Gently Tied

(Speaking softly) ‘hey.. awake?’

(As I took a deep breathe) ‘Yeah.. why?’

‘Hmm.. he’s up too.. ‘


Her hand was already all over my dick as it stood firmly, pulsating in her soft, gentle grip. Without a blanket over me, she was able to jerk it at my favourite tempo, one that only got me energised but not tensed.

Ashe easily slid herself over my hips and did a cute wriggle of her ass to poke me right into her, engulfing it in a rush of warmth. One skill of hers that really got to me was how she was able to keep her chest on me, while her waist did the work of fucking my cock.

I had little to do except to moan accordingly, and let her lead my lust to wherever she want. As more moisture lubricated our piston engines, she listened harder to my breathing so she would not miss the climatic gasp.

Like the tireless fox she was, her pussy just rocked relentless on my cock, till my breathes were officially one step behind.

(She asked excitedly) ‘cumming? cumming soon?’

‘Oh yes.. now now.. ‘

Her ass suddenly rose away from the twitching muscle of love, leaving me high and dry, though it wasn’t for long. With one hand grabbing it tight, she rotated her body almost 180 degrees down to put her mouth over the tip, and sucked as she pumped my oversized shaft.

That little tongue of hers teased the tip so badly that I couldn’t help but groan, for a few times before my abs clenched up so hard for the orgasm.

Huge, powerful squirts erupted from my manhood right into her mouth, where I could totally feel her sucking so hard. Everything slowed down at that moment she squeezed her fist upward, making sure that every last drop was not wasted.

‘Mmm.. yummy as usual.’



‘I need to pee.’

‘Let me just.. ‘

With that, she rolled me on my side and held a pee pan over my weiner, for me to pee into without the hassle of freeing my hands or legs.

As for the question of how I defecate with my hands tied, it should also be known that that was the only time I was allowed off the bed.

She would bring me to a particular corner of the bed, hands tied to the closest pole of the frame, and let me do my business into a pail lined with trash bags. Scented candles helped with the smell, and she helped with the wiping.

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