done it for money. Little did they expect that their first job would begin that pleasantly well, ignoring the little hiccup, with Bruce and Allen, who turned out to be two cheery, young, fit men who showed genuine restraints when they first saw them.

Having stripped of all clothes and slightly warmed up, Allen and Bruce sat on their side of the bed where their girls were, seated modestly with a blanket and pillow against their bare chest.

Once the men agreed on ‘blowjobs’ as the first course, Elsie followed Bruce’s instructions (for both girls), to lie on her chest and sucking him off to the best of her skills. Despite being already turned on by the adult games hosted earlier by two naked, sporting, young girls, he managed surprise Elsie by growing even longer in her mouth, discharging copious amount of curiously sweet, pre-cum she couldn’t ask more of.

From the beginning, since the group chat, the use of Viagra was explicitly made known to the girls, so the two guys would be on equally advantageous footing. Partly attributing his size to the use of said drug, Elsie swiftly showed off her undisclosed skills by pushing his cock further down her throat, causing Bruce to groan louder. To Elsie’s surprise, Joey had already deep-throat Allen to the point he was tapping out.

(Bruce sounding breathless) ‘Elly! Can I call you that? ARGHHH! I can’t take it anymore. Lie on your back. Lie on your back.’

She pulled his saliva-covered cock out of her mouth to roll over, letting him split her knees wide so he could cup his palm over her pussy. From a top-down direction, he skilfully used his thumb to knead on her clit, until she was unbelievably wet, and moaning so sensually for the rest to hear.

Once the girls were sufficiently lubricated from the tease, the guys repositioned themselves between their respective girls’ legs, slid their cocks into the waiting gap and started thrusting violently. No one was prepared to hear Allen lash out angry, almost-desperate comments. It seemed that Joey, was just tight beyond anything he had ever been in.

(Allen shouting) ‘WHAT THE! You’re not a virgin right?! You’re so.. so.. AHHHHH!’

Joey’s eyes rolled white as Allen pounded her hard and fast, gratifying her needs as a mindless smile broke across her face. The girls, lying next to each other in opposite directions, had interlocked their fingers as their bodies were ravaged, to very different vocal expressions from their men.

(Allen commanding) ‘ELSIE! Squeeze your pussy for him!’

The deafening command with a mention of her name caught her completely off guard, forcing her body to bypass logic to do just as Allen asked. Her involuntary response threw Bruce into a fit, aptly responding with a hard squash of her breast.

That sharp pain somehow rode on the waves of pleasure her mind was already overdosing on, resulting in just the opposite effect of surrender. Within seconds, Elsie’s body began to transcend into an orgasmic state, collapsing her fragile walls around his thrusting cock.

(Bruce shouting) ‘ELLY! FUAAAAHHHHH!’

The last few powerful jabs into the overly-tensed pussy sent Elsie convulsing to climax as Bruce’s cock thickened up dangerously wide, blowing loads after loads of cum into the 0.03mm thin condom. It could well be Elsie’s biggest compliment when he crashed into her arms, while cum was still pouring into the condom. All they could hear after that was the delightful grunts of Allen, as he deposited his semen into blissful-looking Joey.

By then, they were all exhausted and physically wrecked, for a competition the guys ambitiously took drugs for but unable to keep up with it. What was left of them, was an erection that stood tall among the weary.

‘Elsie? You ok?’

(Joey asked in trembling voice) ‘Yeah.. I’m still wet though.. ‘

‘Me too. Want to help them?’

(Joey grinning cheekily) ‘We should right.’

The girls pulled themselves onto their knees and sat next to their guys, fondling and sucking their sensitive, swollen penises against their pointless resistance. Their ‘hardwork’ paid off in less than three minutes once little Bruce started twitching in her hand, urging Joey to up her game at stimulating Allen.

While Bruce rose slowly from the ‘dead’, Joey’s sexy, by-the-ear whispers did wonders for Allen. In a flash, he was up and about, bending Joey over into doggystyle, while reloading his condom behind her. Bruce didn’t keep Elsie waiting either, rolling his protection on as she reached between her thighs to spread her labia.

