The Blindfolded-and-Keep-Still Game

This is one of the ways we had fun. It’s usually one of the plays during foreplay. But it only occurred twice or so.

She would ask me to close my eyes, and not to open them no matter what. My actions were also restricted without bondings. I cannot touch her no matter how good I feel, I must lay still.

Using her tongue, she wetted my whole face with her saliva and kisses. Occasionally giving me pecks on the lips as I lay still on the bed, not knowing what to expect.

Her hands would run all over my chest, and one moment, her lips will be on my nipples, biting and sucking. Without my vision, the other senses seem to be more sensitive. Trying to stay as relaxed as possible, she would continue making the whole thing as unbearable for me as possible.

Her tongue goes down from my nipple to the belly button, which I cannot explain why, tickles me quite a bit. After that would be her mouth over my little head. She could suck harder, better without me looking, and her handjob would be more stable, making me ready to shoot in no time.

It was definitely different and stimulating to try things out. And after I’ve calmed myself down not to shoot, it’s her turn.

She lay as still as she could while I did the same, licking her all over and at the same time, fondling her nipples. Her hands didn’t stay still as she grabbed onto my thighs and arms to express her pleasure.

I continued the return of the favour by sucking on her nipples and pinching them with my fingers alternatively. I did work on this part for long because I knew she enjoyed it. My fingers running down her tummy to her pussy, I would pinch her clit, sending pain and pleasure so strong that she would scream.

As I felt her pussy getting wet, my tongue went down to her belly button for a while, before tasting her pussy, readied with juices. I would lick and suck her while she gave up keeping still to push my head deeper. I didn’t mind the mild suffocation, it was her I want to make happy.

Once I finished licking her, she would then suck me off while I masturbated her, enjoying each other’s presence and service.

I love to serve her, I want to make her happy. I am quite okay when she asked me to stop all these ‘play’ until after marriage, cause it’s not sex I wanted. I loved her.

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