Late Night Moans

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Nicole bid her parents goodbye as they left their house at 11pm to work. It wasn’t frequent they had to leave at such hours, but it did happen at least once every month. Since they weren’t going overseas, she did not send them any further and locked the door after they entered the lift, aware that they might return anytime.

Going back to her room, a slight relieve was felt in her heart as she knew it was time for that special moment with herself. Her shirt was lifted up and the pair of shorts she wore was removed, revealing the set of black panties she wore underneath.

She then went to her balcony facing the park to have a feel of the cooling breeze running through her house. The thrill of someone seeing her in that braless shirt had even began to turn her on a little. Hmm.. if only there was a man to do her from behind. Her chest was above the ledge of the wall and her pair of small boobs rested on the cold tiles, that made her nipples pointy. The sudden freedom just felt especially great, along with the slight teasing from Mother Nature.

After a while of peaceful moment, she went back to the living room, and went to the door’s peep hole to have a look outside, wishing a guy to be standing there, waiting to be let in. But thankfully, she knew it was just her fantasy toying her mind and she would prefer not to lose her virginity before marriage. Looking for a few more seconds through her door, her hand had moved to the lever and clicked downwards on it, letting the door glide open quietly. Slowly, more of her body was exposed to the yellow florescent lights and she made a daring move to open the gates.

Nicole’s slippers were put on conveniently and she took a step out, certain that her neighbours were all asleep by then. The door closed gently on its own and she had left the gates opened while she headed for the stairs a few steps away. Given her waist-length shirt, it was barely covering her butt, making her feel vulnerable. She sat down a few steps lower from her level so she could keep an eye on her door, while her legs opened instinctively.

Nicole had wanted to reach into her panties at first, since it was safer as well, in case anyone really walked into her while she was getting off. As she started to stretch her panties to accommodate her hand, another thought stroke her and it was in fact quite contradicting – if she had wanted to be safe, she would not have came out into the open in that kind of attire. So, in a quick move, she lifted her butt off the cold ground and slipped her panties off, placing it aside in a pile.

With a possibility of being caught, she did not want to keep her starving pussy waiting either. Both her hands immediately slid down the creamy smooth thighs, until they reached her pinkish folds of flesh. Holding the thicker flaps toward the sides, her index finger started working on her clit, while the other hand’s middle and fourth finger slid lower to her love hole. Very carefully, she pushed two fingers in and the rubbing on her clit got faster to relieve the slight pain when she penetrated herself.

Her eyes closed as the fondling and fingering got faster by the minute, while the unstoppable sensual moans came out of her mouth in a futile attempt to keep her volume down. As the long awaited climax slowly filled her mind up like a slow filling of a cup, she could feel the tightness beginning to close her vaginal walls, and her fingers were getting harder to pump. The rubbing on her clit quickened and she knew it was a trick to get her body to be more relaxed so she could keep her fingers moving.

The climax had reached its peak after a long time building up in Nicole and she slowed down to prepare herself. A deep breath of air was taken and the finger on her clit started to go all out, vigorously abusing her swollen pearl while her fingers forced themselves into the squeezing tight pussy. With the deadly combo, her body gave in immediately to the double input of pleasure and a thin stream of liquid leaked, going down her pussy and dripping onto the steps below. Her rubbing finger kept pushing on for more as her body went into the convulsion that felt even better with the thoughts of having someone catching her in this state.

How would it feel like? Imagine you just walked into a girl who was shivering on the stairs while her hand kept moving between her legs? Feign ignorance? Try to help her? Anyway, her body was close to collapsing with the continuous tease and it was overwhelming her innocent mind. That sensation felt so heavenly that she could see the sky spinning and stars moving even with her eyes wide open. Her mind had took over by then and perceived orgasms in a different manner.

It took her more than three minutes to calm her body down and it was the most dangerous period as she had no energy left to pick herself up, much less defend herself if anyone tried to rape her. As she clung onto the handrails, her wobbly legs brought her back into the house and she went straight for her room after locking the door. Finally, she fell onto the bed in exhaustion and her fingers naturally went between her legs to continue giving her clit little touches, sending her to sleep in the midst of shivers and trembles.

The next morning, Nicole still dressed in her shirt, she went out into her doorstep haphazardly and went straight to the steps to retrieve her panties. She then heard a door knob turned and made a dash into her house, locking the door and gave pats on her chest.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

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with all respect to Nicole, i wouldn’t make love to her, but if she needed help to cum, i would totally give her a good lickin’ ;)

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