Content Warning! This entry is about a guy-on-guy encounter. Please do NOT carry on if such topic offends you.

Adam was going through the hardest time after an end to his two years old relationship with his girl. He did everything needed of a good boyfriend, and yet, lost to projects and homework that reduced their precious time together and ultimately led to a communication breakdown. Sitting in front of his computer, the sudden freedom was in fact haunting. He needed to release the pent up frustration and anger. Still filled with bewilderment, he logged on to his IRC which sat neglected on his desktop since.

His usual channels like #sex, #teens and #singapore were filled with bots, run by desperate guys who couldn’t wait to get into a pussy. More than ever, he needed someone to talk to, not look for a woman to relieve his sadness. So, taking a bold move, he logged onto #sgboy, well known for it’s non-stop messages of males offering everything and anything.

Fun36: hey, intro?
Tone: 19m chi.
Fun36: meet up?
Tone: I don’t do anal.
Fun36: just blowjob. Stay?
Tone: AMK.
Fun36: same. Meet at amk cc?
Tone: 10am.

They exchanged numbers and met as planned. Adam was in all black and the mysterious male appeared to be an ‘uncle’, close to forty. Nonetheless, he doesn’t seem all too bad for his first time.

Man: ‘Tone?’

Adam: ‘Yeah. Fun thirty-six?’

Man: ‘I’m Tommy, let’s go to the toilet.’

Adam followed him around the basketball court with a few guys shouting rowdily but not hostile. It was in fact very natural to walk into the cubicle and Tommy entered, closing the door behind him. Being the one who was willing to let his body be ‘abused’, Adam did not know what to do but just stood there and let him did what he felt like.

Tommy lifted up his shirt and sucked on his nipples like a baby, in pulses and lightly. Adam couldn’t get it up at all, he knew it was a guy. Even closing his eyes wouldn’t help a single bit, and imagining it was his ex-girlfriend only made him sadder. Still, no movements from him. The insensitive man then pulled Adam’s shorts down along with his underwear, and unzipped his own office pants.

Tommy: ‘ Come.’

He grabbed Adam’s hand and placed it on his, while he bent over to suck on his. Being a guy, both of them knew what they wanted. Adam stroked him in a manner he liked, steady and a slightly tight grip. Tommy sucked him to transform his little prick like Sun Wu Kong’s magic rod. It was the most agonizing moments for Adam as he felt this foreign mouth on him, to make matter worse, it was a male. Never before he felt so dirty.

Yet, his dick stood stronger and taller than with his ex, this man, Tommy was pushing all his right buttons. It was physically a heavenly feeling, but definitely not a mental one. With more guilt and disgust, Adam was sure girls could only cause heartbreaks and nothing else. Finally after ten minutes, Adam shot his biggest load after weeks of storage and watched Tommy cleaned his dick up with his skilful tongue.

Tommy: ‘Hmm~ Very long never release huh?’

Adam’s rod shrunk at the fastest speed and the two of them left unnoticed. The only think in the heartbroken boy’s mind was how only a guy can understand another, and perhaps, a handjob for a lucky guy would be a good start.

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