Day Maker

*Door opening*

(Jeff asked) ‘Diane? What brings you here today?’

‘Don’t ask. I’m having a bad day.’

‘Uh okay?’

He couldn’t be more puzzled when she went over to him, pulled his shorts down and started fondling his cock. It wasn’t the first time they had sex, but he had never seen this rude-kinky side of her before. It was already hard for him to be turned on, and her impatience only made it worse.

‘What’s wrong? Not working today ah?’

‘It’s not easy to get it up when you are that.. that fierce to him.. ahhh.. ‘

Within those few seconds, she had already bent over for him, sucking him hard while doing little with her tongue. Just as he rose to her calling, she grudgingly took her panties off from under her skirt, eyes peering at where he kept the condoms.

As soon as it was at its maximum height, she went for the drawer and ripped the pesky wrapper off. His sexual mood was completely hinging on her physical stimulation. Not even was she delicate in putting the condom on.

‘Spread your legs.’


A few failed attempts at pushing him in left her with no choice but use her saliva for lubrication, which proved effective when he slid right into her with ease. It was clear that he was being used as a dildo, when she just rode her ass back and forth on his cock.

The usual thing did happened with her. The sexy moans, raging grunts, satisfying groans, but Jeff’s erection was sustained by none of them. Without any external stimulation, she took full advantage of his unusually-long stamina, fucking herself to three orgasms before Jeff made any noise.

(Jeff panting) ‘Okay. Okay! I’m cumming. Slow down!’


And she stopped, right there. That standstill was so still that he lost sensation in his loin, felt his cum backing up, adrenaline dying down.

His mind had given up all hopes of any orgasm even when she resumed riding. It was only then did she pay more attention to him, grinding in a more sexy fashion than just slamming down on his cock mindlessly.

Her magic worked and he immediately took over her job, jumping up on his feet to pound her silly. With her elbows in his hands, he made sure to reach the deepest end of her, before turning themselves towards the couch.

Like Dark Knight claiming Gotham back with vengeance, he fucked her till he reached his stop, where he held nothing back as he poured the condom full of cum her mind could not imagine what would happen if they went inside her.

After he was done, he yanked his cock out and put her next to him, driving her crazy with his dissatisfied fingers.

‘Happy now?’

(She weakly replied) ‘Very.’

Passers-by could only imagine what happened to her when they walked past that limping, stomach-clutching lady glowing of sex.

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