This entry is written in the point-of-view of a female. Any similarities to real life events are purely coincidental.

It was the final paper of my poly term, and was also the most feared one. No matter how much I studied or even scored, I knew it was impossible to ace that module. Well, I was partly to be blamed for not paying attention and handing homework up in time. It was only during a career fair that I realised how important it was. Fuck me. I completed the paper with about an hour left on the clock and left the examination hall. It was do or die for me.

As I headed towards the main exit of the school, Mr. Tang, the head for the module, was walking in front of me. Our class was lucky to have him teach us, but I just didn’t notice the gravity of it until earlier.

Me: ‘Hey Mr. Tang!’
Mr. Tang: ‘Hi Sherry. Finished your paper so soon? How was it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. The paper was alright. But I’m more worried about my overalls.’
Mr. Tang: ‘Haha. You should not worry. Your projects and common tests turned out better than I expected.’
Me: ‘But is it enough to get me a distinction?’
Mr. Tang: ‘That I’m not so sure. You really want it badly huh?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I would do anything to get it, but I think it’s too late already.’
Mr. Tang: ‘Haha. As long as your final results is not out, there’s a chance. Going home?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just at Ang Mo Kio.’
Mr. Tang: ‘I can give you a lift. It’s near as long as it’s Ang Mo Kio.’

We got into his car and while he arranged his belongings and packed his boot, I was thinking of what could be the last thing I could do for my results? That module could be the crucial one in getting me a Diploma with Merit. He hopped into the driver’s seat and I directed him to a carpark.

Mr. Tang: ‘Wow! The apartments here are quite atas eh. Lucky you.’

Me: ‘Haha. I think you can afford it easily with your pay lo.’

I placed my iPad by the side and unbuckled my seatbelt. It was awkward as I was taking my time to convince myself to cross the line. Fuck it. I leaned over to him and placed my hand on his thigh. Slowly gliding it up his work pants, I swallowed hard before making eye contract with him.

Me: ‘I need the credit very badly. I hope you can do something for me.’

I adjusted my position to face him and pulled his neck toward me. Planting a kiss on his coarse lips, he did not reject and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. It was late evening and the sky was still bright, but the street lamps had not come on yet, so it was kind of a countdown to get the grades I needed.

With our lips still locked, my hand reached for his zip and opened the gate to his inner desires. I felt the warmth of his dick behind his underwear and wriggled deeper to go under that piece of cloth to his raw meat. Lady luck grinned as I accidentally yanked him out too roughly for a breather.

Mr. Tang: ‘Umm!’

He exclaimed the ache as it bounced out.

Me: ‘Oops.’

I bent my body down to give it a peck for my clumsiness and pushed his shaft up my closely sealed lips. Saliva flowed naturally as my head was facing downwards, flooding my mouth as I introduced the piece of warm stick into my body. He clicked on the lever to lower his seat and I diligently worked hard to suck on his rod. There was no turning back, either I do a good job this time and leave him a happy man, or risk everything if I left him high and dry.

Soon, I felt his fingers running through my poorly highlighted hair, scratching against my scalp. The pressure of both his hands pressing me onto his groin was getting harder as I relaxed my lips. He had to make me go faster. Within a few more strokes, his hands took over the tempo and pushed me up and down rhythmically. Tears were rolling down uncontrollably since I had not done this for anyone before, letting myself be so dominated with control.

I knew it would be enough to let him consider changing my grades, but ‘consider’ wasn’t good enough. I stopped by holding his thighs and lifting my head up to catch my breath. He too, was taken a little aback after noticing the streaks of tears.

Mr. Tang: ‘You alright?’
Me: ‘Hmm.’

I nodded. I climbed to his backseat and I was sure he caught a glimpse of my translucent g-strings under my skirt. The skirt I wore was those loose type, which was not as constricting as those body hugging ones. I sat behind the passenger seat and took my strings off, the next move of touching myself was the most humiliating act I’ve ever done for someone. Mr. Tang did not spend too much time watching me either. He climbed to the back and reached for my pussy, sliding his hand against my inner thigh.

To be frank, I was turned on. Many guys had tried to hook me up, in fact, hook any girls with my figure up, but only a few showed respect. Being 19 and a little underweight, I took it to my pride to dress nice and even put on make up, just to see who would know me beyond my looks. I had only A cups breasts, but apparently that did not turn any guys off. I still kept up dressing a little flirty, often with thin or revealing tops, with designer laced or printed bras, along with skirts that ended above my mid-thighs. Once in a while, I would give those up and just slip on a dress that could allow people to peek at what I wore underneath in the right light. I enjoyed the attention, and thankful for the wisdom of girls my age had – against guys’ unspoken intentions.

To me, Mr. Tang was gentle, understanding and definitely kind up to this point in time, for letting his student try fighting for better marks till the last moments. I lifted my legs without my heels onto the seat while he undid his belt and loosened his pants to his thighs. Positioning myself towards him, I lay on the seat with my knees up since that was what the space in his car allowed. He held my legs for support while he shifted himself closer. Sitting upright, I reached between my thighs for his dick and gasped at its sheer size.