Two minutes in, the dicks were right where they belonged, pounding on two perky asses held high up for them. With their friendship renewed, they unleashed their monsters at their girls in synchronicity, fucking the girls’ brains out in front of each other. It was an eye-opener for the two disorientated girls, to feel a tired body ramming a hard-but-uninterested cock until his spirit returned.

With support from one another, Elsie and Joey managed to picked their upper bodies up, holding dearly for balance as their pussies were fucked numbed. They had no idea how much kissing could help, if Allen had not taunted them to.

It was that moment, beyond the unrestrained groans (of the men), sloppy wet, juicy slurps (of the girls’ pussies), there was also the uplifting smooches and muffled moans from the kissing. Everyone’s limits were getting pushed over the edge to outdo the other party, enduring soreness, limpness, and tiredness like never before.

(Joey whispered) ‘Let’s squeeze.. hard.. hahh.. together.. now.. ‘

The ladies bit their teeth and used whatever remained of their strength, to send the boys home, rendering them weak and confused at once. When they struggled to slow down or stop, the result was obvious – their bodies were no longer in their control.

(Men staggering comments) ‘Shit shit.. now.. cumming now.. cumming now.. fuck fuck fuck.. ‘

Hot cum filled the two rubber pouches once again to the girls’ teamwork, though at the expense of their masters. The guys, once depleted, slumped onto their asses and slithered away for a breather, while the girls’ bodies continued panting and shaking to the fading orgasms.

To have made both Allen and Bruce came so quickly despite having ejaculated once, how could the girls not feel confident and powerful in their seemingly small frame?

(Elsie asked weakly) ‘Jo.. are you.. done?’

‘I can still.. Can you?’

The girls took a glance at where their boys were, sitting on the two armchairs and smoking away. When Joey began crawling in the direction of Bruce, Elsie knew who she needed to get to. Moving across the carpet on their hands and knees, they arrived at their ‘new’ partners.

Even when the guys saw them coming, they were unable to move more than the hands clipping the cigarettes. The ladies’ mouths then went over the softened loins and began to lick, suck and devour. With their hands and mouths performing in unison, their cigarettes quickly burnt out by their deep, rapid inhalation, directly relatable to the girls’ deep, rapid, up-down strokes.

(Elsie asked Joey) ‘Hard?’

‘Umm Hmm!’

Without saying a word more, Elsie put the necessary protection on Allen’s dong before laboriously climbing onto his lap. Once Joey did the same for Bruce, they raised their butts up in the air, angled their incoming cock, and lowered themselves down on it.

Gasps instantly came from all four of them, genitals trying to make sense with the brains to digest what was happening. As the ladies’ have tucked their legs together between the gentlemen’s thighs, it was a very, very close and unbearable fit for their dicks.

The girls’ wetness proved to be too overwhelming once they start riding, forcing the men to grab the armrests for their lives. Exercising professionalism at its best, Elsie and Joey kept bouncing on the cocks no matter how hard the men begged. When Joey got tired first, Elsie demonstrated to her, on how to rock her hips back and forth, using less energy while letting Allen’s cock slide up against the underside of her inner walls.

The minute-long ‘tutorial’ took a sudden turn for the unexpected when the men both held the girls’ waists down, seemingly triggered by something.

(Elsie urging) ‘Joey! Keep going! Don’t let him stop you!’

(Bruce asked in panic) ‘EH EH! WHOOOOH! SHIT! Not again!’

He let go of Joey and tucked both hands behind his head, suppressing his instincts to push her away as she rode his cock to seventh heaven.

As for Allen who was strangely quiet under Elsie, he got his share when she forced his knees apart, for her to really grind his cock from top to bottom. His attempts to shut his legs was quickly cut short when he slammed his head onto her back, abs rising and contracting uncontrollably as he climaxed a few minutes after Bruce.

The four of them then silently leaned back into the chairs, rubbing in the perspiration no one had strength to be disgusted at.

