Fuck Zone(s)

‘Eh. Can you help me take a picture? Let me see how it looks on camera.’


I had followed Fiona to shop for some clothes after dinner, at one of the apparel shops she frequent enough to know the staff, who excused herself when I stepped into the changing room.

The dress she wore was a blue one, with some fabric overlapping at her chest, which actually ‘boosted’ her assets as they were supposed to be. When I took the shot, her bra and panties could be seen hanging on the wall, indicating how tight the dress was to imprint the VPL (visible panty line) if she had it on.

‘Come in come in. I’ll change and you shoot. Faster this way.’

She conveniently wriggled out of the dress and put on a black version, which was stretched so thin around her ass I could see her butt crack. That deep cleavage, brief sights of her nudity, and a few accidental bumps on my groin, caused the intended effect when a guy and a girl were locked in a tiny room.

‘Someone getting hard huh? After this k?’

‘After this?’

She put on a two piece outfit next, with an off shoulder crop top and a tight checkered skirt, which material looked so, flowy, soft, light, translucent, even with its layered design. I took some pictures of her in that and let her checked the outcome.

‘You just make me wanna get all three.’

‘Haha. Hey. I just took them at an angle that you look in.’

‘Say say only.’

She removed her heels and pushed me against the door, which thankfully was secured in a way that didn’t buckle under my weight. The cheerful girl then went for my belt next, undoing them so loudly with the metal parts hitting everywhere.

‘So, what do you want me to do with it?’

She had caught her long hair in a bundle, and went took my cock in her mouth before I could reply. In that brightly room, it was somewhat natural to feel a little guilty, to see a beautiful face sucking on a thick, heartless piece of meat. The make up she had made her skin so flawless, on top of her addictive character that made many guys turn green with our friendship.

For a ‘unhappening’ guy like me, she had spent a lot of time around me, as if I was friend-zoned far enough for anything to happen between us.



The playful bite she gave brought me back to the silent foreplay we were having, so I could give her all my attention. Checking my watch constantly, the blowjob lasted exactly two minutes before she got up, and stuck one of my hand between her legs. Just as my fingers started to move, she slapped on my shoulder and snarled at me.

(her whispering ‘just check if I am wet enough la!’

(me whispering) ‘we’re doing it here?!’


She turned to the full-length mirror as her ass stuck out, shaking it teasingly for me to poke into. Without a condom, there was nothing I could do, except to enter her raw. It didn’t take me long to start pounding her ass, jutting her in ‘her’ face through the mirror. Our eyes were staring dead at each other as our movements got wilder, to the increasing tightness of her pussy.

(me whispering) ‘I think I’m gonna cum soon.’

(her whispering ‘Just cum la!’

(me whispering) ‘Inside?!’


Guessing that she knew herself best, I didn’t argue anymore and rammed to my heart’s content, feeling her squeezing me in milking motion as we reached the end. In under two minutes, I was grabbing her waist so hard, as I filled her up with my cream, that I was so afraid that it wouldn’t stop shooting when it began (which of course didn’t happen).

After I left my seeds in her, I wore my pants back while she leaned against the mirror, and proceeded to rub one out in front of me. Armed with her camera, I started filming her dirty side until she finished shivering from her orgasm.

‘Kk. Let’s go.’

I left the room first and waited for her before she came out in the same clothes we fucked in.

‘Had fun?’

The female staff was almost grinning when we went to the counter, where Fiona went behind to let her scan, and cut the tags from her purchase. Adding one more bag of her own clothes to the ones I was carrying, we left the store tired, but happier having our affection made known to each other.

‘From now on, we are not just best friends k?’

Whatever she meant, I couldn’t be happier to acknowledge. We went to her place to put her stuff down, and went into her room straight in a raging fire of lust. It seemed that her family knew about me, and was more than happy to let me spend nights at their place since I wasn’t that much of a fuckboy-boyfriend to have.

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