Accredited Tutor

Chelsea opened the door in her nightgown after I knocked for close to five minutes, leading me to her bedroom while pulling her cardigan tightly over her chest.

Chelsea: ‘Sit here for a while. I’ll go get changed.’
Me: ‘Don’t need to change luh. I am not that young not to understand.’
Chelsea: ‘Cannot. What if you have the impression that something like those Japanese porn will happen? I don’t want you distracted.’

Yeah right. I was distracted by the length of the dress that showed off her thin legs. She was a tutor I had contacted through a friend to help me refresh my knowledge for accounting before I officially start work in two weeks’ time. The previous meet up was for her to find out about my current situation (just ORDed) and also to schedule the classes.

Being just two years difference in age, I really did not care about how she dressed as long she could help me remember the tricks needed for the financial industry. She had been working as a underwriter for a huge company and frankly, I did not know why she took up my offer even though it wasn’t the highest in fees.

She appeared in the room after five minutes, combing her hair but in another short dress that did not seemed any longer than her nightie. The same cardigan was still over her shoulders but we started on reading her university notes she had been compiling for her own use. As a guy, writing notes wasn’t my style but clearly, it had benefits that I regretted not taking notes.

Chelsea: ‘This should be easy to understand, glance through first and I’ll pass you some papers to do. I will progress from the simplest to the hardest questions, but for today, it will be mostly reading and understanding how it works.’
Me: ‘But I do remember some of it, so it won’t take long to finish the notes.’

Chelsea brought her iPad to her bed behind the study table where I was trying to arrange the messy table and told me to just read it word-for-word. Since I paid for this, I trusted her methods and began reading the stack of foolscap filled with her personal notes for easy memory.

Me: ‘Chelsea, I don’t quite understand this point. Can you.. ‘

I turned the revolving chair around to see her knees up and pink polka dot panties creating a wedgie between her thighs. She did not noticed what I saw and gestured me over to her lazy state, explaining to me in details about why some of the credit/ debit entries were written on the opposite side at times.

Her bed was so comfortable and warm that I did not want to go back to the chair, sitting beside her and browsing the notes. At the same time, my eyes were stealing glances at her hemlines that had slid down her thighs to expose a little of the panties.

Chelsea: ‘What are you looking at?’
Me: ‘Your notes?’
Chelsea: ‘Don’t lie. Keep reading. You only have two hours with me.’

After a few long pages of texts, I was getting tired from the cooling weather and warm bed. For a lady, she was almost half-a-head shorter than me and had a smooth complexion across her whole body. The pores were truly too small to be seen and that was the first time I learnt how great skin could appear.

Me: ‘Chelsea, this part here?’

My hand went on her icy cold knee and she leaned towards me to see what I was pointing at.

Chelsea: ‘Why are you so warm?’
Me: ‘I am always warmer than others. That’s why when I have fever, I can get really hot.’

She held my arm with both her hands to get some warmth and commented on how great would it be to be me.

Me: ‘I can’t warm myself up cause I feel extra cold on such days. There is no use for a warm object to warm himself up with himself right?’
Chelsea: ‘Huh? I don’t understand. But nevermind. Stay focused.’

Stay focused on her or on the notes? One of her hand rested over mine on her knee and her fingers were stroking against mine too. I could feel that she was getting use to my presence in the room and being so close to her, respectable enough to use part of me for her own comfort.

Slowly, I glide my hand towards her inner thigh and she held me tighter, stopping me from advancing elsewhere I shouldn’t. It wasn’t obvious enough that she wanted me to stop, so I kept pushing my hand downwards till I reached the centre of her thigh.

Chelsea: ‘Don’t be naughty ah.’
Me: ‘But someone isn’t thinking like what she just said.’
Chelsea: ‘How you know?’

Her iPad fell to the side and she looked into my eyes, waiting for an explanation for seeing through her.

Me: ‘Cause no one can make you feel so hot with just a hand on your knee?’
Chelsea: ‘Huh? What nonsense?’
Me: ‘Come, I show you. Take your hand away.’

