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I would like to send a message to all guys out there, and whatever you read is a direct expression of my thoughts and I have to warn you, it is strong. This entry will be bias (although I think in a good way) to those who have been reading for some time. What I write from here would not be too relevant because I believe you guys are the intellectual ones. Please treat this entry as a rant, as though you are the students who reported early to class but ended up getting scolded cause those who are late and have not arrived.

I seriously have no idea how to make you guys feel unrelated to this message, but from the bottom of my heart, I am not referring to anyone who reads my blog, because you guys understand girls differently. No offence to anyone if I did step on your toes.

So, here goes nothing.

Throughout my days of writing and talking to friends about their relationships, there are a few ladies out there, who have experienced things I don’t think anyone deserved. As a guy, I understand that texts can be boring, and I daringly say that majority of guys who see the text-filled pages of sexual recounts or encounters on my site, would simply close the tab and seek more visually satisfying content, mainly videos and pictures.

That being said, for those who have been reading my site, I believe you are of a different level of maturity and understanding. Somewhere in you have decided that sex is sex, and videos or pictures cannot tell you what you are looking to understand. That’s why you read these pages of texts which I ironically find it boring at times (from a publicity point of view).

There has been an increasing trend of girls getting into relationships at a younger age, while some are led by perception of love, others by pure deceit. In any case, the ones who learnt through bad experiences have broken up with their forceful boyfriends and had viewed guys differently since. I would not blame them, but instead, those guys are the ones responsible for the stereotype we’ve earned.

One thing the girls had in common, is the belief that their virginity should be saved for a specific moment in their lives, be it marriage, or a stage in relationship they are willing and ready to give it to their partners. Without sex, the boyfriends could only rely on handjobs, and perhaps if lucky, indulge in the oral sex their girls would do for them. To me, oral sex is a harder task (I am not referring to the ladies who love to give them) compared to having sex , as it require patience, hard work and tolerance (does boredom count too?).

What their boyfriends think of blowjobs, had been wrong. It IS not part of foreplay, therefore the term ‘oral SEX’, especially when the girls are at the age of simplicity and pureness. Yet, those guys forced their girlfriends to give it anyway. Pushing heads down, choking, using their mouths as a pussy replacement, slamming their girls’ heads onto their groins, as though they are inanimate objects. What-The-Fuck? No apologies for the crude use of language. But where is the respect!

If all guys had to go through a mandatory oral sex experience class, they would then understand how it feel to be forced to do it. Blowjob is a totally different level from sex, I would even classify it a level higher. Can you imagine the taste? And the idea of a thick slab of foreign object in your mouth, getting so close to choking but you had no choice?

One of the girls had learnt to use her tongue to obstruct the passage down her throat, and the others just gag to tears. If not, it would be the poor girl doing it the way she knew (which could be ineffective) and making the horrible session last for hours. Those are just a few examples of what I have heard. I was like ‘C’mon! What is happening?’ You think it’s easy for them to do it? Especially when you know they are not ready to give, but still forced to do it?

Doing it out of love is different. The girl would understand that she can stop anytime, or at least feel protected while doing it. What can I say to them after they told me about the unpleasant experiences? The only words that came out of my mouth was ‘Guys will be guys’. It is totally unfair to the nice guys out there, but it is the aggression that exists in us (men). When guys bully their girlfriends, they would respond with superhuman strength. Yet, they have absolutely no power over their own minds.

Jealousy, hatred, anger, all translate into violence. And so does desperation, horniness and the urge to release. When they started to calm down, it would be when things went wrong. I don’t know about others, but when I receive blowjobs (which rarely happens), I have no intention of unloading in the girl’s mouth. Why? Because the willingness to give (blowjobs) without force, had showed me how much I mean to the girl. Let me ask you guys, when was the last time you pleasured someone without asking for anything in return? Never? Perhaps once in a while?

Not good enough for me. Why not try this? Do it for her, with NO hopes of getting any in return. Go all out. Do it at the foreplay. You will be surprised! Here, I shall quote a phrase which I believe I came up with. But if I have accidentally picked it up unconsciously from someone, please do correct me as well.

Give and you will not receive. Gift and you will be given.

To receive and get are two different things. Simply put it, ‘Where is my present?’ would get you one which is purely out of your one-sided request, but ‘Thank you for being there for me all this time’, would earn you something better than presents.

The word ‘pleasure’ is too shallow to describe the feeling of intimacy with someone, yet it is the only word I know to highlight the specialness of a relationship. When a guy fingers a girl, does he expect her to reach for his dick and stroke it? Or worse, to give the girl ten orgasms, and then demanding with reasons to just one release of the guy’s load? Has it always been done this way? I am shocked.

Sigh.. Now that I’ve gotten what I wanted to say off my chest, I do feel a little better. For those guys who have been standing up for victims of abusive relationships, kudos to you. For those who know of such happenings but have yet done anything, please advise the girls proper. It is the least we can do to save the few sheep from the wolves. In this cruel world, wolves will be wolves, but we can have principles not to hurt the unethically.

I love sex. I love blowjobs. I love girl(s?). But don’t we all do? Argh.. up to this point, I realised I might have offended homosexuals and many many minorities. Just read and forget alright? I know I might seem fake when I say this, but I want justice for the other gender. I want them to look at us (men) differently. Protecting them with ferocity, and caring for them with gentleness. Isn’t that what the word ‘gentleman’ meant? Like wolves taking care of the lambs until they are of a certain age or mindset, so we can go after them fairly, winning their trusts, hearts and then do we deserve to own them, but remember, never to hurt them.

I have once read this in a book named ‘Matrix Warrior’ – What differentiate us from animals is that we can control our thoughts. I doubt many would understand what I wrote, and I am seriously tempted to delete this entry for fear of hatred from readers. But today, I shall give zero fucks, and say what I want – because I can.

I would love to get comments on this entry regarding your thoughts. Please feel free to comment below (preferably not in the cBox) and tell me.

Anyway, happy holidays to you guys out there. You can never understand how grateful to have you guys reading my blog faithfully or can I use the word religiously? It has been years, and no matter when you started reading, you can always go back in time to the older entries and live in my world for that moment. I have never regretted writing for this blog. It is also one way to test if my partner is the one for me, cause she would have to accept me for who I am, and what I loved doing.

Oh yeah! You guys know you can use my blog as an opener to find like-minded girls? And by ‘like-minded’ I meant open minded ladies. You can start off with,

‘Hey! Have you heard of Phantacee? Pause. I think his works are special and one-of-a-kind. I have to warn you though, he writes for an erotic blog. Can I direct you to his site?’

If she have been reading, then you guys have something in common. If she has not, you can direct her to this entry, and tell her convincingly that this was the entry you felt the most for. Then, ask if she agrees with that I wrote.

*wink wink* Good idea right? By the way, I have been pondering if I should include a FaceBook ‘Like’ for my site. But the fact that no one would let such topics infiltrate their Timeline held me back from implementing the button. So, you tell me (:

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hey Happy new year to you ,

i have to agree with u that we need to show that girls / women are human n not maid where we can ask them do what we want . give with out return not many can do it . but i believe yes it is true to say that if u give n expect return then u better not give as u are looking for return .

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