Incestuous Entanglement

‘Don’t remove the blindfold ah Daddy! Not until we are in the room.’

‘Ok ok. I’m listening to you.’

To think that our two children have taken time to plan our 30th anniversary celebration for us, they certainly touched me at a spot I have not felt in a long time.

It was after dinner that they decided to blindfold us, first leading mummy off before Stephy took me. After five minutes of walking, we finally entered the room where nice, soft carpet caressed my soles, and the chatter of my family filled my ears like music.

(Jordan saying) ‘Daddy! Say Ahhh. I’ve got something good for mummy.’

A pill I suspected was Viagra landed on my tongue and I swallowed it with a sip of water, without so much a doubt about it. I was just overwhelmed by how far they have planned, even right up to the part mummy and I gets intimate.

I remained standing as I felt ropes getting tightened around my wrists, which didn’t cause any alarms since I was still fully dressed. They kept surprising me until they informed us of their departure, followed by the lights going out and a loud click of the door.


‘Yes.. I’m here for you.’

‘All mine?’

‘Yes baby.. ‘

The moment that I’ve been waiting for finally came when she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and took them off along with my underwear. Even without doing much, it seemed like it was just yesterday that we fell in love.

Guided by her caring hands, I climbed into bed and let her sit me down where she wanted, so she could do anything she wished. It was hard to ask for more when I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft, gliding up and down steadily before she fondled my balls with her other hand. I have to admit that that was one handjob to put me in my place no matter how bad my day, or life, went.

That night, she really took her time as she discovered me once again, sticking a finger as far up as my anus as she could to resuscitate the extra-hard erection that was already motivated by the pill Stephy gave.

What she did next only drove me crazier. Her mouth found its way down my cock and that was the last light it ever saw. Somehow, she was reaching deeper than I ever felt, and that kept me from catching my breaths. Her tongue, lips, tonsils, all worked in harmony to simulate the hole I couldn’t wait to get inside of.

It was hard to imagine a man like me, a father of two, to be thrashing around in agony, squirming in desperation, and begging for mercy. Not only did she not relent, she made sure that I was totally exhausted when she was done.

(She asked excitedly) ‘Ready for me now honey?’

‘No.. let me rest for a.. wait.. please.. ‘

No time was wasted once she climbed over my waist. She literally stuffed my cock into her pussy and rode me like mad. It was that pleasurable-fucked-up feeling where the sensitive top part of my shaft rub against her sensitive underside of her vagina. We were just bawling in the alternating waves of frustration and ecstacy.

It was that one time I helped her keep my hands down (above my head) so I wouldn’t ruin her fun. That strangely energetic woman just kept bouncing and grinding until she came twice, which by then I had no strength to even groan.

Once I was worn out beyond my limits, she dismounted my Viagra-pumped cock and made me slip my hands under my feet, so they would still be useless to stop her. Off the bed I went and it didn’t take me long to know that I would be fucking her in doggystyle. Her ass has already found its way in front of my dick, and her icy cold fingers had brought me ‘home.’

‘I’ll start now.. ‘

‘Oh yes please baby. I want you to ram me till I faint.’

I took my shot at that and jerked my hips fiercely, ramming that man-pipe so fast and deep that she went hysterical, complimenting on the new depth I was hitting. She had gotten so wet and slippery that I was moving past beyond our previous records. My mind was focused on tearing my way into her gasping pussy, and my body was so ego-boosted that it felt no tiredness.

It was pure lust and sex in that fateful moment, transcending us to new heights we never achieved before. She was still frantically clawing at sheets, while I was crazily slamming my hips against hers.

‘I’m cumming dear. I can feel it building up!’

‘Wait wait! I’ll roll over.’

I sensed her head going under me and I did a half-squat to better match her height, and carried on thrusting my cock, in another hole this time.

Two minutes was all I could endure before burying my balls into her face, sliding my shaft so deep down her throat that never stopped squeezing around me. I slowly retracted my choker as I came, lining her mouth with cum she just couldn’t get enough of.

When she was about to suck me unconscious, I tumbled backwards and landed on the floor, catching a giggle that ended sharply. Having done the deed and came harder than I ever did, it was time to pay some much needed attention to my wife.

I brought both my hands to the front (passing my feet over them) and raised the blindfolds.

They were still there, those two kids.

Why are they naked?

Why is mummy blindfolded?

Why is Stephy lying on her back, head hanging over the edge like mummy?

Why is Jordan in mummy’s bed?

Which bed was I at earlier?

(Stephy calling out) ‘Daddy.. you are the best.. really.. ‘

(Jordan crawling to mummy) ‘And mummy, you didn’t disappoint.’

‘Didn’t disappoint.. ‘

Did I just, did I just fucked my own daughter?

Did Jordan have sex with mummy?

How.. how did it..

My mind broke. I broke. The thing I last saw, was Stephy climbing over my cock, and screamed. Screams that I can never forget what came with it.

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