Bruce, the first to gather himself, chanted Allen’s name until he sobered up from the drowsiness. The bed, was obviously a better place to fall asleep on, for all of them.

They helped the girls to the bed, laid them in the middle, and went back to their initial partners to sleep next to them. Joey and Elsie, in their semi-conscious mode, turned to each other and made out, while they fumbled for each other’s pussy to massage the soreness away.

Their other hands, were then free to reach behind for the boys’ unsuspecting cocks, to firstly check for usability.

(Joey whispered) ‘Mine is good.’

‘Mine needs a little.. work. Hang on.’

A bit of mindless touching was all it took to stir Bruce awake, though he just mumbled nonsense. The girls rolled 180° to their men, capped them blindly and mounted on top of their lifeless bodies, lying chest-to-chest while they adjusted their penises.

That seemingly simple act of putting their cocks inside couldn’t get any more difficult as the girls drifted in and out of sleepiness. However, once they got the first inch into their vaginas, their minds magically snapped awake. That was all they needed to sit themselves upright for the ride.

(Elsie asked) ‘Ready?’

‘And go? Hehe.’

The girls began grinding their hips on their groins, sliding the cocks in multiple directions that stimulated every useful and non-useful parts of their cocks. To make matter worse, it was the tip of their penises that received the most attention, where it was sore to an ache and sensitive even to the coldness of the room.

All the poor souls could do was groan, and pitifully wave their limbs around for help.

The cowgirl ride lasted for a short five minutes before Joey’s body caved in to the last orgasm she could handle, collapsing onto Allen’s body. Elsie didn’t fare too well either, chest tipping over a minute after her sister-in-crime fell. A few pssts from Joey prevented Elsie from sleeping, so she could show her, how to twerk her ass down onto Allen’s cock.

For Elsie who used to dance in her poly days, that was an easy move to copy. In no time, the girls were fucking the guys dumb, especially when they squirmed like a worm. The unmistakable, increasingly-fast slapping sounds of flesh-on-flesh contact soon garnered the men’s attention, to beg for their own mercy.

They only thing they want was to sleep.

Armed with vaginas that was freshly tightened by orgasms, the girls knew better than to waste that opportunity. Still seated over their manhood throbbing so strongly inside them, ladies’ fingers turned out to be their worst enemy as they rubbed themselves to an orgasm they knew they would not survive, just to knock the guys out.

Unlike how still and motionless things were in the room, the men were feeling everything on their cocks. Once the girls summoned just enough strength to ride, they got right back into the game.

For the last ride home.

Small, minute jerking motion across the males’ groins was all it took to leave them slurring their words, milking their shafts with thorough contraction of their vaginas. For the next five minutes, the guys literally lost their minds and hallucinated, crying and smiling at the same time.

The girls themselves could not take anymore orgasms, for they were losing control of their fingers.

(Guys whispered) ‘cumming.. cumming.. ‘

Joey immediately pulled Elsie towards the center of the bed and both of them fell at the same time, in time to watch cum dribble to the pulse of the twitching cocks. That was the last of their medically-induced, falsely-youthful erection they were never meant to wield.

Just as they were falling asleep, the men did something the girls didn’t know was instinctive or sweet, they actually tucked them into their chests and hugged them.

By sunrise, the smell of coffee was in the air, waking the boys up in perhaps the most fantastical manner.

*Slurp slurp*

‘Umm hmm?’


The boys jolted up in shock when a hot-warm environment engulfed their cold nether regions, which after some slow, morning brainwork, turned out to be ‘fire’ blowjobs. They went crashing back into their pillows and let the ladies did their thing, until they were served the cock-infused coffee through a morning ‘kiss’.

Rejuvenated to a small extent, the guys easily led the girls into the mood for intense, passionate rounds of love-making that was organic and all-natural. There was nothing more enjoyable for the girls than to start with foreplay, engaging in sweaty, hot sex, before summing their work up with a thorough clean up with their mouths.

The extra five-hundred the men each paid bought them a scantily-dressed photo of their girls.

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