Sneak Attack

‘Oh my god! What are you guys doing! Don’t play la! It’s ticklish!’

Two of Natalie’s friends had tied her arms to the bed and were stripping her shorts off when she woke up. Nat put up a really fierce fight to stop them, but couldn’t do much without her hands. When one of them whipped out a rabbit vibrator, she just screamed in horror knowing that they were crazy enough to put it inside her, her virgin pussy.

‘Stop! Oh my god! Don’t you dare! I am so going to scream if you continue!’

In the private villa, there was no one else besides them in that house, that was in a mess after her birthday party. These three girls were best friends who shared every secrets they had, including the one that Natalie had never masturbated before.

With each of them sitting on one of her calves, she could stop the toy from running up and down her pussy, that was starting to get wet from the rotating head. While Rina was using the scary looking toy on their best friend’s clit, Lena’s hands were on her nipples, twisting them as she continued shouting between moans.



The toy stopped swirling as the tip poked into her vagina, tearing her untouched pussy apart as wide as the girth of the dildo. It wasn’t exactly painful since she was thrusting very slowly, but sure as hell it felt weird to have a foreign object inside her.

(Lena saying) ‘Look how wet she is!’

More of the dildo disappeared into her to the gentle in-out motion, till the clit-tip was on her, well, clit.

‘Please take it? Please please please!’

A click turned it on and her toes curled down as her eyes froze in shock, receiving her first dose of pleasure she was still trying to comprehend. The girls were very patient and massaged her everywhere until Nat was breathing deeply, giving off soft moans as the toy spun around her vagina.

Lena took over the toy and began moving it back and forth, sending strong shivers across Nat’s body while her hips sank and rose.

‘Something’s happening! Something’s happeninnnnngggg!’

Her jaws dropped in a silent scream as juices started spraying from her pussy, drenching the excited girls in her cum while they pumped the toy even faster. Knowing that their bestie could squirt, they went crazy with dildo-ing her until she came again, and again, for at least three times.

After an hour of torture, they finally set her free and laid next to her, rubbing her sore clit at the same time using both her hands to masturbate themselves. That was also the time when Nat first touched another girl’s pussy, which she had always been curious about.

(Rina asking) ‘Do you want to use the toy on any of us?’

(Nat panting) ‘Yes! You!’

She snatched the toy from Lena and stuck the wet tip into Rina, pumping it so fast and furiously into her tight pussy. At no point in time was Nat’s clit nor pussy was left alone, since the third wheel would always be fondling her.

In one way or another, she began liking how she sounded when they pleasured her, and didn’t hold herself back from trying everything she had fantasied about. The whole revenge dildo fuck happened to all three of them throughout the night, taking turns to push their friends to their limits.

That night, Nat thoroughly explored her two friends, from making out to fingering them, and getting fingered to squirting points. For the girl who just turned 18, it was the craziest night that she ever had, and awakened the monster which organised sleepovers and BBQ camps by the beach where they would go wild in her 6-man tent.

And no, no guys were ever invited to their girlie threesome.

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