Instant Fondle

‘Kak, adik lapar.. ‘
Translate: (older) Sister, I’m hungry..

‘Tapi kita tak ade duit untuk bendu tu.’
Translate: But we don’t have money for that.

The Malay girl had a packet of instant noodle in one hand and held on her little brother’s hand in the other. Looking as plain as any customers you can find in a supermarket, she was in a simple outfit of t-shirt and shorts, like how her brother was dressed.

Tending to my own business, I overtook them to get to the cashier, and found them queuing right behind me.

‘Sir, is that all?’

I reached for her packet of Maggie Mee and added it to my purchase, which contained four more packets of instant noodles for myself. She didn’t say anything till we were far away from the check out line, and I sorted the food out on the floor.

‘This bag is for you.’

‘I can’t take this. There’s too much.’

Her brother than dashed off in the direction of an older Malay woman, which I assumed was their mum seeing how that little boy hugged her. This long haired girl in front of me waved for them to go ahead and took all the shopping bags from my hand, continuing on our journey out of the mall.

I dare not interrupt her way to thank me by carrying my groceries, till we reached the base of the overhead bridge we just crossed.

‘I don’t think we can offer you dinner.’

‘It’s okay. Well, if your mum don’t mind, I can cook something for you guys. Don’t think there is any pork in there.’

She ran to her mum after hearing that and returned to me with a smile. We made our way to her three-room flat and began cooking immediately, over a fire that was flickering due to the near-empty gasoline tank. In the four bowls of noodles, prawns, fish slices, seaweed strips made their meal so wholesome that her mother teared up after seeing it.

‘Go eat with him in your room. There is more space there.’

I totally understood what she meant, as the dining table was overcrowded with biscuits and tins of powdered drinks. I followed her into her room, neat and tidy with her study table empty except for a pen holder. Over dinner, she told me her name, Myra, and what her family was going through after her dad didn’t come home since last week.

Unluckily for her, she was in the critical third year of poly when things went downhill, exams denying her the option to find work to support the family.

‘I’ll bring the bowl to the kitchen. You just have a sit on the bed.’

The laptop was the most expensive thing I could find in her room, plain and empty except for the two beds against each side. Myra came back into the room with Ribena, and we just chilled on her bed while some music played from her laptop.

‘I’m sorry that you’ll be going home empty handed.’

‘Says who? Haha. I am going home with a warmer heart.’

I could tell how much happier she was after the good meal, and let her play with my hand out of boredom. Distracted by my phone that was bombarded with work, it was her thighs clamping my hand down that got my attention.

‘Hey hey. I should be going now. I’ve done what I wanted to.’

‘You’re a nice guy.’

‘I know.’

Two of my fingers were pushed into the gaps of her shorts and was massaging over her panties, which she pulled aside with her other hand.

‘You shaved.’

Fuck my despo head for blurting that out!

‘You like it?’

The two fingertips curled under her fingers into the moist opening, and I just continued past the unintended progress. For a girl who appeared so religious, she wasn’t shy about helping me get my pants off, and even started jerking me by my side.

Her moans came out loudly, almost forced me to stop if she hasn’t covered her mouth. Seated side-by-side, it was more than easy to let her bend over my groin to suck that uncut Chinese cock eagerly. I couldn’t open my eyes at all with that lips gliding along my shaft, driving me crazy with that tongue fluttering all over my little head.


We froze and looked at the door that just closed, with a consensus that her mum already knew what we were up to. How could I not protect her the way she thought I would?

‘Do you have a condom?’

She asked with her glistering lips from the blowjob.

‘Wait here.’

She creeped to the last drawer under her study table and took a condom out from the deeper side. According to my knowledge, Muslims had a thing against condoms, but that sneaky move of hers did get her more respect since she knew what was best for her.

The condom went over my cock with some difficulty but it was done nonetheless. She made me sit at the edge of the bed and faced forward while sticking her ass out, slowly lowering over my cock that I held upright for her. That breath-taking pressure of her vaginal walls really threw me into a state of frenzy when it swallowed me whole, fitting tightly at the base without so much showing a gap.

She pushed me down on the bed before picking herself up, and bounced gracefully without so much a sound from where our organs touched. My eyes were on that gorgeous view of a thin girl riding me off, and knew how to rub her clit while at it. My twitching legs only made her crazier as she slammed her body harder, shaking her fine ass to the sides at times.

‘J.. I’m.. ‘

She made her last descend and showed me a whole new world in that shrinking pussy, that immobilised her apart from the tiny shiver. After a few minutes, she was rocking her hips up and down my groin, tilting my cock up and down instead of ‘in and out’ inside her.

That new move was my first and the urge came to an abrupt end when it suddenly told me ‘shooting now’. It came at the most unexpected moment in the most neutral mood, that I wished was much more intense.

‘Shooting now.’

I told her what I was thinking and she leaned forward on her feet, twerking, yes, twerking, at me for the finale. My cum streamed out into the condom politely until I was groaning to the oversensitive tip.

Myra then removed the condom and went down on me again, sending chills up my spine when she caringly licked that pipe clean. She certainly gave me one more thing to remember her by.

‘Dah bersih! I mean.. it’s cleaned now.’

Out of fun, we wore our clothes for each other to a few more hugs and kisses that we almost couldn’t pull away from. When I was leaving, her brother gave me a hug around my leg, and her mum requested her to send me downstairs. Take the stairs from the fifth floor, we managed to get to the third before she pinned me against a wall to make out.

One thing leading to another, my cock poked out of my pants, and went into her pussy she had taken her shorts off for. We went for another round of passionate, raw sex at the .5 platform between two floors. This time, she got to my ejaculating cock in time to catch my load in her mouth.

By the time we actually reached the first floor, she had swallowed my load and clung to me like a girlfriend.

‘Will I see you again?’

‘Tomorrow. 5pm. NTUC entrance.’

‘No! Meet me at my house. And then we’ll decide.’

I wasn’t going to do nothing for her family, but a quickie before grocery shopping didn’t sound too bad too. Oh! Rice! Must get rice! And my favourite Japanese seaweed sprinkle that they wouldn’t hate.

Do I need to get condoms though?

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