‘Oi. You want to have dinner together?’

The brown haired ah lian who just got her hair cut and dyed, jumped at me the instant I stepped out of the hair studio. I was sure she had waited at least fifteen minutes for me, with evidence of cigarette butts and an approximation of the time needed to fix my head of unkempt hair.

Since I had no plans that night, I agreed and we went for dinner at the coffeeshop next door, with some beers she ordered so naturally like how I had coffee for every meal.


‘I’m good. I had too much today.’

‘Wa lao. Don’t even give chio bu face.’

The huge difference in our communication method was refreshing for a change, thus, I lit a stick with her while finishing the last bit of beer in our mugs.

(me asking) ‘Do you live around here?’

‘Just upstairs. You?’

‘The block opposite.’

Once our tummies were filled, she got up and walked to the lift, as if she knew that I wouldn’t walk the other way. When we stepped into her house, her mum warmly welcomed me, like I was the best guy her daughter ever brought home.

Translate: I’m be in the room with my friend. Don’t enter if nothing’s up


She quickly dragged me into her ‘princess’ room that was super tidy on the ‘bed side’, and really messy on the ‘wardrobe side’. She even had fairy lights hanging on the wall next to her bed. I couldn’t tell if she was going for the sweet-young-thing look, or the im-yo-bitch look.

‘You want to drink anything?’

‘Nope. I’m good.’

‘K. I go get something first.’

She left me on the bed and fetched a bottle of water, along with two glass cups that clearly wasn’t used daily. Being the guy you guys know, I didn’t want to initiate anything in case that wasn’t her intention. But..

‘Eh. Sit closer to me la. You scared I eat you ah?’

I shyly shifted myself next to her, lying against the wall while she scrolled through her FaceBook updates on her iPad. She could tell I wasn’t the type to get ahead of myself nor take the bait, given how awkward the silence was in her room. I could only imagine what she was trying to come up with to handle a guy like me.

Only when she set her iPad aside and laid on the bed, did things really started moving in the direction she wanted.

‘Lie with me leh.’

I became the little spoon as she hugged close to her tank top, tiny remi shorts clad body. When the fairy lights were finally turned off, the room was thrown into complete darkness.

‘You wear jeans the whole day not hot meh?’

The slang she used throughout the day was slightly comical to say, but I was getting used to it too. Not wanting to deny her advances anymore, I unbuckled my belt and felt her get all excited while taking her own shorts off. In no time, we were just in our undies and my hand went over to her panties that was nothing less than soaked, if I had to describe it.

As I started rubbing her through the panties, she did the same to my bulge, before hearing a little crackle coming from her door.

‘Sigh. What she wants now.’

We saw a condom poke out from the gap under her door and she retrieved it, embarrassed by what her mum suspected would happen. Our foreplay resumed as soon as she was back in the bed, driving up the temperature that was rising with the volume of our moans.

‘Want me to suck?’

‘What? Do you always ask your guys that question?’

‘It’s straightforward what. And guys usually take so long to ask.’

‘Haha! Then no. I don’t want you to suck.’

I positioned my knees between her legs and went down on her without saying anymore, eating her out with the erotic waves of her hips. The pink, raw slit overflowing with lust, quenched my thirst while I listened to her intensifying cries of pleasure.

‘Ahh! Why must other guys hesitate so much when I ask for this?!’

Her clit was the focus of my attack and I did not stop till she came once from the result of my hard work. The girl deserved to be treated less than a lady, especially after how she had accustomed herself to please men before herself. I then grabbed the condom and slipped it on, lying over her body to engage in a hot, sexy tongue fight that we couldn’t break away from.

(her whispering) ‘You’re really a thoughtful you know?’

I arched my hips forward and slid my tool into her, splitting that Red Sea of hers for the experience of my lifetime. The thin rubber between us was almost negligible given how tight she was, still lubricating itself from my unexpected display of affection.

We spent the next few minutes, in violent thrusts that caused her to moan so loudly, that got me worried about how to explain ourselves to her mum. Her fingers running along my back, feet wrapped around my butt, tireless lips kisses, ferociously slurping tongue, I had to admit she felt as good as my ex-girlfriend.

‘I think I’m gonna cum soon.’

‘Just go all the way.’

She hugged me like a teddy bear in her arms and I just let my hips fuck the life out of her, till I blew my load into the condom that was glowing hot in the loving caress of her pussy.

Pulling it out of her reluctant body, we cleaned up with the water she brought and dried ourselves up with one of her worn t-shirt.

‘Can you teach me how to be a lady? You are so different from the guys I have met.’

‘You know, I don’t have to teach you that. You just need to be treated like one all the time and you’ll become one.’

‘Really? Then, can you treat me like one from now on?’

‘I.. I’m not sure about that. I don’t know if I am ready to be in a relationship.’

(her whispering) ‘It comes with lots of benefits.’

The wink she gave after that melted my heart, but it was really my dick who agreed to be hers. After I came another time to the blowjob she insisted I accepted for an ‘opening ceremony’, we went out of the room to introduce ourselves proper, to her mum whom changed into a see-through sleep dress that her daughter knew exactly what she was getting to.

So, from then on, I only went to her place when she’s with me, to avoid creating any conflicts between her mum and her, Rebecca.

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