Old Flame Burns

‘How have you been! Long time no see!’

The now-engaged friend had caught me off guard when we bumped into each other in town. Her fiancĂ© was there then but his wife, Jessica, was just so thrilled to see me that he couldn’t contain her excitement at all. In the end, he had to leave after she gave him the puppy-eyes treatment to let her catch up with me, an old friend, over dinner.

I was totally underdressed compared to the maxi dress she wore, especially when she brought me to a restaurant in a hotel for dinner. It wasn’t about how much the meal cost, but no one else wore a t-shirt there, much less a hoodie that I thought would make me more presentable.

We sort of relived our own times when we hung out a lot, having no one else with grades as bad as us, but still managed to pull through school to who we are today.

‘Hey! Since I am getting married soon. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you that I had a crush on you once!’

‘Haha. I guess most best-friends-relationship will meet this kind of fate in the end.’

‘And what fate is that? One sided love?’

‘Not really. I am going to tell you now that I had a crush on you too!’

‘What the fuck right?! So when did you realised you liked me?’

‘When you tried to crush my hand when I pull you up on the jetty?’

‘Hey! That’s my moment too! Argh! Life.’

We finished the dessert and took a walk around the hotel, going up to the highest floor to look out of the window.

(me asking cheekily) ‘Hey hey. So.. do you still like me?’

‘I have never felt anything like that with him. What do you think?’

*sigh* Same for my girlfriends after meeting you too.’

She then went away to make a call before we head downstairs, where she collected a key card from the front desk. Of course, I wasn’t that dumb to NOT see where this was going. Grabbing my hand, she dragged me into the lift while nodding conveniently to whatever I say to talk her out of it. In the presence of the hotel staff along the corridor, I didn’t struggle and went into the room with her, where I didn’t take another step away from the door.

‘Hey Jess. I am not going to do this. I’m serious.’

‘Do you know how SnapChat works?’

She let her dress fall to the ground and in her bra, she raised her phone to ‘frame’ us on the screen. That girl had obviously gone bonkers after that confession, which I wrongly assumed was too late for anything to happen. Once I dashed to her phone to keep it away, she pulled me to the bed and stripped her undies off.

‘Let’s make up for lost time tonight.’

‘What! No!’

‘Or should I cancel that wedding with him?’

‘Fuck no!’

I couldn’t believe how dead serious Jessica was when she said that, cause SHE was the one earning his year’s pay in a month, paying for most, if not all, of their wedding expenses. I helplessly let her take my shirt off and undid my jeans myself, hoping to relief some of the guilt I had. The bath I took with her had no shortage of touchy contact as she took her time to convince me that everything would be fine, buying me over with a soapy handjob I couldn’t hold back from enjoying.

As we got more daring in the bathtub, my guilt slowly disappeared to the loving hands stroking my solid hard on. To return her favour, I gave the gorgeous wife (of another man) a treat of my mouth, which ate her out with the passion I thought was gone a long time ago. Having seen her in her swimsuit countless times during our mid-day swim, it was that night I saw what a beauty she was underneath.

Near-perfect, soft and supple skin, covering her whole body, right down to her pussy my fingers (and mouth) had a chance with. The ambient in the bathroom was a subtle one though, compared to the change of mood once we jumped into bed. Lying on top of her, our mouths really took the opportunity to make up for lost time as we moved without leaving each other’s lips.

‘Put it in now.’

‘Without.. ‘

‘Yes. I am on the pill. Something even he doesn’t know.’

I arched my hips inwards and let the warm, soothing vagina shrink around my drill bit, savouring the most sensual part of her I had missed many years back. Moving slowly for a start, my mind quickly took over and I was humping her in a hurry to cum. I could tell that it wasn’t sex that we wanted. The connection had told me, albeit in a different way, that we, had missed each other a whole, fucking lot.

‘I think I’m gonna cum soon!’

‘I’ll come with you too. Keep going.. ahh.. ahh!’

Her pussy tightened beyond my comfort zone and I let my body did the rest of the work, pumping her full of my cum as she milked every bit of it out. My arms gave way to that breathtaking orgasm and I collapsed on top of her, which she then guided me to lie beside her while she..

Went between my legs and laid calmly on my thigh, looking, and stroking my spent cock in an attempt to get it up again. Ten minutes, was what I needed, in her mouth that kept sucking non-stop to drive me out of control. Once my erection returned, she jumped on top of me and slapped my hands on her C cups, while she rocked my brains to a blur.

‘You’re so much harder now!’

Her hips couldn’t stop no matter how I tried to hold her down, grinding and riding me like she was getting her dose of drug. There was absolutely nothing I could do except to groan and scream when she came while on top, giving me the first taste of a naturally-occurring orgasm.

Besides being really tight unlike the earlier climax, she was leaking so much down my waist. When she finally laid on my chest to get her break, my hips too over and rammed upwards till I unloaded a second time inside her. The intensity was nothing less than before but she was almost out cold once my balls were vacuumed dry from her contracting vaginal walls.

In that position, we exchanged kisses till we fell asleep, which I had to admit was one of the best sleep I ever had.

At day break, loud talking from the bathroom woke me up and I dare not interrupt her until she appeared through the door with a wide smile.

‘It’s done! We’re over.’


‘Yes! Fuck.’

Jessica flipped the blanket covering my naked half and went down on my guilt-tripped little penis, till we were fucking like wild rabbits again.

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