Thank you

Hey hey! It’s J here! And I would like to thank a seemingly random person, but she is the one who truly showed me the right way to form English sentences. She is none other than my English teacher from the secondary school I spent 5 years in. After I retained in Secondary 3 (express), she had become my teacher at a subject we speak, write and abuse everyday. Sure, grammer, vocabulary, who cares as long as we are understood? Singlish worked fine in Singapore.

I remembered it was a composition test and no, I did not try writing erotic stories cause it’s just a fine line between psychotic and pervertic, and both would get me sent to the same place, either IMH or unlimited counselling. So I got my paper back and the spelling and grammer was pretty much non-existent. But these long lines of.. ____|‾‾‾‾ appeared all over my texts. I was so confused. So I asked.

Me: ‘Miss Lim, what does these lines meant?’
Ms. Lim: ‘Your sentence structure is wrong.’
Me: ‘But but.. how is it wrong?’

Then lesson ended and for the first time, I wanted to find out what the heck did I learn. When we speak, phrases are formed so quickly and naturally that we do not bear much thoughts to them. People understanding what you wrote does not mean you wrote it well. Taking the previous sentence, the other structure could be ‘Writing well does not necessarily mean people understanding the same message you tried to send’. Making things easier to understand does not mean you did a good job.

I found her after school and she explained through a few examples on how to rephrase, and that secret part of my language mind was unlocked that instant. From then on, I loved writing, proof-reading, and rewriting the whole thing again in a much much more smooth and flowing method. It had become an obsession when you can see two other ways in every existing solutions.

So with that, I am who I am today, writing this kind of.. art? Haha. Thank you Miss Lim. You might not even know who I am, but if these three initials make sense to you, then you are the lady I want to thank. LYW. I still don’t write very well, and my site is wordy, yet the 1.5k readers still supported me daily. All I have is gratitude to Miss Lim, and all you people out there. I know you don’t like to give me money, neither are you guys very rich. So, just keep reading in a form of supporting yeah?

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