Surprise Surprise


‘Hey. Oh my god. Breakfast?’

Although I was a little grouchy in the morning, the sight of Shermaine and her plastic bag full of food did cheer me up a little. She had bought porridge for my whole family, and the both of us had ours in my room. As usual, she could only finish half of her portion and left the rest to me, while she gave me another surprise..

After she put on some light music on her phone, she did a little dance with her killer hot bod, while stripping down to her birthday suit. It was only then did I realised, that she had applied make up, while clothed in the light yellow floral spag dress we bought together.

Of course, my growing erection didn’t stop me from eating but it wasn’t long before I had to stop – cause she started with her ‘dessert’ while I still eating at the head of the bed.

Unsure of what came over her, she began kissing my deflating morning wood affectionately, leaving a generous amount of saliva everywhere her tongue could reach. I had never experienced such, initiative from her.


The tip of my cock disappeared between her red lips, and a groan just left with some of my soul, which weakened my arm holding that TupperWare container.

‘Finish your porridge first.’

I pulled myself together (as best as I could), and swallowed faster, before an accident happen. Her mouth was bobbing at high speed by the time I left the bowl at the side of my bed, almost overwhelmed by her enthusiastism.

‘Let me make you cum first.’

‘Really? I mean, you want to.. ‘


Shermaine used every trick she knew, to take my cock into her throat and kept shoving at that depth, fondling my balls at the same time like no tomorrow. Next, she was shifting her body around as she sucked, till her knees were over my head. Knowing her well, she wasn’t someone who liked to be licked, but that day..

Her moans became louder as I rapidly flicked my tongue on her clit, occasionally giving ‘it’ a hard suck to lure it out. We were basically making out with each other’s genitals in that erotic, hot, 69 sex, going like sex-deprived teens even though we just did it a few days ago.

‘Dear! I’m going to shoot!’


Her jaws widened and let my hips ram that dick down (or up) her throat without stopping me. Whenever I slowed down to the painful-sounding gags, she would then shove her face at my groin to tease me. The last lap was in her control as I gently pressed her neck down when I was cumming, which she obliged by choking herself at the base of my shaft.

My guilt slowly disappeared to her rising head, with more gagging noises till she was at the tip again, sucking the last bits out hungrily. My tongue had temporarily forgot to keep going, and the little ‘face ride’ let me eat her out for another few minutes.

After that intense oral fun, she just laid on top of me, with that overflowing pussy right before my eyes. Well, which guy could resist NOT laying hands on the juicy, shaved part of his girl right? I was soon running my fingers along her ‘pages of erotica’, which only got her to moan and squirm to my every probe.

She, wasn’t doing nothing either. My dick was receiving her most delicate care that consisted of pecks, little sucks, rubs, strokes from her playful hand. Five minutes, was all we spent to get my erection back again, and she was up and running in no time.

This time, she sat on top with my dick right under her pussy, like a sausage between two plump sides of a bun. The dreamy-faced girl rocked her hips back and forth in that set up, grinding that enlarging meat pipe to its way to a happy ending. My eyes were on her throughout the whole time, admiring, and wondering what was going through her.

Honestly, this particularly outward personality wasn’t expected at all, since I was her first boyfriend.

‘Can you cum like this?’

‘It might take a while.’

‘Hmm.. Let’s try another position.’

She helped me up and we sat upright with our legs overlapping, groins within each other’s reach. One of her hands went around my saliva-coated dick and her other went to her pussy, masturbating both persons she loved more than anything else in the world.

Granted a first-row seat to such a ‘performance’, I couldn’t stop smiling at that shy look she gave whenever she saw me lusting for her. Her handjob was going better than when she was introduced to it, clicking on all my buttons in the right pressure. Up and down she went non-stop, without exhibiting any signs of tiredness at all.

‘I think it’s coming. Don’t stop.’

I bit my lips as she fingered herself at maximum speed, while closely watching my facial responses to the speed she unconsciously got right.

‘Ok ok. Now now.’

‘Wait wait! Shucks!’

She hopped into doggystyle and took my cock in her mouth, just in time to catch the outgoing load that was taking all of my strength away. Her throat gurgled as she swallowed each wave willingly, melting my heart to see her pleasing her man like this.

Finally, I was drained when she cleaned me up with some wet wipes, leaving me with little energy to follow through the plans we had for the day.

‘Don’t wear any underwear k?’


We got dressed together after I took a shower, and she skipped her panties to match me. Our first stop, or rather, my first ‘obstacle’, was the bus ride. She took the first chance she had to slip her hand into the beach shorts she picked for me, and played my cock in every way possible to get a groan out of me. The nail that ran from the pee hole, around the sensitive ‘hood’, along the track under my shaft, then forming an O-shape at the base, pulling up to the helmet part, and vibrating quickly under the hood again.

I was barely holding in my voice, apart from the unmistakable quivers that shook my body. When we were about to reach our destination, was I allowed to reach under her dress, to feel the droplets leaking down her ass crack into her dress.

So, for the whole twenty minutes ride, I was kept awake, as well as Shermaine who was so turned on by turning me on. I just couldn’t imagine how exhausted I would be when the day was over.

At our favourite sushi place, we placed our orders impatiently and I stretched one of my feet under the table between her legs. She obediently gave me a feet-clean with the wet tissue, before she covered it under her dress. So while we cleared plates after plates of cheap but to-die-for sushi, she was trying to contain her moans that almost burst out when my toes felt an extra dose of wetness from that blind footrub.

In an hour, the dinner was over along with some chit chats, which we always looked forward to at the end of the dates. By then, my foot was cleaned and dried, everything put back in place just like our bloated bellies.

‘So, do you like this girlfriend today?’

‘Uh huh!’

‘Haha. Silly monkey. Sorry for not being the cute and innocent girl you fell in love with. As I feel more and more for you, I’m afraid I will turn into someone else. So.. this is the someone else.’

‘And so you know, I don’t love you for your cuteness or innocence. I have loved you for who you will become with me.’

She gave me the sweetest smile for that day and we Uber-ed home, with a mutual ‘get off’ in the back of the car, WHICH I think the driver was aware of but didn’t stop us for the 5-stars feedback. That night, we stayed over at her place after ‘bribing’ her family with some beancurd.

‘Let’s stay as quiet as possible k?’

We stripped each other’s clothes off and she began with a brief blowjob, getting me all worked up to move my fingers in and out of her. Of all the times we had spent sleeping side by side, that night was the most unforgettable one, for we took turns to keep each other awake till both of us couldn’t handle it anymore.

Shermaine, 16.
Me, 5.

Oh, and we only woke up at 2pm the next day, to her parents asking us to join them for lunch. Did I mention she’s a virgin? :)

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