Lonely Woman

When sobbing noises came from the Malay woman sitting at the table next to mine, I was so tempted to comfort her, but the thought of us wanting to be left alone when sad, stopped me from approaching her. On top of her almost-too-skinny figure, the little boy playing by himself seemed really young. I just can’t help but suspect that it was family-related issues bothering her.

‘Your daddy is not coming back anymore.. you understand?’

She looked at him, then me with sunken eyes, obviously exhausted from what they were going through. Seeing the tired mother pick that toddler up a few times after he tried to walk, I went up to him and entertained him for a bit, so she could get a break from helping him up.

‘Sir, are you married?’


‘How old are you?’

‘I’m 28.’

Sigh. And I am so much younger than you.’

I carried the boy around for a while to let his laughter brighten her mood, which totally worked when she came up to play with him. Standing slightly shorter than me, the thin black shirt did little to hide the protruding nipples.

After ten minutes, he began snoring on my shoulder and we made our way up to her place, while she stood behind me, quietly watching her baby boy sleep in peace.

Once in her house, I was told to keep very quiet until we reached her bedroom, where a cot, bed, TV, shelf and wardrobe crowd the tiny floor space.

‘put him down here.’

As the lights were not turned on, the nightlight on the floor was all that illuminated our presence. She said nothing when she placed her hands on my shoulders, giving me a massage that couldn’t come at a better time. Five minutes later, I turned her back towards me and was about to return the favour when she suddenly pulled her shirt off.

‘this will be better.’

I worked my hands down her back and felt her holding them at some time, guiding them around her ribs to massage those A cups. A boner was already raging in my shorts since we entered the room, but I couldn’t bear to think dirty of a mum who was just doing her best to provide for her child.

‘take off your shorts too. I can massage that part if you want.’

She got up from the bed and wriggled her tights off, getting me to do the same after seeing her naked waist down. We laid silently in bed and only moved our hand, pleasing each other in the safest manner ever. Things got easier once she turned her body towards me, jerking me off while I fingered her as deep as I could in that less-than-ideal angle.

The dry handjob slowly turned wetter once we applied some saliva, filling the room with a salty scent of sex that was happening at our fingertips.

Mummy came soon after I focused on her clit, and drenched my fingers with a honey thick liquid that I couldn’t believe.

‘I miss being in a man’s arm.’

‘And I miss having a girl in my arms too.’

She brought one of her hands against my cheeks and let our lips touched, making out as I neared my imminent orgasm .

‘Shooting soon dear.’

I got out of the bed at her request and she sat at the edge of the bed, jerking me at full force till I was high beyond the heavens. She formed a seal around the tip with her lips, while her hand continued pumping my shaft for the powerful release lives into her mouth.

My mind went as dark as the room when that moment came, draining me of all energy that caused me to wobble a little. She swallowed everything after the last burst left my cock, and wiped me clean with his baby wipes.

We got dressed and made our way to the void deck again, and found another spot in a nearby park for more petting that would end up in her mouth again.

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