‘I’m here.’

In the sweetest, cutest voice I’ve never heard before, she called out to me from where the bed was. A wave of her hands confirmed her position and I made my way over, slightly concerned about the dim lighting that made the ambience more romantic that it should.

‘Where’s Vicky? I thought she was the one organising this?’

‘Let’s not care about her. I need your help now.’


A flick of her wrist flipped opened the sheets that was soaked in a puddle, coming from right under her. Not only did she looked flushed and high, she was wearing just a panties under the blanket. It too, was wet as well.

‘I’ll help you to the bathroom.’

‘No you don’t have to. I’ve never felt this before but.. can you like literally lend me a hand?’

She immediately grabbed one of my wrists and put my fingers under her groin, using ‘me’ to masturbate herself over her clit. The sigh of relief, coupled with soft moans, helped me understood what was happening.

It was a set up by Vicky, to fulfil my wish. No way had I envisioned it to turn out that way, having my crush desire me more than me towards her.

No matter how hard I tried to pull my hand away, I just couldn’t do it without hurting her, both physically and emotionally. It didn’t take her long to want more of me and that hand disappeared into her undies, going right under her soft, fleshy warm slit that was leaking uncontrollably.

‘Can you put your fingers inside?’

‘Is that really okay?’

‘Yeah. It’s getting itchy inside.’

I slipped one finger in easily and it sure made her better, or worse once she forced a second in. She fell backwards onto the stack of pillows to let me do my job, sending pleasing moans as I explored her vagina.

‘Oh yes! There! Don’t stop.. keep going.. ‘

In her drowsy state, she reached for my pants and undid my pants, pausing frequently to let orgasms possess her body. Only after five minutes, did she successfully take my dick out, and massaged it in no particular direction.

‘Am I doing it right? I’ve never watched porn before so.. ‘

‘Up and down. Move your hand up and down over it.’

She got it right very quickly and we were both all over each other before we knew it. I was giving her her first kisses and she was giving her first handjob. The position we were in, my knees between her legs she parted for me to touch, put our genitals so dangerously close.

(She whispered) ‘Can I put it inside?’

‘Rina.. we are not supposed to.. go.. that far.. ‘

Her cheeky, smiley grin was already on the plot, teasing me first with a few brushes across the tip on her pussy. Though she wasn’t shaved, it felt so raw and good, especially when I pierced my rod through her tight, unexpecting virgin hole. Every part of her was squeezing hard down onto me as I inched my way in, splitting those walls against her unintentional resistance.

Two minutes, was all it took for us to connect, six inches deep. It was then I learnt how hard she could grasp when I slid the last bit in, regret setting in till I began moving my hips. Her arms instantly fell away once I thrusted my cock, trading all the pain for pleasure.

In a pleasantly strange way, it was interesting to see her smiling with her eyes shut, elbows tucked in and fingers grasping at air. Her thighs held themselves up the whole time, though they occasionally wrapped themselves around my back when I sped up.

(She moaned) ‘Something’s coming. Something’s coming! OH FUCK!’

She clinged onto me like a koala bear as her first, penetrative orgasm overwhelmed her senses, wearing her out in a flash. Not only was I not allowed to pull out of her, I was asked to do her in doggystyle.

We switched to that position next and she let me adjust her hips in any way I like, high up and slightly backwards for easy gripping. We got past the agonising, slow entry I wanted her to experience, and hit off with a long bang as I slipped my cock in and out of her pussy.

The minx in her showed up in the form of dirty talks, commanding me to go faster and instantly begging for mercy when I obeyed. Apart from my cock that was plunging so deep into her, my balls, they were tapping on her pussy so wildly she got so angst by it.

We were both doing so well until I felt her vagina tightened, driving her so crazy that she actually rocked her body back and forth to fuck my cock. Somewhere between the struggle for control, I lost it without warning and it launched me into a panic mode.

I had to yank my manhood out before any accidents happened, and she was more than grateful for me to do that. Rina turned herself to me and laid her head on my thigh, then used her hand to jerk me off while observing my squirmish reaction.

Minutes later, cum was launched all over her hand and on areas of our bodies, which was the least of our worries to clean up.

‘Is this edible?’

‘It’s not intended for that purpose, but some girls apparently do.’

She tasted some of it with the tip of her tongue and promptly licked everything up, citing it’s deliciousness. Even my cum-covered cock was not spared.

Halfway through our naked slumber, Vicky entered the room with the second key card and woke us to drink with her. For some reason, Rina and I got so horny after a few shots and went to put on a show for Vicky, whom I could see giggling and smiling when we fucked each other’s brains out.

It was definitely something in the drink.

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