She gave me a doubtful look before hovering her palm above my advancing hand, ready to press down to stop me if I.. I wasn’t sure what either. My hand hopped over the remaining distance and pushed my fingers down on her crotch, where she grabbed my hand suddenly to stop me.

Chelsea: ‘You can’t do this.’
Me: ‘I know.’

I did not stop moving my finger over her clit and she wasn’t really pushing me away either, just gripping my arm with a small shiver in her fingers.

Chelsea: ‘I can’t do this.’
Me: ‘You don’t have to do anything. Just sit still.’

Chelsea did not complete her sentence, ending with a ‘but’. Compared to her pussy, my hand was cooler and she was enjoying the massage over her panties.

Me: ‘You remembered what happened in the Japanese video?’
Chelsea: ‘Yeah. The student was doing the same, except he was kissing her.’

I brought my face to her ear and turned her towards me. Forcefully, I planted a kiss on her shocked expression and pried her lips apart for my tongue. In no time, she was reciprocating with a similarly intense tongue fight and her panties went down her straightened legs, each of us taking one side to remove it.

It was easy to get her to lie down since we were at sitting around the end of the bed, and the shy girl covered her face with the Hello Kitty blanket that was lying around. I went between her legs and spread her knees, admiring the wet hole before feasting on it.

Unlike how a sensual foreplay, my mouth was cupped over it with my tongue attacking every area, lubricating with my saliva while teasing her clit and slit. She was moaning under the sheets as I increased my pace, brushing along the delicate pink folds of her pussy.

Me: ‘Was the guy still dressed when he licked her?’
Chelsea (muffled): ‘No. His pants were off.’

I gave her a few more minutes of pleasure before getting off the bed, standing by the side while my shorts came off. Her narrow eyes peeked from the blanket and she reached for my dick, holding ono it while she sat up before me.

Me: ‘You want to taste it?’
Chelsea: ‘I don’t know how.’
Me: ‘Just do what the teacher did.’
Chelsea: ‘Okay. But it might not feel as good k?’
Me: ‘Give it a shot.’

She fearfully opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, licking the underside of my shaft before putting the tip in. Her tongue circled around it to get used to the taste and went on to slide her lips down. The dryness had slowed her down but the girl learnt quickly to release more saliva to aid with the blowjob. Under a minute later, she was moving her head back and forth, stimulating the mushroom area till I was about to go weak.

Me: ‘Chelsea.. stop stop.. it feels too good.’
Chelsea: ‘Really? It’s my first time doing it eh.’
Me: ‘And you did great.’

The smile brought a sense of relieve to me as I understood she wasn’t as scared as before. The achievement had opened her up and we were on the bed next.

Me: ‘You want to lie down?’
Chelsea: ‘Are you going to put it in?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Can I?’
Chelsea: ‘Can I try doggie style instead?’
Me: ‘Try? You’ve never done it before?’
Chelsea: ‘Nope. But I’m not a virgin k! My boyfriend only did missionary on me. Cause he says he can last longer. I am just bored of that position.’

I couldn’t be more happy to fulfil her dream and the girl eagerly got on her fours, cushioning her knees and hands on the soft mattress. We were about to do it raw and I simply had to ask her if she had taken precaution, if not, using a condom would be a better idea. The reply from her was a pleasant surprise, not because she was on the pill, but a Intrauterine Device (IUD) was inside her, a method recommended by the professionals for birth control.

There was nothing else to hold us back and I slipped my saliva-coated dick into her. Starting with a gentle thrust, her body was twitching in response to the new angle, pushing her sensitive spots with each entry. Somehow, I felt confident to last longer that day and did not waste anymore time, pounding her rear with force. Our voices were growing louder as she climaxed back-to-back, screaming out her boyfriend’s name (or I assume).

It was so instinctive to just go deeper and faster till I was at my maximum speed, and causing her face to be buried in the pillow to suppress the moans. Soon, she fell to her side and I kneeled over her straightened leg, taking her in a fallen-doggie stance.

