Her Body, Her juice

I’ll share about her body today. Hope you guys know who I’m talking about. I’m not going to destroy her life here.

Her face is pretty, perfect to my eyes. Her smile makes me want to smile back, makes me want to do things for her, just to get another smile or laugh.

As I pulled her spaghetti top off, her black tight strapless bra held her B+ cups, forcing a little cleavage from her boobs. My arms went under hers and unbuckled the bra, letting the perfect breasts bounce to its own freedom.

Going around to sit behind her, I cupped both her breasts with my hands, using my palm and fingers to massage them in a circular kneading motion. As my massage action starts to get smaller, she could feel the best part coming. It was when I reached her perky little brown nipples when her breathing got heavier.

Taking her nipples in between my thumb and index fingers, I rolled them, pressed hard on them, occasionally pinching them hard. I could go on forever just hearing her moans and breathing.

She would hold my wrist and pull them away from her body so my fingers would pull her nipples along. Knowing that she wanted more than just nipple play, I continued with the foreplay making smooth transitions in a relaxed manner. My left hand went downwards to her tummy, gave a rub and then proceeded south. There wasn’t too much fats on her, just cute ones, good for warmth and to grab.

I then quickly unbuckle her skirt and slid my left hand down her pussy to tease her right outside her panties. My fingers would twirl in circle at spots where I think her clit would be. Her body would twitch and shiver as I hit the right spots. She couldn’t let me continue with the right spots though, it would make her crazy.

Her legs were already spread wide, skirt would up to her waist level. My fingers then wriggled into her panties from her belly button and using my index and fourth fingers, I would spread her pussy open.

Using my middle finger, I rubbed on her clit, ignoring all her struggles and twitching, until she came and lay tired on me. Going down her clit, I squeezed into her wet pussy and goes deep enough not to hurt her.

With an up-down action, my middle finger would go up towards her clit and down to the deep spot I started off. Everytime she came, she would use her middle finger to press onto my middle finger hard on her pussy, making sure it was deeper that usual so she could feel better.

I would vibrate my fingers just as she was cumming. And the best part would be the quietness as she lay on me tired, and my wrinkled fingers would feel her juice flowing right down to the back of her vagina.

There was once, she allowed me to watch her cum. It was a beautiful sight, I would keep her legs wide open as she was cumming. I could see her pussy twitching and moving on its own while a stream of juice flowed. It was a smooth stream, like water flowing from a tap down a narrow plate. I could never forget the sight.

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