Dangerous Recount 4

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Shelia had been very obedient when we got back together, keeping me updated about her whereabouts and who was she hanging out with. Even our sex got better when she gave in to my every demands, and living out many of my fantasies. While our relationship gave our friends an impression that we were so ever loving, a dark secret still lived in her life, and I had to find out the hard way.

The guy she had cheated on me a while back in the past, was still contacting her although she told me she did not reply a single message to him. He was sending my girlfriend long, kinky messages accompanied with pictures of his dick. I was fine with her masturbating to such pictures, but he did not stop there. I had a friend in Shelia’s school and had asked of him to keep a lookout for her, and dear, was I not disappointed.

That friend of mine, had seen Jonathan stalking my girl, especially along the dimmed corridors at the lower floors. Once, she had been stopped by him when he ran up to her and held her by her arms. Instead of a conversation, he forcefully pushed her into the old toilet nearby and my friend went in to record a video of what was happening, using his phone over the cubicle they were in.

Sheila: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’
Jonathan: ‘Don’t lie. I know you miss my cock.’
Shelia: ‘I don’t.’
Jonathan: ‘Hold it and tell me again.’

He dropped his pants and placed her hand on his rod, where she began playing with it instinctively. He did not wait for her to get it bigger and pushed her head down, causing her to sit on the toilet and had her mouth driven over his cock. His hands went away and she was sucking him on her own, slurping and going deep on him.

After he had a five minutes enjoyment of her wonderful gag-less blowjob, he picked her up on her feet and helped the motionless girl remove her shorts and panties. He then raised one of her feet onto the toilet cover and stood close to her, while she looked up at the camera with her eyes closed. As soon as his hips started thrusting, her mouth opened and I could hear the moans from the video.

She was hugging him in no time and asking him to go faster. What a bitch! So much for telling me she had been faithful and listening to me. A few minutes later, she hopped on his body and her legs went around his waist, letting him carry her and bounce over his dick. Her moans were getting louder from the deeper entry and she had to stop him after some time.

Uninstructed, she went on her fours over the water tank and kept her knees together in doggie. That was the position we had most of our sex in and she was giving it to him. He stood behind her and rammed his cock in, pounding her senseless till she was begging him to go faster. I did not understand how could she let someone else fuck her this much, and the fact she had another dick to satisfy her was painful to me.

For the next minute or so, he kept pumping at the moaning girl until his hips slowed down, probably ready to unload.

Jonathan: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Shelia: ‘Not inside me this time? I don’t want him to know I did it with you.’
Jonathan: ‘Ahh.. Fuck him.’
Shelia: ‘No, if not I won’t do it with you again.’

That was the last straw. She was going to do it again anyway, no matter if he unloaded in her. She turned around sat with her legs opened, fingers rubbing on her pussy while she went down on him. She blew him for a while more and he exclaimed ‘fuck your boyfriend’. Her cheeks puffed up from the amount of cum she got and the toilet cover was lifted as soon as he stepped away. He cupped his hand over her mouth and held her head down at the bowl, rendering her unable to spit.

He lifted her chin up after she refused to swallow and pinned her neck against one side of the cubicle. Quickly sinking his fingers into her, he went on to thrust his hand at her pussy till she had to swallow. A loud groan came from her and the video stopped.

I fired up my Whatsapp and eagerly attached the video cropped to the sex scene and sent it to her. For the next few hours, she appeared online and offline, and finally came knocking at my door.

Shelia: ‘I am sorry for doing it again. I can’t stop him.’
Me: ‘Okay. I get it. Want to go out for dinner? I haven’t eaten.’
Shelia: ‘You’re not angry? Can I pay for dinner?’
Me: ‘You are paying. And wear this out.’

I threw a red blouse at her, slightly longer but was nonetheless meant to be just a top. She put it on after removing her t-shirt and saw the length ending just below her crotch.

Me: ‘Without your shorts.’

She had no choice but to remove her FBTs, and lifted the blouse to see how much panties was she going to expose. I had no heart to bring her out to somewhere crowded and just settle for dinner at the coffee shop under my block, where pervy eyes still stared at the upskirt she caused when she sat. That blouse was my favourite from then on, as crossing her legs would reveal the sides of her panties, and not crossing would show the patch of underwear between her legs.

Much fun isn’t it?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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