The sound came from a car that had its window rolled down, while a feminine hand waved for me to go over. Walking slowly towards it, a woman’s head poked out and a few jerks shook her gently.


‘Are you free now?’


‘Come into the front seat.’

I went through the door next to her and met the man, who was seated with his hips against her ass. While the girl was fully naked, he had a shirt on.

‘Bro, you can play with her boobs.’

I slipped my hand along the window and groped a feel, of that soft and slightly saggy breast. He began pumping her again, as I fondled her nipples in turns.

(her whispering) ‘honey, can I do something for him too?’

‘Later la.’

He got on his knees and pounded her really hard, making her moan out of the car that got her so embarrassed.

(him groaning) ‘I’m gonna cum! Nghh! Nghh! Nghh!’

His hips buckled and I watched him pull his cock out, before quickly wearing his pants back.

‘Bro, come to the back. Change seats with me.’

The two of us swapped places, for me to sit next to his girl while he took the dashcam down.

(him asking her) ‘So what does he need to do?’


(him saying) ‘Wah lau. I don’t even get such a treat!’

He was cool about what she said and let his girl help lower my pants. My dick received a thorough cleaning with the wet wipes in his car, before she positioned me to lie against the door.

(him mumbling) ‘Let’s add some music.’

The radio came on after that, as her mouth went down my cock, to send me into the heavens with that tongue of hers. The delicate, thoughtful strokes went up and down my shaft, paying extra attention to the little head she sucked hard on. Groans soon came out of my mouth, to the deeper reach of her lips. The few seconds she held her place at the bottom drove me high to a point that I could barely open my eyes.

Following that ‘oral orientation’, she pressed her lips tighter at the base and pulled upwards, repeating that motion long enough for my legs to start trembling.

‘Babe! Why are you enjoying his cock so much!’

‘Cause he taste.. *Mmm* really good.. ‘

The same upward tug continued for as long as she needed, until I tapped on her bare back.

‘Cumming soon?’

(me gronaing) ‘Yes.. ‘

She turned her head with my cock in her mouth towards the camera, and let her guy hold her hair up. My breaths went faster as she shoved her face in my groin, putting up a show for him to record the kinkiness between her and a stranger.

(me panting) ‘Fuck! Cumming!’

The suction I sensed easily caused a sight of her collapsed cheeks in my mind, as I blew my load into her mouth that her lips were still massaging around my ‘helmet’. It was undoubtedly the best blowjob I’ve ever received by someone I didn’t know, having drained of any strength once she parted ways with my erection.

(him asking her) ‘Swallowing?’


Right. She must have, to reply him. They got busy reviewing the footage while I put my pants back on, still awkwardly seated near the excited couple.

‘Bro, give me your number. I’ll send it to you. It’s fucking good! I swear.’

I gave him my number and we went out for a smoke, while her girl went for another round herself, masturbation for the camera that she stuck on the gearbox.

‘Eh bro. Next time, help us record. I think she likes you enough to let you do that.’


I left after he went into the car, mind still unable to believe what just happened. Random sex, how far fetched was it really?

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