Rainy-day Sex

Just as I stepped out of my house to buy lunch, the sight of a girl seated right outside my door immediately caught my attention. From the back, I could tell that she was drenched, and the fact that rainwater was actually flowing down those steps worried me.

I instantly went back into my house and fetched her a towel, before I alerted her to my gesture. The rain on that day was so heavy that we could barely hear each other, but I was just mostly glad that she took my intentions well.

With the towel in her hand, she turned away from me and gave me a scare when she took her t-shirt off, along with her black bra before wrapping herself up. I was left flabbergasted at her bravery which was totally logical.

‘Do you want to come inside?’

‘No I’m fine. I’ll hang on to this for a while if you don’t mind.’

‘Not at all. I have a hoodie I don’t use anymore. Wait.. ‘

I left her to dry herself and brought out a grey jacket I no longer wore, lighting up her face as soon as she saw it. Like the respectable woman she is, she put it on before taking off the towel, but that wasn’t all.

Her denim shorts came off after that, along with her panties that I was too slow to notice the colour of. She promptly dried her legs down and stood in the corner furthest from the staircase waterfall.

Being dry and (feeling) cool, it didn’t take her long to start shivering violently, despite her assurance that she was feeling much better. As the weather got even scarier, spots of darker grey was appearing on the jacket.

I didn’t want to argue with her any more and simply went to stand in front of her, to shield her from the tiny splashes I could sense on my back. Her expression was already telling me how bad she felt about her insistence to stay outdoor.

(She said) ‘Haha.. ha. You’reeee.. shiverrriing as well.. ‘

‘Duhh uhh.. ‘

A smile broke across her face and she pulled me into her corner, enveloping her in warmth as our bodies touched.

(She said while shivering) ‘WHY ARE YOU SO WARM! URGHH.. ‘

True enough, my hands were very warm compared to hers, and she didn’t waste anytime to unzip the jacket to put my hands around her belly. In return, she placed her cold hands under my shirt and around my back, draining me of heat in four places at once.

(She said) ‘It’s stilllll.. too cold.. You’re not helppp-ping.. ‘

‘Well.. what else.. else can I dooooo?’

Her hands ended up running all over my chest and around my belly, until her fingers poked into my shorts where I had skipped wearing anything under since I was just going across the road.

She didn’t stop advancing until she reached that dangerous ‘area’, which I responded appropriately by grabbing her waist hard.

‘It’s sooo… warm there.. ‘

‘Arghh.. be.. try to be.. gentle.. ‘

Very slowly, her icy cold fingers went around my shaft and I sank into the turned-on-but-also-off mood. The way she switched hands to get warmth didn’t help at all, or it might have if you are just measuring heat production.

While she was busy sighing and moaning to the comfort (of heat), I stuck one hand between her legs and leaned harder against her when she jumped back in shock. Still smiling but slyly, she let me ‘in’ by gradually relaxing her thighs.

It took me even less time to get her all hot and panting compared to the work she had to do to get me hard (and hot) in a very small area. Wetness then flowed down her legs in what I’d described as the sexiest encounter, where two people came so close because of mother nature.

‘Is it the rain or am I that wet?’

‘It’s the rain.’

‘Ya right!’

I didn’t stop her when she pushed my shorts lower, likely done to ease the awkward position her arms were twisted in – only if that was the plan. She did a little hop to wrap her arms around my neck, and let her pussy hovered right above my cock.

The sudden increase in weight caused me to tilt forward to put her up against the wall, and caused her grip to slip when her head hit the wall. Guess where the tip of my cock went?

(I worriedly asked) ‘Shit.. did I go too far?’

(She smiled in consensus)‘Might as well right?’

My hands found a firm spot on her ass to hold and she relaxed her arms as I bore most of her weight, till my cock was snuggly in her pussy. The rest was history as I slammed my cock in and out of her, raising temperatures beyond necessary to stay alive.

She was free to moan under the cover of the splattering rain, and I was helpless to the instinctive thrusts my hips were making. We fucked so hard and fast that she came within minutes, and worsened everything by leaking, generously from under.

Her moans grew louder as my orgasm tipped past the point-of-no-return, unleashing the ferocious strokes that would roll her eyes white. Unlike other times when that happened, I didn’t cum as quickly as I thought I would.

My body just took over control to hammer her till my knees weakened, mind-blown (a few times), lungs collapsed, and cock bloated.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming! Down! down!’

The sensible girl landed on her feet and replaced her sweet, warm hole with her hand, jerking and pumping to my shamefully weak facial expressions.

Ten seconds was all it took her to make me spray warm fluids over her belly, groin and thighs. The more she tried to wipe it off with her hands, the bigger the area she smeared it over. It wasn’t until I used her panties, that she gave me that angry-but-impressed look.

‘Now I have to go to your place to clean up.’

‘Fair enough.’

We went for round two in the steamy shower to celebrate her smart decision, and then another round at the sink when we dried each other while shivering, and then found four in the my air-con-less room that felt as cold as the stairs we met on.

At the end of the day, we both agreed that it was more than attraction that gave us that much stamina to go for so many rounds, and that we should meet again to find out why.

Well, the one thing she kept me thinking about was the fact that, she just lived two floors up.

Was it just a conspiracy?!

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