‘Are you Cantonese?’

The gorgeous girl who looked in her twenties had been sitting in the cafe for over an hour, and spoke to me when I started playing Cantopop over the speakers after hours. As the shop had always been closing early on Sundays, I would stay back to enjoy the peace after working a week, doing the paperwork in preparation for the next.

Since I wasn’t leaving, I listened to the ‘typical guy’ instinct and let her stay, unable to resist the company of a pretty girl though it was impossible for anything to happen between us. We started talking with the limited vocabulary I had, turning me into the laughing stock whenever something came out wrong in my internal Chinese-Cantonese translation.

‘I give up! I’m going to speak English from now.’

‘You should have said so earlier! I’m fine with that.’

Her accent made her English really addictive to listen to, and it wasn’t long before we had a cider to get a little high to. Time began to pass slower as our topics made a turn for the more serious ones, such as why was she not shopping and sightseeing with her flight crew.

‘My boyfriend, EX-boyfriend, broke up with me while I am in the air. Can you believe it? Over WeChat! Oh my god.. ‘

The air stewardess didn’t look one bit sad, and actually smiled wider when she thanked me for my accompanying her. We finished our drinks and left, but not before she asked if I could spend more time with her. Would I be able to turn this, broken-hearted, but sweet in everything else, girl down?

We managed to get a few bottles before the cut-off time for the sale of alcoholic beverages, and she went ranting about the interesting passengers all the way to her room. Once we took our shoes off, the ambience suddenly took a turn for the, worst(?) and she just pushed me to a wall.

I held her shoulders firmly, with that heavy bag of glass bottles still in hand, out of fear that she was getting ahead of herself. We did part ways after some time and I set the bottles down, while she went for a quick shower. The sight of her small body clad in a white, satin nightgown did caused my mind to wander a little, which was swiftly killed when I took her advice to rinse myself.

Stepping out into the cold room, I was forced to remove my shirt if I wanted to get under the blanket, which I was dying to since I was shivering in the ‘winter simulator’ room. Very soon, the alcohol we drank warmed me enough, and perhaps a little too much when I was perspiring thanks to my low-tolerance.

‘Do you want to spend the night here? I wouldn’t mind.’

‘There’s still buses for me to get home if I leave now.’

‘I shouldn’t have said that I wouldn’t mind. But, I’d love to have a warm body in bed next to me.’

Damn, she knew how to get me with words and I made myself more comfortable after informing my parents about my absence. At 1am, we found ourselves sitting dangerously close to each other against the headboard, laughing at the senseless TV shows and finishing up the last bit of our drinks.

The night pretty much came to an end when she put my bottle away, and turned off all the lights except for the one at the door, presumingly giving herself a sense of security sleeping with a ‘one-day-old’ friend. I was allowed (though she asked if I wanted to) to remove my jeans and sleep in my briefs, but doing it under the blanket.

In the dark, she placed my arm under her neck, and positioned herself closer, till I could feel a nipple poking at my rib.

‘Your heart.. ‘

‘What about it?’

She slid her hand across my chest to the other side, and raised one of her knees to bolster my leg. My imaginative mind couldn’t stop fantasising about the smoothness of her thighs, wondering if it was as ‘silky’ under her dress. It didn’t take her long to notice the tent that was built from under, and reciprocated by reaching into my underwear to hold it back from further disturbance.

(whispering) ‘do you have a camera?’

‘Yeah I do.’

(whispering)’set it up then. it will be my gift to you.’

I easily reached into my tote bag that was on the bedside desk for the compact DSLR, and started recording as soon we could see ourselves on the flip out screen. The light from the corridor, though wasn’t bright, tinted the footage with a mysterious hint of yellow, greatly appropriate for what we were filming.

The annoying blanket was left at a far corner while she pulled her nightie over her head, followed by my underwear that flew off my feet in a single tug. The wild side of her showed itself once she took a seat and bent forward, to take that shamelessly horny cock into her mouth.

Loud, steamy slurps played from her hardworking mouth, as she bounced her head up and down to keep me groaning non-stop. The good side of my mind kept reminding me that she had just broken up, and I might be causing more harm letting her do this for me. As for the bad side, he was just enjoying the very thing she had done for her ex, in a half-hearted attempt to convince me that she was just repaying me with the skills she learnt.

(her moaning) ‘Mmm.. ‘

I squinted my eyes at her to see that she had stuck one hand under her legs, and was pleasuring herself at the same time. The emotional me couldn’t let her ‘work’ anymore and I carried her into bed, resting her body in my warm spot while I went on my knees between her legs. She was watching me the whole time I brought her calves up to her shoulders, and used her arms to hold them in place.

That tantalising view of her pussy, that I had visually confirmed to be as smooth as a baby’s ass, was hard to resist especially with her nectar oozing like overflowing Nutella. I started feasting on her pussy after taking some deep breaths, and heard nothing but ‘more’ from her. My tongue worked tirelessly on that deliciously, tasteless (in a good way) labia to lick everything up, until an orgasm weakened her arms and lashed a flying kick to my chest.

(her panting) ‘Fuck.. That was good!’

She turned to a side and angled the ‘above’ leg perpendicular, prying her ass apart to hint me with her pussy. Smiling in disbelief at how this innocent, classy girl was, I sat over her straight leg and penetrated her with an abundance of lubricating jucies, making her so slippery and terrifying doing it raw with her.

This particular position was easiest for me, since I need not hold onto anything, and just jerked my ass back and forth, ramming that proud cock of mine so deep she began sobbing while clenching onto the bedsheets.

‘Hey.. ‘

‘I’m good! Keep going. It’s just fucking beautiful. I haven’t made such selfless love in a long time. Keep going.’

I resumed my rhythmic thrusts and acelerated, till her next orgasm that lingered longer than I thought. Seeming to last as indefinitely as my moving hips, I pumped her with all my remaining strength. I was pleasantly surprised when I experienced the never-ending increasing tightness of her pussy, driving me to my end before..

(me grunting) ‘FUCK! I’m CUMMING!’

(her screaming) ‘Don’t stop! I’m on the pill! Just.. ahh.. ahh.. ahh!’

My revolver pulled back, and fired the first round to the sudden expansion of her vagina, that sucked everything clean out from the barrel. The violent contractions happened in both of us as more rounds were shot, and more withdrawals were made. My strength (physical), my morals, my dear life force all went with that unforgettable orgasm. My body lost its balance and ‘big spooned’ her till both of drifted off to sleep.

*Knock knock*

(friend shouting) ‘Xiao Ting! Are you awake? Let’s go for breakfast!’

She opened the door with the only blanket we had, for her two colleagues that weren’t surprised one bit when they saw me stranded naked in her bed. Xiao Ting changed into a new set of clothes in front of us and took my number, so we might meet again if fate allowed us to. After she left the room with one of her friends first, the other came up to me and told me, that Xiao Ting, is actually Singaporean and they had crashed in the hotel paid for by their airline.

Fine. I shouldn’t have used the word ‘crashed’ especially when they worked for an aviation company. But she and I, we did spend many nights in luxurious hotels whenever she wasn’t flying. Hmm.. an air stewardess for a fling, that isn’t THAT concerned about dick sizes compared to affection. Jealous?

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