After School

Day: Thursday
Date: 15 Oct 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NAFA

I was there to pick her up after she ended class. I was waiting at level 2, by the window, listening to music.

The lift rang and I saw her coming out in jeans and a while polo tee. She came behind me and gave me shoulder a squeeze. ‘Hello!’

I sit her down and talked about her day.  I then reached into my tote bag and took out a soft brown leather pouch. Her eyes followed and I opened the top to show her the black wireless vibrator I had.

I handed her the pouch and asked her to put it in her panties in the toilet. As this is the second wireless vibrator I had since the first one I ordered failed, I had two controllers. She exited the toilet and said, ‘感觉很奇怪leh.’

My dick rose immediately after she made that statement. I was wearing a pair of shorts quite hard in material. Luckily for me, I could use her A3 sized file to hide the bulge. We went down the steps and she had to adjusted it a few times, and luckily, there was no one around.

We walked to Bugis MRT and took a train in the direction of Jurong East via Woodlands. We’re standing by the glass panels as the train was crowded then. I passed her a control and I turned on mine.

She immediately placed her head down onto my shoulders. I was standing in front of her, admiring her horny look then. Leaning on her left side, her right hand then reached up and held onto my right arm.

She reached into her pocket to find her controller to turn it off. She had to cycle through 10 modes of speed and pulses to turn it off. It was an on-off journey and by the time we reached Bishan MRT, her legs were a little wobbly.

We got off the train to change to a direct bus to her house. On the bus, with cushions as buffer, I turned it on again and this time, she did not turn it off. We took the whole journey with it on and just when we’re about to reach her stop, I turned it off and she adjusted it to feel more comfortable.

We alighted the bus and she went behind the glass panels with bus directories to remove the vibrator. The view of her putting her hands into her panties and taking it out turned me on and I asked if I could feel how wet is she.

As the place is already very dark, I leaned on the glass panels and pulled her towards me. Wither her back on me and her bag in front, I moved my right hand into her jeans and massaged the wet panties. And true enough, very wet and warm.

I walked her to her house and went off home. Her mum hates me though.

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