A Widow’s Replacement

*Knock knock*

(dialogue between mother and son)

‘Still doing your work?’

‘Yeah mum. What’s up?’

‘Nothing. Just wanted to check in on you.’

‘Hey, have you been crying?’

‘A little. I miss him.’

He couldn’t let his mum cry herself to sleep and led her back into the empty bedroom, now missing a father after he met with an accident while overseas. Her mum knew better than to remind him of his loss, but it was one of those nights that was extra cold, and there was no one to keep her warm.

‘Your dad used to hold me extra tight on such rainy nights.’

‘I’ll hold you then.’

The funeral that happened three days ago really tore her apart, and she has been crying herself to sleep though things were getting better. Now that he is back to her side, it didn’t take him long to fall asleep to the motherly scent that stayed for most part of his toddler years when she hummed him to sleep.

The widow couldn’t take her eyes off her son that had so much resemblance to her late husband, whom she met around his age too. The married couple had led a very healthy lifestyle given his high income for a stable household. Until the day he passed, she had made a point to keep herself fit for him to enjoy the sex with a youthful looking wife.

Now that he was gone, all she was left with is their son, whom had spent too much of his time studying for their dreams for him. She placed him down on her bed after a while to let him sleep better, and cuddled up to him like how she used to when his father was still alive.

In a half-sleepy mood, the urge to please the cock right in front of her slowly creeped into her unaware mind, a habit that she had instilled to never let his man sleep with his balls full. By the time she realised what she was doing, his flaccid dick had grown to its full size in her hand.

‘shit.. ‘


He held her hand to prevent her from moving anymore, but both of them could sense the strong twitches in his veins. When she started to squeeze her fingers from the pinky up, his grip loosened to let her do what she wanted.

‘boy.. it’s as big as him already.’

He watched in fear as she disappeared under the blanket and stopping her head at his hips.

‘dear, i’m going to make your son happy in your place.’

That came out loud and clear despite the blanket, and he sensed a wet mouth going over his thick penis head. The young stud couldn’t help but tremble as she sucked on his member, going up and down to spread her saliva all over. There was no gagging sounds as her throat tickled his sensitive tip, continuing her trips back and forth down to the base of his ten incher.

Once he was big and strong again in his mother’s eyes, she flipped the sheets opened and laid on her back next to him.

‘Will you make mummy happy like how your father did?’

‘Isn’t it wrong for us to do that?’

‘Not if no one knew.’

She spread her legs and pussy to let him catch a glimpse of that shaved pussy, with a bit of growth after three days of no-one-to-shave-for. Ryan didn’t want to turn his mum down and went straight to work, ramming his cock into that desperate wet hole that received all of him without resistance.

The single mum let herself loose once he began slamming his hips at her, plunging that steel-like manhood into her yearning pussy. Feeling like a little girl again, he realised how desirable she was during sex. Those hard groans she tried so hard to suppress, the teary eyes that was begging for more despite how much it ached down there, he could never imagined how ‘young’ his mum would appear to be when a cock was pumping inside her.

‘Dear.. I’m gonna.. gonna.. arghhh!’

She closed her legs on him and held him down till her orgasm died down, before rolling over to get on top of him. Breasts-to-chest, only her ass were moving in an back-forth rocking motion, fucking that juicy cock to its limit.

The next five minutes were filled with hair-raising screams as she slammed her pussy down on his cock in an uncontrollable fashion. Ryan wasn’t required to do anything till then, when the imminent orgasm came for her.


She got his message immediately and slid her body down her son’s sweaty chest, taking his cock seamlessly into her mouth to milk him dry. He was groaning wildly in his most agonising state when she pumped his cock crazily at her mouth that was sucking hungrily, for every drop of his semen that, in some ways, contained her husband.

At the end of it all, he took the role of his father to tuck her into bed, and spent the rest of the nights with her. Filling his father’s shoes to love and care for the dutiful mother who brought him into their world, he got to enjoy the sexual pleasures of his devoted wife, who made it a point to keep her last connection to her late husband, happy, even if it meant doing it beyond his married life.

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