Delete Them Please

Day: Wednesday
Date: 25 November 2009
Time: 6.30pm
Location: My house

Peiling couldn’t take anymore of the blackmail, which got worse and she couldn’t eat nor sleep well. She had a choice to either let me destroy her life by publishing her photos, or to be friends, and delete the photos. For our first outing, she would have to come to my house and make me happy.

She chose the second option reluctantly and came to my house after my school ended. I was there before she arrived, and had set up my HTC phone on video recording. Lodged at the window sill and ready to record video with a push of a button, it was the most perfect angle everything to capture everything.

After a thirty minutes wait, the doorbell rang and I pressed ‘start’ on my phone before going to open the door. Peiling came into my house and put her bag on the sofa before proceeding to the usual room we had fun long time ago. Her¬†distraught look and impatience was understandable, but it wasn’t helpful at all.¬†She quietly sat on the bed while I took my clothes off except of my undies, which I left on for her to remove. I do feel a little pity for her though, but I was going to get what I could.

Scared and disgusted, she took off her shirt and shorts without knowing the recording going on. She lay on the bed while I took my spot beside her and rubbed her panties, tickling her cameltoe naughtily. Being the first guy to get so close to her, our past experience of constant hormones outbreak prepared here for this, she quickly got high with heavy breathing and could not hide her wet panties any longer. That was how desperately ‘unwilling’ she was.

I went down on her before removing her bra, making sure she was extra wet for my fingers. I proceeded on with her next set of orgasms. I sucked on her nipples while rubbing her slit, going up and down her clit, making her cum many times, I could tell that her body missed the old times making out with me. It brought more than just a hard on, instead, memories and yearnings came back with it, which confused me with rage and jealousy.

She hugged me with such tightness that I missed. In return, to make sure she didn’t regret coming to my place, I used her favourite bullet vibrator on her for longer than usual, and got her panties so wet that she’s so tempted to go without it. Her scent, innocence, inexperience and lack of control of moans and response, it all blended so well.

We exchanged our position and I lied on the bed while she sucked me off, the vibrator doing its job freely in her panties. I’m sure my camera had a perfect view of her numerous orgasmic expression while giving me a hand/ blowjob. I released the huge load I stored for her into her mouth and made sure she spit it out on her hands to show me before going to wash them away.

While she went to wash her hands, I picked up my phone, made sure the video is there before sending her home. Prepared to blackmail her for more, I would need to Google for some censoring tips.

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Bro, is it possible if u mailed the pics to me??
Couldnt get enuff of this dude.. Thanks!

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