Drugged Love

(Bernice) ‘How does it feel?’

(Me) ‘Good.. ‘

My grumpy voice was all I could manage in the weakened state, from the oral Viagra gel that Bernice slipped into the drink she bought for me. The two of us had just finished the group project over pizza and coffee, completing our last assignment for the semester. After feeling all drowsy from the warm afternoon and hearty lunch, the strangely over-enthusiastic girl helped me back to my room, where she got all touchy when she spotted that raging boner under my shorts.

Stripping it off in my state of helplessness, she was nonchalantly giving me a handjob, listening while watching my physical reactions for the whole eye-opening course of it.

‘It’s really big isn’t it?’

‘Oh only you would know.’

I thought it was just a rumour when I heard that Bernice had a crush on me, since she had more eligible guys after her. I just couldn’t understand why would she settle for a guy who wore the same set of clothes week after week, life revolving around school and work without any of the nightlife her suitors frequently invited her to.

When her head disappeared out of my sight, my body had long been prepared for her mouth to make its way down my shaft, with a slight pressure around the girth under her lips. Under my closed eyes, the most beautiful streaks of lights appeared, along with the gradually increasing tingle of lust under my skin.

That calming moment lasted for a long time without rest, to a point I was about to fall asleep in that relaxing blowjob.

‘Can I ride this thing?’

‘Huh? What?’

Missing most of her question, I watched in disbelief as she stood over me, and pushed her panties under her romper to the side. She then squatted over my hips and lowered herself, moving her pussy down my cock so slowly that I almost wanted to ram my tip out of desperation, into her. The accompanying moan came when her vagina snuggled comfortably over my rod, and there was nothing but sex from then on.

Riding me with that inexperienced grinding motion, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the seductive waves of her body. Breasts that stayed firm on her chest, wobbled slightly to the rocking waist. White liquid appeared from where we joined as one, mixing our pleasure into one sexy ‘dipping’ sauce.

‘J! I’m cumminnnnggggggg!’

Her chin flung upwards and she combed her hair back, groaning louder and louder as her body slowed to a stop. At her peak, she remained completely still except for her vagina that was squeezing me so randomly. After some time, when she was finally done with her orgasm, she yanked me up by my shoulders and placed me on my knees between her opened thighs while she fell on her back.

‘Your turn to fuck me.’

I had not realised that my strength had returned, but did not spend too much time pondering on that either. Lying on top of her in missionary, I let my dick poke into that raw pussy, followed by a series of hard, merciless thrusts she couldn’t stop screaming to.

In that messy bedroom of mine, we were making passionate love, oblivious to the friendship that was transforming into something bigger. She came another time after five minutes, when I was about to finish off as well. When the end of the limit marked the time to unload, I pulled out and let her hold onto my cock as I continued ramming my hips, till that ‘string shot’ webbed all over her body, leaving us breathless and satisfied.

She quickly pulled me into her chest and smeared my love potion over our bellies, to the exchange of our first romantic kiss. In that position, my dick hardened to her sensually shy tongue movements, and that cum-soaked shaft returned to its new master’s loving wet hole.

An end of a beautiful crush, for an overwhelming, erotic love.

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