After 120 Days

Day: Thursday
Date: 26 November 2009
Time: 11pm
Location: Alley behind her house

It was the last day of attachment for her and last day of FYP for me. We went out for a chit chat around her house, and it was 11pm when I sent her home.

We walked along the alley of her house as I was around (safer?) and will reach her house sooner. As we walked, there was an awfully long silence. 2 more lanes and we’ll reach her house.

I stopped her and stood in front of her, not wanting to go home so soon, I asked her to accompany me to chat for a while more, and she did. We sat by the steps near the drain and it was totally dark. In between the sides of houses, there wasn’t easy to be spotted.

I hugged her by the waist and her lips immediately went for mine, knowing exactly what I wanted. Our lips did not separate for a second, tongue fighting, lots of saliva exchange, but we didn’t mind. Tilting her body towards mine, my hands ran up her babydoll dress and bra, mynaughty fingers showed at her neckline.

I make sure she would beg for me to touch her more, with gentle squeezes and nipple pinching, she was moaning softly, while trying to grab something between my shorts. Moving my right hand under her skirt, I rubbed her drenched panties to get it all soaked before putting my hand in. While my thumb was pressing her clit, my middle finger ran along her opening non-stop, alternating between rubbing and fingering her.

For one moment, she squealed and her whole body shivered while I felt her pussy tightening around my finger, followed by release of juices from her pussy. She hugged me closer while I kept fingering. High from the pleasure, she pulled my shorts open, took my rod out and massaged it with both hands. Occasionally, she would stick her hand into her panties to collect some ‘honey’ while I rested my fingers by teasing her breasts.

Smearing her juice over my dick, there was more than enough to lubricate it while she stroked. My dick felt big in her little hands, and it was quite an ego boost for me. With that, I made her cummed a few more times before she decided to finish me off with a blowjob.

She squatted in front of me, knelt on my slippers while sucking slowly until I unloaded all into her mouth. Climbing back to the steps, she hugged me tightly after I wore my shorts back, feeling satisfied. As I stunned wondering if I did something wrong, I heard a ‘gulp’ as she clenched her hand on my back. I didn’t let go of her until she felt a little sleepy from the fun we had.

I sent her home and took a direct bus back to Ang Mo Kio. It was our little secret, fun between two singles. =)

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