It had grown since I finished sucking. The girth was not what I would expect to penetrate me. I was no longer a virgin since I discovered masturbating through fingering. And through my years of seeking sexual satisfaction, allowed a guy in secondary school to fuck me at a staircase during our meet at his area. Mr. Tang was just number two, and considered to be a vital investment for my life.

He poked his dick in and I closed my eyes, not in disgust, but rather to treat that session as lightly as possible, after all, it was my body that was in the deal. Sadly or not, I could picture the penetration behind my closed lids. I could feel it widening the opening of my pussy, spreading those thin slices of labia apart, slipping into me with no means of control. His pulse resonated, his veins kept throbbing, the grooves of his ‘mushroom’ formed the mould of my vagina to fit him. He is big.

With no time to lose, he began thrusting his dick into me, sending the waves of pleasure up my head. I was going blank and hot. My body was perspiring with sex and his top was soaked as well, droplets of cold sweat hit my stomach and with no effort (and that explained how desperate I was), I cummed really hard and release a subtle stream of juice onto his seat. Immediately after that, the second orgasm hit me since I was tighter after the first, his manhood felt even bigger although he did not do anything but thrust. The juices just could not stop flowing.

He pulled out of me and mouthed ‘I’m cumming‘. I sat up and helped him closer to me. Pushing his chest gently, he laid on his back on the seat. I got up and climbed over him. With one of my legs still on the seat, I lowered my pussy over his dick and sat still.

Me: ‘I haven’t felt something so filling in a long time. Let me play with you k? Just keep still.’

I slowly grind my hips forward and back on his tummy, feeling higher as his dick which was pointing forward stroked my G-spot. I admit I went really slow, but it felt great. My juices were dripping onto his groin, down his balls and again, onto his seat. Then, I paused and undid the last few buttons of my top, before pulling my tube bra down to my waist and bent over him. His mouth quickly found its way up the shirt and over my nipple, sucking and nibbling on it. I especially love it with that bit of pain added to the pleasure. I felt my pussy tighten and he groaned that ever once.

I got off him and squatted at the space between the passenger seat and the back seat. Though it was cramp, I was considered small-size and could still reach his dick with my mouth and sucked on it. Watching his expression, I knew his urge to cum had died down and was disappointed.

Me: ‘I’ll make you cum with my mouth.’

He smiled reluctantly and I threw my skirt over his face. He closed his eyes and covered his mouth and nose with my skirt, while I went down on him. This time, my head was directly 90 degrees over his shaft. I pushed my head down and his hands quickly came to assist in getting me to go deeper. I took a deep breath through my nose and bounced my head off his hips, pushing and lifting my head hard and violently.

The tip of his penis reached to the back of my throat and gagged, but I managed to swallow with every thrust. My body had learned and adapted. My neck was tired but not his hands, helping me to push myself back down as I lifted my head. His legs were twitching in vain to cope with the pleasure, and the rod in my mouth just kept getting hotter. I made sure to keep my tongue close against his shaft while it went in and out. Flooding with saliva, my mouth finally gave in and opened, dripping the oral lubricant over his dick as he took over my head once again.

Thrusting his hips in my stagnant position, he went faster than I could handle and choked for a while, until he was about to cum. I quickly lifted myself up from the squat and once again sat over him, but this time, I bounced. I bounced really hard while squeezing my pussy and he watched with an open mouth as he felt his ball-load of sperm got extracted into my pussy of vacuum. It was hot from the speed, and the wetness from my saliva just made it more sensitive as I kept bouncing lightly with the squirting of his cum into me.

Finally, he let his head fall onto the seat and I knew it was over. But was it really over? As in.. nevermind. I got up and took a few pieces of tissue before he lifted his legs up for me to sit. I kept my legs opened to watch in case any bit of his cum leaked out. Mr. Tang was opposite me, watching my curious expression and the gapping of my pussy. I was trying hard to keep it inside me but still, a few droplets escaped. I wiped myself and my mouth, arranged my hair and wore my skirt back. He got off the backdoor and went back to his seat at the front, giving me the privacy I needed. I was done quickly and left the backdoor too, before reaching into the side window of the front passenger seat.

Me: ‘Mr. Tang, you can keep these.’

I handed him my lacy black g-strings and tube bra, grabbed my iPad and bag from the front. He handed me his namecard with his private number too and reminded me that he was married, and would appreciate if I could exercise discretion.

After that, we texted for a while before he sent another more formal text.

Mr. Tang (SMS): ‘There are a few days before the results will be out. During then, I would like you to come to school and help out with some stuff. I will send you home whenever you come.’

A second SMS followed quickly.

Mr. Tang (SMS): ‘By the way, you are expected to report to my office everyday during this long holiday until your results are out.’

Looks like I had guaranteed my results for my poly life. Of course, during the forty or so days we met, we explored many places of the school and even had quite a few romps in his house, wearing his wife and daughter’s lingerie, pounding away in front of their couple photo on the bed. He even called me by his daughter’s name, since I was her age, and had her physique.

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