IRC Meet Up

Day: Tuesday
Date: 24 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: Her house

IRC seemed to be a danger zone for girls now. And to me, it’s impossible to find girls there. Even if there were, definitely very unlikely to get sex. Yesterday night, I was proven wrong.

Brenda PMed me asking me to intro, stating 21f for her. I returned a 20m and soon enough, we’re probing about each other’s IRC and the discreet lives. Quite a lot of information exchanged, both of us aware of where all these secrets should go too.

We decided to meet up for sex the next day, which is today. A quick meal and I was at her house at about 3pm. She was a sporty girl, dry fit tank top without bra, PE shorts. I entered the house and into her room immediately, seems like there was no one else at home.

She began taking off her clothes and so did I. As she sat on the bed watching me take off my undies, I could feel an uprising of my little brother. She held the semi-awaken dick and pulled me towards her. With one mouth, she took it as deep as she could and sucked me. She didn’t even look at my face, just keep going at it.

It was sensational, her tongue skilfully wrapped around my dick with every suck, teasing my pee-hole with every ‘out’ action. It was all wet and hard when she stopped sucking. She lay back to her pillow while I climbed on board her bed.

Spreading her well-toned legs, her neatly shaved pussy was waiting for me. I went down on her without hesitation, and made sure I covered every inch of her flaps with my saliva. My fingers went into her pussy and was met with a flood inside her. My tongue continued giving flicks and sucks on her clit while my fingers went as deep as they could.

As her pussy excreted a gush of juice, I could tell she was very satisfied with the foreplay. She helped me put on a rubber and back she went to lie down, prepared to be fucked real bad.

I shoved my hardened dick into her and pumped her so hard she would want to scream with every thrust. With the intention of hitting the ends of her vagina, I made sure my balls were slapping her ass.

As her pussy sent another wave of juice, I took my red, angry little brother out for a switch of position. This time, she wanted to be on top. Sliding my rod into her wet hole, it felt real good as though she’s serving me with her body.

Without warning, I felt her pussy tightened and she fell onto my body. A stream of juice was flowing down my balls, I moved my hips to continue to torture her already-sensitive body.

She got into a semi-sleep mode and I covered her with her blanket before dressing. Giving her a peck on her face, she asked me to leave, with a smile on her face all along. ‘It was the most intense and wildest sex I had’, said Brenda.

I gave her a smile in return and left her place. It was a fuck-and-go, but I know I made two person happy.

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