Still Angry

(Luna moaning desperately) ‘Are.. are you.. still angry?’


Knowing better than to irritate him even further, she pressed her lips together in a futile effort to silence the agonising groans, triggered by the vibrator he had placed inside her. For the past fifteen minutes, she had been twitching non-stop to the lowest setting of the toy, keeping her from experiencing any climax.

The continuous clenching of her vaginal walls had already pushed out most of the cum he unloaded inside her, but she knew that he was far from done with the punishment. Even without any explanation, there were a number of reasons she could guess why, he would put her in this state – tied to the bed and tortured by pleasure.

‘I’ll take it out now.’

The rapid succession of nods expressed her relief from his suggestion, and she was more than happy to spread her legs wider for him. Just moments after he removed that unhelpful bullet, a dildo, one that he had bought but not used, was tucked in its place. Not only did it split her tired vagina further apart, a plastic rod-looking object was pushed through the hollow shaft of the fake penis.

‘What does that do?’

‘It won’t vibrate. I hope it will calm you down though.’

He attached the USB end to a powerbank and it didn’t take her more than a minute to feel its effect – a warming sensation that could be felt through the skin-coloured walls of the dildo. The rising and falling temperate put her in such a dreamy state, that her muscles all relaxed to lifelessness.

It was so soothing, peaceful and therapeutic for her.

Luna got to spend a long time with that inside of her until he placed a blindfold over her eyes, but left it untied around her head. It seemed, that that was all she needed to fall asleep.

After some time, the dildo was felt sliding out of her, and then something warm, thick and alive, took its place.



He raised her calves higher up the bed to make space for himself, before thrusting his cock like before. Her body fell into his pace very quickly and one orgasm after another drove hot flushes across her body. Even his perspiration that dripped onto her chest felt so sexy despite unhygienic.

From his breathing, she could hear her next creampie coming. Just seconds after he started grunting, a powerful, hot jet of cum hit the deepest parts of her pussy once again, satisfying her then-excited hormones.

Once he pulled his cock out of her, the bullet went back to work, albeit at a higher speed while he laid by her side to fondle her clit. She went through another five orgasms, over the duration of thirty minutes, before she had to beg him to stop.

He did exactly just as she asked, but not without surprising her with another gimmick. A U-shaped clit vibrator that would have one end stuffed inside her, while the other pushed gently against her clitoris.

A micro-USB cable enabled it to operate for as many hours as she took, to grow so exhausted from climaxing, falling asleep, then waking up as soon as her body clock rang.

She found herself as weary as not having any sleep, but a five-minute toilet break was all she had, before he replaced those restraints around her limbs.

It was four hours to check-out.

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