A Teacher’s Evil Intentions

Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘Hey, awake?’
Leo (WhatsApp): ‘Yeah, anything my girl?’
Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘Hahahah, your wife asleep already huh ? Since when so sweet !’
Leo (WhatsApp): ‘Hahahah, what wife ! Not yet married hor. You don’t anyhow say.’
Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘Haha, but soon la. Once you two get married then cannot be so horny towards me already hor.’
Leo (WhatsApp): ‘I also never horny, is you anyhow think one la. Stupid girl !’
Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘Hahah, okay la. But after marriage you’ve no more freedom already lo !’
Leo (WhatsApp): ‘Ya la. Somemore my future wife not virgin, sibei sian. Eh, you virgin right, let me try leh.’
Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘You dare?’
Leo (WhatsApp): ‘Why not?’
Michelle (WhatsApp): ‘We shall see.’

Leo was a teacher in an all girls school, and the temptations were everywhere. Comfortable with their own sexes, the girls were basically more open when around friends and the frequent gossips about sex were happening on a daily basis. He had been close to Michelle, one of the more successful attempts to get close to any of the girls he was surrounded with. They had hung out together on a few occasions, and he never failed to harbour thoughts about her when they went out in his car. But being a teacher of a reputable school, he knew his limits and danger.

The next day, which was a Tuesday, they texted each other more than usual and had planned a one-to-one remedial in her classroom. He hurried after the school bell went off and started professionally on tuition proper. Slowly, the number of students in their block diminished and his eagerness to advance was showing.

Leo: ‘You want to go to the toilet? I’m going.’

Michelle knew where it was headed for and agreed, putting aside her books and followed a short distance behind. He opened the staff toilet with his bunch of keys and went in, waiting for Michelle who came in shortly after. Her hair fell to her waist after she pulled the rubber band off and undid the first two buttons of her blouse. Leo could not hold back anymore and pinned her against the wall and kissed. It was the first pair of lips he had since he was engaged to his girlfriend and the taste of the forbidden fruit was barely filling. His hands quickly unbuttoned the rest of her top and went to her waist to unhook the skirt.

Michelle (whispering): ‘Slow down.. ‘

It wasn’t happening. Her panties was tugged halfway and his hands was grabbing her boobs hard. She had just unleashed a tiger which had been hiding in the mountains for too long. His mouth landed on her nipples and he sucked relentlessly as though he wanted milk. Michelle’s hands were on his head and guiding him to her favourite spot. He lifted and carried her to the basin and had one of her legs on the sink. Thankfully, the area around the sink was nicely cemented with tiles and not just a sink like she had expected. It supported her body’s jerking after his tongue went to her pussy, hungrily licking up what juices that leaked.

Her hands did not leave his head and he figured the nicest spot on a girl was still the sensitive clitoris. He knew she was a virgin, and would be a waste if he really went wild.

Michelle (whispering): ‘Let’s do it in the classroom.’

It was hard for him to pause, but he managed and quickly let her wear her clothes back. They made their way back to the classroom with his hand riskily on her hips and once inside, the doors were locked and they made their way to the more-shielded part of the room. Forcefully, he went under her skirt and pulled her panties off, and she removed her bra from under the blouse.

Leo: ‘Do you want to watch?’
Michelle: ‘Huh?’
Leo: ‘Watch me take your virginity.’

Either way, he was going to have her. Michelle shook her head and he knew his next step. He pulled a table nearby and placed it against the full body mirror at the wall, and gently, guided her to bend over the table, with her legs stabilised, shoulder-width on the floor. The zip sound came and it didn’t even last a second. She felt his fingers enter her pussy to make sure she was ready. His fingers going in and out of her was going to be the last nicest thing she remembered.

His hand left her pussy and the next thing she felt below was the tip of his penis, which was much warmer compared to her slit. Slowly, he pushed his dick in and made sure he leaned back enough to watch himself going in for the kill. Michelle moaned in pain as her pussy spread apart that wide for the first time and felt the details on his shaft. The rough lines on the thick piece of hot meat. Leo pinned her chest on the table and moved.

He did not move at the slowest speed to let her pussy acclimatise to the size, but he was gaining speed fast. Obviously, his wild side had taken over, and did not care how she felt. The pain was overwhelming but she knew it had to end someway. As his dick slurped in and out, the pain was slowly going away and pleasure was taking over. She was watching his orgasmic expression in the mirror, along with the painful expression on her face.

Leo did not take long to reach his top speed and the banging of the table against the mirror was getting faster. He rammed his dick at such force Michelle could feel him stretching her pussy deeper. Her first penetrative orgasm came and he felt even bigger in her.

Leo: ‘You came? My turn now.’

He went faster but not for long, and just as she was about to cum the second time, he pulled out and dragged her by the waist to the floor. Her butt hit the floor with a loud thud and he pinched her cheeks to open her jaws. Turning into a desperate rapist, he jammed his cock in and knocked her against the table, using it as a support to deep throat her. She was choking with every stroke down her throat but could not free herself.

After the longest few minutes, he pushed for the last time and kept still while his balls shrivelled and the sticky load of cum pumped into her stomach. No matter how far he went overboard, he got what he wanted. His hips thrust a few more times and he pushed her lower jaw upwards as he pulled out, scraping his shaft to remove whatever cum might have gotten there.

Michelle tumbled onto her side coughing vigorously and gagging, yet none of his sperms were coming out. With a satisfied grin, he packed his small package back in his trousers and went to sit where he could watch her struggle.

Tears flowed uncontrolled down her cheeks while she climbed onto her feet. She was in no way going to get close to him again and she stuffed her books into her bag and left the classroom, never once letting her eyes lay on the sick man. ‘Give an inch, and take a foot‘. That phrase never seemed more true than it could get.

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