It took only a few thrusts before she tried to crawl away, citing that I was making her too sensitive in this position. Wasn’t that every man’s dream to push a girl to her limits? I used my body weight to pin her down and kept my hips moving, ramming at her deepest spot in high-speed.

Chelsea: ‘I am going crazy!’
Me: ‘And I am going to shoot soon.’

No amount of raising her other leg could help ease the hypersensitive clit, and it was causing her to get tighter. Until a certain point, she was fighting to get me off while I unleashed the last burst of energy in her. Keeping her under me, I kept pumping till my balls screamed (if they could), and the first jet of cum entering her immediately calmed her down.

Chelsea: ‘It’s so deep inside me!’

Me: ‘Is it warm?’
Chelsea: ‘Super.’

We stayed in that position till I had nothing left and I carefully slid my cock out of her sore pussy. Instead of washing up, she flipped around to face me lying next to her and held my dripping dick in her hand, gently playing with it.

The clock on the wall showed 11 and she was totally exhausted with a blushing face. I guess that is the afterglow.

Chelsea: ‘We still have an hour right?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Chelsea: ‘Enough time to get it up again?’
Me: ‘If you can do CPR on it.’

The tired girl laid for five minutes before going between my legs, taking the semi-erection into her mouth. This time, it was easier for her to suck and the growth in her mouth was more acceptable. After ten minutes of a one-sided pleasure session, I was at full length again and she excitedly rolled over to her tummy, getting into doggie before I even got out of bed.

Chelsea: ‘Let’s do the same thing again. But I want you to shoot in my mouth this time.’

Well, we ‘reenacted’ the previous round and it took me longer, longer by a whole ten minutes to cum. The contraception did not hinder our sex one bit and she was enjoying the whole time, letting herself go and moaning her heart out. The bed was cold from our perspiration and the weather, making me the ideal body for her to get closer to.

Imagine how intense we got when I get extra time before cumming, and her body got more sensitive after the first round. Although I was behind her all the time, banging her lifeless, she was energetic enough to pick herself up to kiss me while I went at it. The lust we had for each other could be described as ‘out of the roof’, never getting enough of the horny sex we had.

Me: ‘Chelsea, I am cumming soon.’
Chelsea: ‘Lie on the bed.’

I sat near the headboard against her pillow and she engulfed my dick in her mouth, shoving her face harder into my groin. The tyre around my waist served as the suspension to limit the depth in case she choked, enhancing the view I was enjoying where the girl sucked me while she was horny.

I did not say a word as I felt my balls shrunk, bursting into white flames into her mouth as she kept her lips around my hood. The shallow blowjob totally extracted every bit of milk out of me and she was still at it even after I begged her to let me rest. Thankfully, she needed to breath and ended the oral with a long trip out of her mouth.

Chelsea: ‘This is for earlier when you drove me crazy.’
Me: ‘Crazy teacher.’
Chelsea: ‘Horny student.’

We had only fifteen minutes before lesson end and I was hurried to put my clothes back on, she left her notes for me to read at home and I went out of her place on time. At the first floor, a guy with a bulge in his jeans entered with a expressionless look, pressing the floor and hitting on the close button as though he was in a hurry.

Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Did you see a guy in jeans coming up?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. Why?’
Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Shit.. he’s my boyfriend. Don’t tell anyone about just now k? I’ll see you tomorrow.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Isn’t the next lesson next week?’
Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Can’t I see you tomorrow? Unless you don’t want to improve faster.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Improve what? Bed skills or accounts?’

Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Both! :P’

I bet the passengers on the bus home was wondering why I kept smiling to myself. It was more than the sex with my tutor that got me hyped up, it was the fact her boyfriend was fucking a used pussy that made me felt comical. Would he notice the extra load of cum that was leaking when he fucked her? Or imagine that he came that much?

Chelsea and I texted that night and she also found it funny how her boyfriend felt so proud when the huge amount of cum came leaking out after he shot. She was going to break up with him since sex was all he wanted and it didn’t feel so good doing with him either. I hope she didn’t do it for me though, being single is much more fun.

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